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BizReport : Viral Marketing : December 27, 2011

Top 3 Video trends for 2012

Viewers streamed to the Internet to watch original content, film trailers/behind-the-scenes previews and other clips in record numbers throughout 2011. More television programming hit online platforms, as well, but short-form content was still the big winner for consumption. What can you expect in 2012?

by Kristina Knight

First, the device trend. In 2011 Metacafe notes, young male viewers began to consider the computer as their main entertainment device. Meaning they're now watching TV and original video programming online as well as social networking, checking email, playing games and other activities. More than one-third (39%) of these consumers use the computer for entertainment compared to 28% who use television and 14% of use video game consoles.

"Given the central role the TV set has played in the American household for the past several decades this is a meaningful shift that has major implications for content creators and brand advertisers alike," said Erick Hachenburg, Metacafe CEO. "This trend will only accelerate as iPads and more powerful smartphones further replace the TV's central role as an entertainment device."

New data from Mixpo found 'tune-in' video campaigns can increase intent to watch by 20% while time spent with 'tune-in' messages was 25% higher than with non-tune-in messages. Tune-in campaigns are used to boost viewership for TV and cable programming.

Second, short-form content remains king of content - but add some funny to really engage viewers. For Metacafe, the hottest area for content is comedy.

"The advantage in online video is that you can get to the punch line quickly and deliver that entertainment fix in less than five minutes," said Hachenburg. "If you look at the November comScore numbers, for example, you'll see that the average duration of an online video is 5.5 minutes. This hasn't actually changed for several years now - despite the fact that so many full-length TV shows and feature films have become available online."

Third, Scott Reese, blurbIQ CEO, believes 2012 will be the year of cross-platform interactive video as more advertisers use video for branding as well as direct response marketing.

"Straight video campaigns become baseline for performance metrics, as interactive video solutions are far more measurable, engaging, and produce ad retention and awareness," said Reese. "As brands become more familiar with the compelling performance data of interactive video, the "spend" will continue to shift away from standard rich media and video campaigns to interactive video solutions. Brands are demanding better efficiency and measurability of their video campaigns reaching their consumers wherever they are, from mobile, tablets, online, social media, and interactive TV."

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  • Tom Meyerson

    This CES I saw the future of 2 Screen video technology with a company called Coincident. I think it's going to blow everything else out of the water. It's not just one division of social tv, but a new way to "surf video" by surfing within the video frames, enabling so many amazing abilities. It was crazy.



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