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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 16, 2011

3 Trends to incorporate in 2012 campaign plans

Marketers are embracing digital advertising even as they admit they don't completely understand what makes consumers engage. The key according to one expert is to consistently innovate digital campaigns, giving consumers are reason to click, read, view or otherwise engage with branded platforms. But, moving into 2012 there are three trends brands need to embrace - and which could help them perform even better in the coming year.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What trends are you seeing in the online space now?

Lisa Arthur, CMO, Aprimo: We are midst of a digital revolution and we are seeing the online space change like never before. Here are three key trends I think we'll be seeing as we move into 2012:

  • Leaning into the data.
  • If resources remain constrained, it's only natural that budgets will continue to focus on retention and cost-cutting. With less and less wiggle room, marketers need to apply rigor to where that spend goes. Along those same lines, I expect we're going to see more marketers leaning towards data management because strategies that include data analysis are now fundamental to success.
  • Integrated marketing management (IMM)
  • . IMM involves all key B2B and B2C marketing activities -campaigns, data, spend and assets -across both offline and digital channels . . . and then it goes even further, incorporating multiple data sources from throughout the organization. This integration of data, processes and peoplehas multiple benefits. It reduces complexity, improves effectiveness, facilitates workflow, enhances the customer experience and helps cut costs.
  • Strategies to innovate the customer experience.
  • Consumers are in control, and they're expecting more engagement, more relevant offers and a whole lot less hype. Consumer confidence is down, so marketers need to work even harder to keep customers upbeat. Make sure you know what motivates your customers and keep track of response rates keep track of response rates , so you can develop deeper insights about what motivates your audience.

    Kristina: Many marketers have pushed into the daily deal space, but data from Experian/Hitwise shows that Groupon is already down 50% over earlier summer levels. LivingSocial has increased their presence a bit. Is this area already dying off?

    Lisa: While I think that the daily deals space is tightening; there will be opportunities for growth for companies such as LivingSocial and Groupon if they are able to 'poke the box.' Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure to spend time with Seth Godin, author of "Poke the Box". . .and I have heard Seth's directive loud and clear. For marketers. . .poking the box is about producing fresh approaches and compelling content and engaging and integrating business with consumers in new ways. Think of it this way: If you encourage and enable your customers to share your content and offers, they will. Once that happens, you start spreading funnel responsibilities (including awareness-building, lead generation and lead nurturing) across a community of thousands. Consumers start doing the lifting, and the benefit to the brand - in incremental awareness and sales - is enormous. At the same time, integrating internal and external channels allows you to think strategically about each offer, message and creative collaboration.

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