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BizReport : Advertising archives : March 22, 2011

Expert Opinion: What you can't learn from clicks

Do you know what your average Click Thru Rate (CTR) is? Do you know that CTR may not mean a thing when it comes to brand or message recall? A click, according to some reports, may be a simple mistake. So brands are looking elsewhere for campaign measurement and some are turning to type in solutions.

by Kristina Knight

A recent study found that these type-in ads actually help brand and message recall. Researchers found that brand recall was boosted 65% with message recall showing a 35% increase based on type-in ads. But aren't type-in ads just as annoying as those hard to read CAPTCHAs? Not according to one expert.

"People dislike CAPTCHAs because they are difficult, sometimes impossible, to read and take a long time to solve - on average 14 seconds," said Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. "Solve Media makes CAPTCHAs simple and easy to read - and sometimes even interesting to look at or watch. Our TYPE-IN ads only take about seven seconds to solve, meaning less interruption of the user experience."

The other benefit to this type of advertising is the measurement. Jacoby notes that CTR rates are under 1%. Several reports have noting the falling of CTRs and the fact that clicks don't necessarily mean that a consumer was (or is) engaged with an ad, brand or message. The Solve Media platform, notes Jacoby, shows measurement of actual recall, which tells brands the consumers are actually engaged with the message or ad.

"Does a campaign actually impact awareness and recognition? If so, it's a success, regardless of whether anyone clicked on any banner ads," said Jacoby. "We survey consumers through type-ins to measure brand awareness and recall for each campaign. Those results [are validated] by several third party measurement companies. The idea is not to measure clicks, but engagement and impact. That's measurement that provides real value and can help optimize future campaign performance."

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