Why verification matters in international marketing

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I recently chatted with TransPerfect, a company helping merchants localize and translate their websites, about the importance of website verification for merchants who want to appeal to an international consumer base.

Kristina: Symantec has released statistics that indicate consumers will skip over sites which don’t display verification ‘stickers’ on their sites. How important is security etailers?

Liz Elting, TransPerfect CEO: The importance of security cannot be overstated. A stolen identity due to a breach in your website would be a terrible occurrence. It doesn’t only hurt that customer, your reputation as a company is also at stake. The viability of online commerce depends on the trust of the buyer. One lapse in security could put doubt in future customers’ minds when they take in their credit card information. Some high-profile confidentiality breach cases have struck major blows to the corporate image of some large and visible companies.

Kristina: As more merchants open their sites for an international base, what trends are you seeing in ecommerce?

Liz: Companies are pooling resources to optimize their international web presence. Until recently, they did the bare minimum to have a translated site available to foreign customers. But in today’s market, a top-quality web presence in all languages has recognized value. Localization is now a priority. Smart organizations realize that translated versions of their website are extensions of their brand. Furthermore, the companies that they partner with to translate their online messages are serving as their international ambassadors. As such, more attention is being paid to the quality of the translated content as well as market-specific versions of their site that reflect cultural differences. Organizations are coming to terms with the fact that in order to realize ROI on websites in foreign countries, the translated site experience should be as robust and appealing as the source language site.

Kristina: For merchants looking at international expansion, how important are online payment options?

Liz: More and more consumers are comfortable purchasing over mobile devices as online security becomes the norm. This is important because it introduces a sense of increased urgency and time-sensitivity to promotions. It used to be that a consumer needed to be in front of a computer to take advantage of limited-time promotions. Now, if they receive word of the promotion on a mobile device, they are likely to click through and make a purchase immediately. As the importance of targeted marketing campaigns increases, the importance of effectively localizing those campaigns to foreign customers increases in a parallel fashion.



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