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Sales & Marketing

Is Modern Commerce Part of Your Formula for Success?

B2B buyer expectations are changing. As more buyers from the millennial generation now make purchasing decisions. Chemical companies need to deliver a dynamic customer experience that meets millennial's fast-evolving expectations. >>

Sales & Marketing

Chemicals Industry Pricing Strategy: Tips for Modern Commerce Companies

Are you driving customers to competitors because you don't have the right formula for your pricing strategy? >>

Sales & Marketing

5 Ways Service-Based Experts & Leaders Create an Endless Source of Ideal Clients Without the Burnout and Hustle

Are you tired of working many hours on your marketing, hustling nonstop, and getting lackluster results from all the work you're putting in? >>

Sales & Marketing

Advertising and Brand Awareness - 6 Perspectives on What Works

Gain an overall perspective on the advertising landscape and considerations for developing a winning media-buying strategy. >>

Sales & Marketing

The State of Social Customer Support in 2018

By looking at the state of social customer support, we are seeing trends and opportunities that have the potential to improve customer care in 2018 and beyond. >>

Sales & Marketing

The Essential Guide to Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Social advertising has become one of the best ways to connect with e-commerce customers and grow sales channels. >>

Sales & Marketing

Is It Time to Outsource? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

As we work through discovery with prospective clients, we frequently touch on these core questions. >>

Sales & Marketing

GoCardless & teamup: Fitness industry survey

This survey will provide useful insights to help you do better business >>

Sales & Marketing

Education Week Trending Topics in K-12

Learn what district leaders are searching for, engaging with, and downloading from Education Week. >>

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