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Small & Medium Business

Why an SBA 504 Loan Could Be Just What Your Business Needs

Businesses can take advantage of the SBA 504 loan program to buy fixed assets such as buildings and land, to refurbish existing buildings, buy long-term equipment, and install utilities, parking lots, or landscaping. >>

Get a Real ROI From Social in 5 Steps

Struggling to prove social ROI? The Bazaarvoice white paper, Get a Real ROI From Social in 5 Steps shows you how the world's most successful brands and retailers are capturing results and proving true social ROI. >>

Hacker Monthly -- Startup Stories

Hacker Monthly is a print magazine version of Hacker News, a social news website wildly popular among programmers and startup founders. >>

7 Principles to Upgrade Your Work and Life

The whole paradigm of work is changing, and many of us are still stuck under the thumb of the boss in our life when what we want is to be the boss of our own life. >>

An Executive's Guide to Cutting HR Costs

Learn about key HR areas that ALL entrepreneurs will eventually face. >>

Cinco Razones Porque la Alta Disponibilidad en el Sistema i(i Series) debe ser considerado para Organizaciones Pequeñas

Descubrir por qué protección alta disponibilidad y RD real es ahora alcance de incluso lapequeñas empresas. >>

Growing Your Business in the Modern Economy

Six venture capitalists weigh in. >>

Entrepreneur Equation--Free 34 Page Chapter

Through illustrative examples and personalized exercises, tell-it-like-it-is Carol Roth helps you create and evaluate your own personal Entrepreneur Equation. >>

REV Up Your Facebook Marketing: A Guide For Small Businesses

For most small businesses, it's no longer a question of whether you should try to engage fans on Facebook but how to do it and do it well. >>

The 12 Mistakes EVERY Entrepreneur MUST Avoid When Raising Money

Learn what the 12 mistakes to avoid are and increase the odds of raising money! >>

How Effective Communications Deliver Real Results to Your Small Business

Learn Why The Time is Now For IP-based Communications. >>

How to Avoid Mistakes When Negotiating Business Debts

If your business is in debt yet you want to pay your creditors you must read The 27 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating Business Debts. This valuable guide will help you get your business out of debt. >>

SaaS ERP: A Viable Model for Job Shops and Small Manufacturers

Learn how small manufacturers and job shops can benefit by implementing an ERP solution. >>

10 Keys to Credit Card Processing

This free guide outlines 10 key strategies to lower your card processing costs and gets you connected with reputable credit card processing vendors to receive custom, no obligation quotes by phone/email. Merchants have saved thousands off their processing fees using these techniques. >>

How Small Businesses Worldwide Use Communications to Thrive in the New Economy

Learn how you can quickly embrace the technologies to help you compete with even the biggest of businesses. >>

Simplified Communications for Very Small Businesses

Learn how the right communication system can help provide faster staff responsiveness, improved customer service and lower monthly calling costs by up to 50% using new IP-based communications solutions. >>

Four Ways to Supercharge Your Small Business' Online Presence

Learn how you can help accelerate your company's growth. >>

Closing in on the Communication Gaps – Guide to an Integrated CRM

The cost of acquiring a new customer is much greater than that of selling more to a current customer - so improving customer satisfaction is becoming a #1 priority. This involves sharing information and tasks between all players involved - from sales and marketing to customer support and product engineering. >>

Information Management for Mid-Sized Companies

Advances in technology reduce the cost and complexity of increasing the scope of information available for managing your business. >>

The Cisco Smart Business Roadmap: Solutions to Address Today's Business Challenges and Move Your Business Toward Optimal Performance

SMBs: Discover how to cost-effectively improve communications, streamline business processes, and provide secure communications to employees, customers, and partners. >>

Software Evaluation Guide for Small to Midsized Wholesaler/Distributors

Includes growth considerations, industry requirements, RFP components, project budget, and ROI evaluation. >>

Complete Software Guide for Small to Midsized Manufacturers

Details entire process of selecting manufacturing software, from evaluating needs through what to expect during implementation. >>

Seven Tips for a Successful Small Business

While starting a small business is a challenge, these seven tips will help prepare the groundwork for a successful business. >>

Desktop Virtualization: The SMB's Answer to Office Productivity

For small and medium sized companies that have limited budgets and IT staff, desktop virtualization can be the answer. >>

Demystifying Virtualization for Small Businesses

Learn all about virtualization in this article; from the different types, to the benefits, and the strategies to implement a virtualization process for your small business. >>

Mailstation™ 2 Digital Mailing System

Try a postage meter for yourself and discover how to save your small business time and money by ultimately making a more efficient workplace. >>

Learn How to Grow Your Profits Using a Postage Meter

With its time/cost savings and convenience, a postage meter is an advantage for any business. >>

Cisco and Vocalocity Deliver Cost Savings Opportunities for Small Businesses

New technologies reduce business costs by providing more effective and less expensive tools that also eliminate IT costs. >>

Is the Cloud the Right Move for You

Read this article to learn if moving to cloud is the right decision for your small business. >>

Top 8 Reasons SMBs Need to Monitor their Networks

If you are responsible for administering the IT infrastructure at a small-to-medium size business (SMB), using network monitoring, mapping and alerting software can help you do your job better by maximizing network uptime and efficiency. >>

Top 8 Considerations for Selecting SMB Network Monitoring Software

Small-to-Medium Size Businesses (SMB's) have limited IT staff and budgets, yet they still require a monitoring solution for cost-effective equipment diagnosis to maintain a healthy network. >>

Improve Sales and Customer Service Efficiency with the Panasonic/Vocalocity Business Solution

Learn how the right phone system can transform your operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. >>

The Top 3 Ways a Postage Meter Can Save Your Business Money

Reduce your mailing costs as much as 20% per year. Gain business efficiencies--and stop overpaying for postage by trying one of Pitney Bowes postage meters right now! >>

Implement a Big Business Phone System at a Fraction of the Cost

Is your phone system saving your business money? Is your phone system making your business more efficient? Learn how easy to implement customizable technology is benefiting small businesses everywhere. >>

The Top 3 Ways a Postage Meter Can Save Your Business Money

Beat the postage increase! Reduce your rates with special USPS® discounts from Pitney Bowes. Gain business efficiencies--and stop overpaying for postage… >>

How to Recover from--and Prevent--a Malware Attack

Download this article for seven tips and best practices to take to prevent or recover from a malware attack. >>

The Secure Cloud: Best Practices for Cloud Adoption

The benefits of the cloud are such that you can't afford to sit and wait for standards to be completed, ratified, and enforced. This paper outlines three best practices that you can follow today. >>

SMB Case for Expense Management Automation

Inefficient expense management processes present a host of challenges and opportunities for SMBs. This paper highlights the areas that automation can make an impact. >>

Book-Smart Company Leverages Panasonic/Vocalocity Communications Solution

Learn how the Panasonic/Vocalocity Solution efficiently and cost effectively connects multiple offices and mobile employees under one business. Save your business money and time when you partner with Vocalocity as your phone system provider. >>