Rising Tide Co-Op launches ASq video format

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In addition to giving consumers more options in the type or message of video ads, the ad format should help content owners and publishers by streamlining the scheduling and tracking of online campaigns. ASq ads will be served by The Rising Tide Co-Op, of which Panache and VivaKi are partners. Ads can be tested prior to launch. Marketers interested in the ASq formatted ads must first integrate their video players with Panache’s platform.

Allowing consumers to choose their content is a unique idea in the online space. While many marketers or targeting solutions have allowed consumers to opt-in to different types of ads or branded information, the ability to choose a specific ad message at a specific moment should help to more deeply engage video viewers.

“VivaKi and The Rising Tide Co-Op’s industry-wide initiative will help standardize a pipeline for digital video advertising spend, enabling scalable innovation as the industry identifies optimal ad experiences for Internet-distributed video,” said Steve Robinson, CEO, Panache. “Panache’s business was built working with publishers’ player engineering, ad operations, and sales teams. We are bringing that experience to the Co-Op to make publisher enablement for buy-side ad spend fast and easy.”

The Rising Tide Co-Op includes Panache, VivaKi, Tidal TV, Visible Measures and Vindico.



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