84% prefer shopping online to visiting a store

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The majority of Americans say online shopping during the holiday season is a far better experience than fighting through traffic, searching for a parking spot and jostling with crowds of shoppers.

Of the 1,000 U.S. adult respondents that took part in Ebates.com’s 2013 Holiday Survey, 84% said that shopping for gifts online is better than visiting a physical store.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular reason, cited by 60%, was that online shopping means they don’t have to deal with the throngs of people in malls and on High Streets. Similarly, over half (51%) say they prefer not having to leave the house.

Online shopping is also seen as more convenient (49%) and negates the need to drive (46%). Just over 4 in 10 prefer online shopping for its free shipping and 23% like the immediacy of Internet purchases.

When it comes to buying presents, respondents said they had the hardest time buying for their other halves, men more so (30%) than women (23%). Furthermore, women found shopping for their fathers a hard task (22%), while men found shopping for their mothers daunting (20%).

Recent studies into consumer attitudes towards Black Friday shopping, traditionally a day where consumers hit the stores, show that more and more consumers are shunning the festive crowds in favor of a peaceful browse online.



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