Domino’s UK discounts treats for Tweets

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dominos logo.jpgAs of 9am Monday 5 March, 2012, the pizza chain started a two hour reverse auction via Twitter to boost lunchtime orders.

Dubbed the “Tweets for Treats” campaign the price of a specific pizza, in this case a Pepperoni Passion, dropped by one penny each time someone Tweeted using the hashtag #letsdolunch.

The decreasing cost of the pizza is displayed on Domino’s Facebook page and, once the auction has finished, the pizza is available to buy at the discounted price until 3pm that same day.

Domino’s does have a safety net. The campaign terms and conditions state that the price will not drop below £6.59 ($10.46) regardless of how many hashtags are Tweeted.

Yesterday’s auction (5 March 2012) saw the final price of a large Pepperoni Passion drop from £15.99 ($25.38) to £7.74 ($12.28), although as Facebook fans soon found out, the minimum order value for delivery was still in place which, for some stores, is around the £9.99 mark ($15.86).

Recently released figures show that online sales for 2011 in the UK and Ireland increased 43% to $287.2million and accounted for 44.3% of delivered sales, up from 35.8% in 2010.

“A growing number of stores take over 75% of their orders online and it is a channel that Domino’s continues to dominate in the quick service sector,” said Chief Executive Lance Batchelor.



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