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BizReport : Internet : June 15, 2012

British government plans to tackle Internet trolls

People who leave defamatory comments on websites or forums are being targeted in the UK. The British government is currently considering legislation making website operators identify 'trolls'.

by Helen Leggatt

Website commenters who post negative and potentially damaging statements about others may soon be identified to those they target. The Defamation Bill, which is going through a second reading in Parliament next Tuesday, could allow users to take legal action against those who abuse them online and compel websites to reveal the identity of the offender.

"Website operators are in principle liable as publishers for everything that appears on their sites, even though the content is often determined by users," said U.K. Justice Secretary Ken Clarke. "Our proposed approach will mean that website operators have a defense against libel as long as they identify the authors of allegedly defamatory material when requested to do so by a complainant."

However, some don't believe the new law will stop Internet trolling. The Daily Mail's Donal Blaney writes: "The Defamation Bill is - as the name suggests - only about defamatory statements. It will not cover comments that are offensive, unpleasant or constitute harassment, breach of confidence or an invasion of privacy - and the bulk of trolls' comments are in those categories as opposed to being defamatory as such."

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  • Silver Surfer

    Get those bl**dy trolls on Washingtopn's payroll! They do nothing but visit every reputed website and libel and defame entire countries, nationals, ethnic groups and individual commentators.  Personally, I would like to see these global trolls identified, caught, and hanged by the neck until dead on Youtube for all to see. They are a pest upon this intenet world and only serve to achieve Washington's covert aim of fanning hate amongs the human race. 

    Mr Obama should be one of the first to be hauled .. this "national character assasin-in-chief" and soon to be "mobster-responsible-for-more-ethnic-riots-and-unrest".

  • Liz

    Lest it be forgotten there are many "websites" or blogs that are actually financed by Washington to fan and promote ahtred and defamation and libel.  The trolls are actually members of the editorial board or writers on the blogs' payroll itself. That's why they can carry out slanders 24/7.  The Diplomat blog is one of the worst on the face of this planet.

  • H.M.A.

    live in a country where freedom of speech is faught for and you'll disdain the assholes who abuse it. what is the point of saying the nastiest sh*t that comes to mind? it infects people with animosity. i bloody well hate trolls. a bunch of a-holes who waste their lives online.
    i don't mind a bit of banter, but if you don't have the nads to say it out loud, you shouldn't post it. 

  • Gregory Speers

    So much for free speech. Soon they will go after people who say nasty things about the government. Big brother is well entrenched in the UK.

  • Freedomdave1




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