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BizReport : Social Marketing : February 10, 2021

Reports: YouTube, Snapchat use on the rise

Two big winners from the digital space in 2020 are YouTube and Snapchat, which both fared well throughout the pandemic in engaging consumers which, in turn, brought more advertisers to their tables. Here's the breakdown.

by Kristina Knight

First, the shift to streaming content. As the pandemic raged throughout 2020 more and more people turned to streaming options for both entertainment and news, as new data from Sightly and eMarketer underlines. Their new report shows that YouTube remains the most-viewed online video platform with 94% of US OTT viewers tuning in to the platform 'at least monthly' during the year. Netflix, by comparison, sees about 74% of OTT viewers tuning in at least monthly.

Researchers further found that YouTube viewers are watching longer than they are on other platforms. YouTube viewers average 7.3 minutes per CTV session compared to 3.6 minutes via mobile and 5.7 minutes via desktop.

More data from the Sightly and eMarketer report can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, MediaRadar believes Snapchat's cache - for consumers and for brands - is on the rise. Their top ten advertisers, which include heavy hitters State Farm Auto Insurance, Levi's, and American Eagle, accounted for about 20% of their total ad spend in 2020. Overall, brands invested more than $480mm in advertising via the quick-hitting social media channel. That is a 37% YoY increase in spending.

More data from MediaRadar can be accessed here.

And it isn't just that consumers continue to log in to the social network, it is that they are engaged with the content there - both UGC and branded advertising.

"Snap is a rocket ship right now because it has broadened Snapchat's user base by evolving as a platform. Snapchat isn't just a way to share with your friends and family -- it's become a mainstream entertainment channel. From AR and Lenses to Discover and Spotlight, the company is constantly innovating with both technology and content to make itself stickier and more interesting to a wide audience. That's an attractive value proposition for advertisers, who have a variety of inventory types and features they can tap into and see great ROAS from their campaigns - as much as 10x, according to our data," said Boaz Cohen, SVP of Business Ad Development, StitcherAds.

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