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BizReport | Social Marketing June 22, 2012

Students display overriding dislike for marketing on Facebook

University students in the UK aren't interested in mixing business with pleasure on Facebook. As youth marketing firm, The Beans Group, has found, youngsters use the social network for entertainment and chatting with friends, and not a place to engage... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing June 22, 2012

Facebook announces Likes for mobile apps

Over the last few months, Facebook has been upping its mobile game. This week the social network further expanded its reach with the mobilization of the Open Graph "Like" action. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing June 06, 2012

Facebook ads, comments ineffective at prompting purchases

A new online poll from Reuters/Ipsos reveals that, despite many businesses hoping to make a sale or two via Facebook, many consumers aren't swayed by ads or comments on the social network.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 30, 2012

French wineries sip on social, American wineries lap it up

France may well be the home of fine wines, but when it comes to putting wineries on social media the American's have the upper hand, reveals a survey of hundreds of wineries by ABLE Social Media Marketing. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 23, 2012

Gain instant Facebook Fans in-store with the Like Machine

A Florida entrepreneur has come up with a way of enabling customers that visit your store or restaurant to Like your Facebook Page, even if they're not armed with a smartphone or tablet. I caught up with Will Damhuis to... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 16, 2012

Days before IPO third-largest U.S. advertiser pulls ads from Facebook

The third-largest advertiser in the U.S. has stated it will cease advertising on the world's largest social network because ads are ineffective. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 15, 2012

As IPO looms poll reveals undercurrent of user mistrust of Facebook

It's this week's hot topic - Facebook's IPO. But amidst the financial fan-fare lies an undercurrent of mistrust among users, according to a new poll just released by AP-CNBC. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 14, 2012

Facebook tests 'pay to highlight' feature for status updates

A new "feature" being tested on Facebook has people wondering whether the service will, as the social network has always promised, remain free for users. ... >>

BizReport | Research May 11, 2012

More than half of adults 'concerned' about Facebook privacy

When it comes to social networking everyone is doing it - or it seems that way - but a growing number of social networkers are also becoming concerned with the privacy of these online hangouts. A new study, fielded in... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 04, 2012

Facebook Offers now available to businesses across U.S.

Facebook has rolled out their self-serve Offers feature to all U.S. regions today after four months of testing with selected partners. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 01, 2012

BREAKING: Facebook promotes organ donation - friends saving lives

Mark this one up as "I didn't see that coming". While rumours spread that Facebook was to announce something along the lines of "saving life", who would have thought they would be getting into the organ donation game. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing April 27, 2012

"Likes" ineffective measure of brand success

New research reveals that Millennials don't hang out on Facebook Pages they have "Liked" and the vast majority hit the "Like" button never to return.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing April 27, 2012

Facebook profits drop ahead of IPO

As Facebook prepares for an initial public offering in May, news is out that the social network has reported its first profit decrease in at least two years, despite a rise in revenues. Some believe the IPO timing is disastrous,... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing April 04, 2012

Eye-tracking: Consumers disorientated by new Timeline

The new Timeline is taking some getting used to by both consumers and brands. New eye-tracking research by SimpleUsability gives brands an idea of how consumers are looking at the new format and suggests how brands can make the transition... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce April 04, 2012

Email continues to out-do social to drive purchases

Email continues to be the most common way consumers receive digital messages from brands but, with the onslaught of social media, is it still the most effective? ExactTarget's recent research reveals some interesting behavior. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 29, 2012

Social media is new customer service frontier

More and more consumers are turning to the likes of Facebook and forums to voice complaints and search for information, according to a new report from TNS, drastically changing the face of customer service. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising March 26, 2012

The cost of being the last thing Facebook users see

Facebook's new log-out ads have been lauded for their use of previously dead ad space, but what is it worth to be last thing the social network users see before checking out. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 19, 2012

Facebook doubles Japanese users to 10 million in 6 months

Facebook could well dethrone Japan's current king of social networks, Mixi, as the number of active Fans in the country hits 10 million.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 16, 2012

eMarketer: 1 in 5 socializes online thanks to Facebook

Ready to get social? Head over to Facebook and start a profile. Or a branded profile page. That, according to eMarketer is how socializing is beginning to work. According to their new report one in five people (globally) is now... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 14, 2012

Millions of brands switch Pages to Facebook's new Timeline format

Facebook makes a change to the social network and, as usual, many push against it. However, in the case of the new Timeline format for Pages, it seems many are happy to jump onboard.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce March 13, 2012

Payvment: SMBs embracing F-Commerce

You may only find daily deals or sales information on big, retail brands' social network pages, but a growing number of small businesses are embracing social commerce. And making money doing it. New data from Payvment finds one-third of SMBs... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 09, 2012

Facebook reveals the figures behind its phony accounts

Facebook has finally revealed how many of its 845 million monthly active users are fake or duplicate accounts in a recent updated filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 06, 2012

Domino's UK discounts treats for Tweets

Domino's Pizza is aiming to boost its lunchtime orders with a Twitter campaign that lowers the price of a Pepperoni Passion pizza each time someone tweets the hashtag #letsdolunch.... >>

BizReport | Advertising March 05, 2012

Facebook monetizes logout page

Facebook users trying to escape the recent upscale in advertising on the social network will find that even logging off offers no relief as the log-out page is given over to advertising.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing February 28, 2012

Pew reveals rise in the awkward task of de-friending

Facebook users, once driven to collect friends, are now beginning to manage their accounts, and contacts, more efficiently, according to a new study from Pew. While de-friending is still seen as an awkward online moment women, it seems, are more... >>

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