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BizReport | Advertising archives August 18, 2009

YuMe video ad network revs up behavioral targeting capabilities

A U.S.-based online video advertising platform is using advanced video tagging technology to enhance the behavioral targeting capability of its advertisers.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives February 17, 2009

New offering from Jivox enhances metrics

If you want more bang from online video ads, a new offering from Jivox could be the answer. The online video ad service has relaunched and now offers an 'engagement score' as part of their metrics offerings. The engagement score... >>

BizReport | Viral Marketing January 26, 2009

How hot will online video be in 2009?

Everyone is talking about rich media, specifically online video. But is online video a good bet for marketers? According to one forecast online video will be very hot in 2009 as more marketers push to meet the demand of consumer... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives August 29, 2008

Broadband video: It's all about content

When it comes to online advertising, no two ads are alike and no two ad campaigns are. This leads to a lot of insecurity in the market, especially with new platforms popping up each year. For broadband video, there are... >>

BizReport | Viral Marketing August 21, 2008

Tremor: Content is the key for pre-roll video ROI

Content could be the reason your most recent video ad campaign didn't pull in the kind of return you were hoping for. According to a recent report from Tremor Media, when pre-roll ads are used content can either make or... >>

BizReport | Viral Marketing August 12, 2008

Why Content Is Key For Video Ads

It is no secret that marketers are still trying to figure out exactly how to appeal to the new online video viewer. Are these entities just like television viewers? Do they want the same types of ads that blog readers... >>

BizReport | Viral Marketing July 30, 2008

Collective Media launches video network

There is a new advertising network on the horizon, geared specifically for video ads. Collective Media announced the launch of the Collective Video Network this week; the network connects marketers with premium video content and in-stream ad availability. ... >>

BizReport | Viral Marketing July 18, 2008

WebTrends launches video tracking software

If you want to know who is watching your online videos and when, check out a new product from WebTrends. The platform allows users to track visitor patterns and trends to give marketers real time information for their online video... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 23, 2007

Watch, view and read in new content player

A new online video player could change the way some websites look at online video and other content resources. The AdMatch Player from Mochila allows companies to brand video, text and images on their websites. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 19, 2007

Viewer engagement longer than originally thought

A new study from Accela Communications is muddying the waters of viewer engagement with online video. According to the study, most viewers are actually engaged for 4.6 minutes, but according to other studies, engagement lasts for only 10.8 seconds.... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 16, 2007

Target young for online video

Online video is quickly becoming the new buzzword for online marketers, but few have figured out how to harness the power. Should they target boomers? News hounds? Entertainment gurus? The answer, according to a new study, is no. To all... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 11, 2007

Can opt-in ads boost online video revenue?

People are watching. According to numerous studies, more and more users are logging on to the Internet for video - entire television shows, movie trailers and user-generated content are a few options. However, online advertisers have yet to come up... >>

BizReport | Research archives March 27, 2007

Study: Brand awareness increases with online video

A new study indicates viewers of online video clips are less distracted and more aware of brand messages that when they see the same ads on television or DVR programming. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives March 21, 2007

Study: Online video has high interaction rate

If marketers aren't already experimenting with online video ads, they should be. That is according to DoubleClick. According to their new study, Internet users are more likely to click the "Play" button on a video ad than they are to... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives March 14, 2007

Spotzer allows customized online video campaigns

The online do-it-yourself trend is moving from desktop publishing straight to video. Online video advertising, that is. A new ad company promises marketers the ability to create their own online video ad, track the campaign and make on the spot... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 09, 2007

"March Madness" takes advertisers online

Fans are headed to basketball arenas in droves in the U.S. and for the second year in a row, advertisers are headed online. With March Madness days away, the CBS network has almost sold out the online advertising slots for... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 06, 2007

MySpace to allow embedded Fox TV clips?

In a bid to increase revenue, MySpace may soon begin allowing users to embed video clips from certain Fox television shows into their profile pages. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 06, 2007

Newspapers sell more local online video ads

A new report predicts 43% growth for local online video advertising in 2007, but the medium making the most isn't television. According to the report, newspapers are actually selling more online video ad revenue than broadcasters are.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 05, 2007

Can online video be brand safe?

A new online video advertising platform says yes, online video can be brand safe. And they are betting that many brands will hop onboard their new platform - the YuMe Networks platform launched today.... >>

BizReport | Research archives February 27, 2007

Study: target men for online video conversions

Online video is beginning to garner more attention from average viewers with 4% of people over the age of 18 watching online videos daily and another 14% watching at least once each week. However, those numbers don't touch the number... >>

BizReport | Viral Marketing February 23, 2007

Pirelli’s online video ad featuring Uma Thurman aims high

Last week the tyre giant Pirelli launched a mega budget short film, designed only for web distribution, to promote their new tyres range “P Zero”. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives February 20, 2007

Video ads all hype and no action

The rise of internet video and associated advertising opportunities has been promoted as the next big thing for online advertisers, but it’s yet to make its mark.... >>

BizReport | Research archives February 13, 2007

Newspapers run with local video advertising

If you think local television stations or cable networks are having the best results with local online video advertising, think again. According to a new report, newspapers have hit paydirt with online video before local TV stations have.... >>

BizReport | Research archives February 07, 2007

Survey: Users prefer targeted online ads

More users are going online to watch video streams, and for most, an ad before the stream starts is preferable to fee-based services. That is the word from a new survey.... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives January 29, 2007

YouTubers to gain revenue from online videos

Social networkers who upload their own videos to the YouTube platform will soon have another reason to do so: money. According to reports, YouTube will begin giving a share of the ad revenue from online advertising, shown prior to videos,... >>

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