Survey: More brands to adopt dynamic, rich media

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All may not be sunshine and roses for those brands adopting or increasing their use of these units, however, as the report also shows that most (88%) feel rich media campaigns are ‘somewhat’ to ‘very’ stressful to execute the campaigns well.

“From our survey we found the desire for highly engaging dynamic rich media ad formats has greatly intensified as more brands realize the opportunity to dramatically improve ad effectiveness,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO and founder of Jivox. “At the same time, the influx of mobile devices has created new challenges and frustrations for advertisers. These findings show that we need to move to the next generation of ad platforms that are adaptive, real-time and more efficient – only then can we alleviate some of the stress that traditional rich media causes.”

Some interesting takeaways include:

• 51% of ad agencies report increased demand (clients) for dynamic rich media
• 42% of those running rich media across screens/platforms say the process is ‘painful’
• 66% say they would recommend more rich media campaigns if costs, production time lessened
• 31% say they ‘almost always’ delay campaigns because of either creative changes or ad production issues

Of those already using dynamic rich media about half say it takes up to two weeks to complete ad production successfully; 40% say it takes longer than three weeks to complete production.

Meanwhile, those who haven’t already adopted rich media say the costs to produce these types of ads are too great.



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