Ads on YouTube grow but TV ads considered more effective

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Two years ago, YouTube users were uploading 48 hours of video every minute. Today that figure stands at a whopping 100 hours per minute and 1 billion use the website each month.

Many people now use YouTube to watch a variety of user-generated and professional content, and are exposed to advertising on the website in the form of short commercials before, during or after each video. But are these ads as effective or popular as television ads?

According to an Ask Your Target Market survey, 16% of respondents watch online videos several times each day. Furthermore, 17% watch online video daily and 28% several times each week. However, only 5% said they always pay attention to the ads that accompany video content and 14% pay attention most of the time. Eighteen percent never pay attention.

How does that compare with television ads? The situation is very similar. While Americans still watch more television than they do online video (24% watch multiple TV shows daily and 36% watch TV daily), only 6% always pay attention to television ads and 15% pay attention most of the time. Twelve percent say they never pay attention.

In terms of ad effectiveness, just 8% believe online video ads are more effective than television ads, while 35% believe ads on television are more effective than online video ads. A quarter of all respondents believe the two formats are equally as effective.



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