Experts: Amazon’s Prime Day showed gaps

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According to one expert, the day was a missed opportunity for the online giant.

“Looking at Prime Day from the shopper’s perspective, it seems Amazon is basically selling a bunch of old inventory stock that’s been piling in their warehouse. You don’t see some of the trademark Amazon personalization elements, which is unfortunate because shoppers are stuck looking at irrelevant and even sold out inventory,” said Reflektion CMO Kurt Heinemann. “This day is a lost sales opportunity for Amazon to capitalize on the extra traffic by cross-selling and intelligently promoting products that are not on sale.”

AppDynamics tracked the websites of Amazon and WalMart to compare the two retailers during Prime Day.

“We monitored the site performance of both Amazon and Walmart’s homepages as well as the domain pages for their sale sites; ‘Rollback’ for Walmart and the Amazon Prime login page on July 15,” said Peter Kancandes, senior product marketing manager, mobile application management and monitoring at AppDynamics. “Throughout the day, both companies’ homepages and their specific domain sites experienced various lag times, possibly tied to overloading from customers on both coasts logging in first thing in the morning and during their lunch hours to check out available deals.”

They found that Amazon’s site had faster page response times all day, but noted that around 9:30 AM PDT both WalMart’s Rollback and Amazon’s Prime pages showed between :20 and :35 of delay times. WalMart’s site also showed :20-:40 delays at 6 AM, 9 AM and 12 PM PDT.



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