Report sheds light on gamer demographics

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According to the IGN report 80% of Gen Z (age 14 and younger) and 50% of Gen Y are gaming, but so are 15% of baby boomers and 30% of Gen Xers. Oh, and these gamers aren’t just sitting on the sofa playing around. They are playing games (online and offline), but they are also spending time working out/exercising, going to movies and hitting the bars with friends. Gone, it seems, are the days when gamers were pale, basement dwellers dependant on ‘grown ups’ for food and clothing.

More than 99 million US consumers are now gamers, with one-third playing at least once weekly but with half (51%) playing games for at least 10 hours per week. How can you engage these game players? First, you have to know who they are. Because of the increase in sheer numbers, researchers have now categorized gamers into three segments: Alpha Influencers, Traditional Cores and Social Mainstreams.

First, Alpha Influencers. These gamers make up about 11% of the category but are very engaged with their interests and share those interests/ideas with friends and family.

Next, Traditional Cores are about 22% of the gamer segment and while very engaged with gaming are actually not skilled at sharing their game interests with non-gamers.

Finally, Social Mainstreams, about 25% of the gaming segment. This is where much of gaming growth is believed to be. These gamers are playing casually and don’t consider themselves ‘gamers’.



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