Study: Email personalization leads to 6x higher conversions

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Other interesting findings from the 2013 Email Market Study include:

• Personalized promotional emails had 29% higher open rates
• They also have 41% higher unique click rates
• Personalized triggered emails showed 25% higher open rates
• They showed 51% higher unique click rates

Personalized triggered campaigns showed double the transaction rates of non-personalized; the study also found that multi-channel retailers increased open rates by more than one-third (37%) when personalizing subject lines.

“Consumers have come to expect content tailored to their unique interests and preferences, and there is a clear business case for why marketers need to meet those expectations,” said Peter DeNunzio, general manager, cross-channel marketing, Experian Marketing Services. “As the Email Market Study indicates, marketers are testing various personalization tactics and consumers are responding, but we still have more to learn.”

While personalization is helping retailers and other brands create deeper engagement the study also found that fewer than 10% of the brands studied are basing messaging on contact preferences. This is a problem, especially for those relying on email. If messages are sent that have no relevance or if mailings are sent outside the parameters set up when a consumer joins a mailing list, those shoppers will develop a blindness to them.

As for trends in the email space, the Experian research shows more brands are looking at responsive design options within email to optimize the customer experience. Brands are also becoming more adept at including social sharing links within email messages.



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