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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : May 27, 2016

Expert: How to know if the cloud is right for your business

Though there are many benefits to integrated some cloud-based systems into small businesses, many SMBs continue to wait. Some fear the costs, some are unsure which cloud option is right. Here are our tips.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: There seems to be a sharp line between 'early-adopters' of cloud business systems and those who don't believe the cloud is safe. What can you tell businesses about cloud safety?

Patrick Heim, Head of Trust and Security, DropBox: The "early adopters" are now the majority. A better way to categorize cloud adoption would be comparing the mainstream adopters to those that are lagging behind. On security, ask yourself how many high profile breaches resulted from the failure of a cloud provider? The reality is that reputable cloud companies have many security advantages including the ability to attract & retain top tier security talent, legacy-free compute environments, and a high degree of consistency and automation in their technology that enables them to operate more sustainably-secure systems.

Kristina: Next to security, another challenge is the cost. How can brands bring cloud options on a budget?

Patrick: Be sure to compare apples-to-apples. Cloud models are often on a subscription basis and may appear expensive. Compare this to the hidden cost of operating your own technology environment; hardware, datacenters, tech staff, updates, backup, monitoring, patching, etc. and you will realize that, on an all-in basis, cloud services generally provide a higher level and more secure service at a lower cost.

Kristina: Before integrating cloud systems, what do brands need to know?

Patrick: Although I am advocating for the security and operational benefits of cloud computing, it is important for buyers to understand their accountability. Access management and monitoring are two key processes that must be well defined and managed on the customer side. We commonly see that failures in de-provisioning of access and similar mistakes lead to former employee retaining access.

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