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BizReport | Advertising archives February 11, 2010

eXelate indeX shows Apple's iPad haloing other products

The release of a new product usually creates buzz for a few days about said product. Marketers know this. The Holy Grail is for a new release to also spark interest in other brand products. According to the latest eXelate... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing January 25, 2010

comScore: 46% jump in global search market in 2009

The search market shrugged off the recession in 2009 and experienced significant growth, according to comScore's latest study.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives September 29, 2009

UpClick cuts payment processing fees for vendors

Online businesses know that to sell online they have to pay the price - payment processing fees. Whether selling software, books, memberships or games, etailers are used to fees cutting into their bottom lines. Enter UpClick, a platform which eliminates... >>

BizReport | Research archives July 21, 2009

Study: Social networking is changing search

According to a recent study from OneUpWeb, social networks are changing how consumers interact with search. According to the report, consumers look at paid ads on social networks more quickly once they have arrived at the search results page.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing July 17, 2009

Search: Bing continues to show growth

When it comes to search marketing, most marketers are used to hearing that giant Google is in the lead. Although the search engine still leads other engines by as much as a 35% share, the news this month is that... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 28, 2009

Free tools allow searchers to 'dyve' deeper into results

Deep Web's research engine, DeepDyve, has release three new tools to help searchers and websites get more from search queries. The tools allow websites and bloggers to display related articles and return search results directly into websites and blog posts,... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 12, 2009

Netbase launches semantic search platform

Basing a search campaign on more than keywords could spell the difference between average and top performing. A new platform from Netbase could help health advertisers better engage consumers because it bases search query results on the semantics of a... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 11, 2009

Hitwise: Google's search share continues to grow

It's no big surprise. Google accounted for almost 73% of all U.S. searches conducted in April, according to recent data from Hitwise. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 04, 2009

Local search hub Centerd offers content-by-intent

Local search is a curious thing. Businesses many times found either by direct navigation or by accident. Local search engine Centerd could change that by offering local search results according to the intent of the query. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing October 31, 2008

Search Marketing Guide released by MarketingSherpa

Want a headstart on that next search marketing campaign? Look into MarketingSherpa's latest "Search Marketing Benchmark Guide" which analyzes search tools and how search platforms are using the tools to impact campaigns. The guide also covers search marketing tactics, trends... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing October 21, 2008

Yahoo adds geo-targeting capabilities

Geo-targeting for Yahoo advertisers has been launched this week. The new tool will enable search advertising marketers to fine tune campaigns and create more relevant ad clicks by selecting specific target locations.... >>