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BizReport : Internet : June 23, 2017

Expert: How cyborg tech could impact virtual reality

Most experts agree that the human brain is the most complex organs in the universe, and with Facebook and Elon Musk announcing plans to merge brainpower with artificial intelligence, it has many wondering what this could mean for the future.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Let's focus on people for a moment - What does this possibility mean for people?

Pascal Kaufmann, Founder, Starmind: I don't see any reason why the brain should be indecipherable magic; even today various organs are manufactured artificially. I am convinced that the day will come when the brain code is cracked. This will be one of the most important discoveries ever made by mankind. Once the brain code is cracked, all of these wonderful ideas about augmenting humanity with computers, achieving real AI, and focusing on health issues of the brain will all be achievable and ultimately create a very different world than the one we know now.

Kristina: What about for brands and retailers?

Pascal: Right now there is a lot of hype about "AI" and deep learning. The truth is there is no AI, just super-fast computers. These super fast computers and deep learning can do some amazing thing, but that is not the same thing as AI. For me a computer needing to look at 1000 picture of cats in order to be able to identify a picture of a cat is not a sign of intelligence. This is not how a human learns things. By putting the resources into cracking the brain code, the industry will be able to achieve true AI. Not until we fully understand the brain can we start building machines which work like it. This will be the true tipping point of AI adoption andour industry will change forever. We may soon realize when this day comes that "True AI" is much more scientific than we once thought.

Kristina: How do you expect cyborg tech to impact existing AI technology?

Pascal: Everyone talks about artificial intelligence - and yet, it doesn't even exist. I don't mean to provoke or to put a halt to the general euphoria, but rather steer the research into the right direction. Once the "brain code" is cracked, AI technologies will really take off. Only once we understand how the brain works can we create artificial intelligence that deserves its name.

I believe that 95 percent of all AI investments flow into so-called brute force methods, by which computer processes are made faster. It is as if one wished to build an artificial bird and instead was throwing stones into the air. What you notice is that the stone, too, flies. So you just keep on building larger and larger canons in order to catapult the stone into the air even faster.

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