Study: Android CTRs lower than iPad, iPhone

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rhythmnewmedia.pngGoogle’s Android platform phones may be selling more units than Apple’s iPhone at the moment, but iPhone’s are still out-performing Android units. According to a recent study from Rhythm NewMedia, iPhone and iPad devices have higher click through rates than Android devices, a crucial stat for advertisers.

Rhythm NewMedia’s Q3 Advertising Report finds that iPad CTRs (interactive pre-roll video ads) are the highest, a full 2 points higher than iPhone, iPod Touch and Android units. For Full page ads, click-thrus averaged 5.8%, App Launch ads showed a 5.4% CTR, Pre-roll Video averages a 1% CTR and Banner ads averaged 0.5% CTR.

The other interesting take away from the report: mentioning video in a mobile ad’s call to action increases click-thrus by 79%. Consumer Packaged Goods and Entertainment advertisers led Q3 categories with full episode viewing increasing by 20%. And two more reasons to think more about mobile video? The study shows that movie video retention rates are higher (94% first 10 minutes) than online video (81%). Mobile viewers are also completing more ads (87%).

How big is the smartphone marketplace? comScore reports that more than 53 million Americans now own smartphones (July 2010), an 11% increase of June numbers. More than 39% are RIM consumers, 23% are using Apple’s platform and 17% using Google’s Android platform. The key is that while texting is still the most-used application, following voice, 33% of consumers are now using mobile browsers, 31% are downloading apps and 21% are accessing social networks.



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