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First, Accellion and PacketZoom have partnered to help optimize the performance models used by teams when sharing and editing files. The two companies are now testing an integration of Accellions kiteworks mobile app and PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane Solution.

“Organizations are generating more content than ever, and the demand to share and collaborate efficiently on that content with external partners is increasing as well,” commented Jonathan Yaron, Chairman and CEO of Accellion. “By accelerating download speeds at the last mile, PacketZoom and Accellion are developing an innovative solution that addresses the challenges of delivering larger files, such as medical images for collaborative healthcare, or big data sets for financial analysis. PacketZoom’s vision — and the talented team they have assembled to execute on this vision — is just the kind of development partnership Accellion looks for to enhance our products and serve our customers’ needs. Together, I anticipate we will be able to significantly improve how enterprise employees share richer content and collaborate more effectively.”

Meanwhile, Mobilize is launched its first scalable mobile messaging solution; it’s available in the iTunes app store. The solution makes it simpler for large groups of people to message one another, at scale.

“Existing messaging technologies were never designed to support communication with large groups. These problems become even more urgent when attempted from a mobile device where managing a group and communicating with even hundreds becomes impossible,” said Sharon Savariego, CEO and co-founder, Mobilize. “Mobilize is the ultimate messaging solution to rally groups through multi-channel communication that works at scale. Our new app allows users to send both group and targeted messages and follow ups, stay organized with topic based threads and manage multi-channel communications through our easy to use dashboard. The app is our latest step in solving for large-scale communications.”

And Aprimo has launched the cloud-based Aprimo Campaign; the new solution gives brands enhanced flexibility, is cost-effective, and makes it simpler to maintain customer and prospect databases.

“The average organization has more marketing data than it knows what to do with, and there’s a serious need to bring method to the madness,” said Kevin Souers, Chief Product Officer, Aprimo. “To complicate matters even more, key customer information often resides in myriad locations ranging from on premise databases to the cloud. Not only do marketers lack a unified view of it all, they struggle to make sense of it and take action. We’re solving for this entire business problem.”



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