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BizReport | Search Marketing July 10, 2013

UK: 21% of online searches for hotels made via mobile

Almost a quarter of online searches made by UK consumers in May, 2013, were conducted using a mobile device, according to new data released by SEO and PPC consulting and technology firm, Greenlight. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives October 19, 2011

1 in 10 retail searches done via mobile

New figures released by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Google show that total retail search volumes grew at their fastest rate this year during Q3 thanks to mobile.... >>

BizReport | Internet June 24, 2010

Internet traffic in England plummets during World Cup matches

The world is watching and following the World Cup on televisions, mobile phones and, of courses, online. But what effect has the football tournament had on Internet traffic and search levels?... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 24, 2009

Why you should consider a multi-platform approach

Search marketing produces high click through. Rich media delivers deeper engagement. Social marketing offers communication. When it comes to online marketing there are a plethora of options for reaching consumers, engaging them and creating conversions. But, using only one marketing... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing August 20, 2009

Hitwise: Consumers using more specific search terms for online vouchers

The popularity of vouchers among Internet users continues to rise. According to new data from Hitwise, UK Internet searches by bargain hunters have risen significantly and search terms are getting more specific.... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 24, 2009

Recession-hit Brits go online for holiday deals

The British may have been bitten by recession, but that isn't stopping the travel bug biting, too. A new survey from found that the majority of people in the U.K. still plan to travel abroad this year and many... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 27, 2008

Use of alternative media to rise

PQ Media predicts that, by 2012, one dollar in every four will be spent on alternative media as advertising strategies change along with consumer habits.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 28, 2008

Overall Yellow Pages use growing

Yellow Pages directory references rose in 2007, mostly due to increased online activity, found a recent usage report.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing February 25, 2008

Search shows early rebound in January

Never far from the headlines, paid search has seen a small decline in recent months, however, that decline appears to be over. At least for now. According to the latest search metrix from comScore, paid search showed a slight increase... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing December 27, 2007

Searchers turn to Google for holiday finds

As the holiday shopping season ramped up in November, more users continued to turn to Google to find holiday deals and gift ideas. The latest research from comScore finds that Google accounted for 58% of November searches. ... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing October 16, 2007, Marchex to offer local search services

Look for another solution for local search endeavors. This week, and Marchex, a local ad provider, announced plans for a multi-year partnership to offer local search services to advertisers.... >>

BizReport | Research archives August 13, 2007

Content more popular than search or commerce

Internet users are spending more time on content than communication and commerce, according to the latest findings by the Online Publishers Association.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing June 06, 2007

Marketers may need to rethink SEO

Traditional search engine optimization methods may have worked to increase website traffic in 2005 or 2006, but users' search habits are changing and marketers may need to change how they target the market through search. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives February 02, 2007

Retirees in the U.K. spending more free time online

British pensioners are embracing the internet and incorporating it into their daily lives.... >>

BizReport | Research archives January 18, 2007

Internet Drawing Advertisers from TV & Print

The United States is not the only country pulling away from traditional advertising to new mediums. The countries in Europe are also fast moving to the Internet as the preferred ad medium.... >>

BizReport | Research archives December 04, 2006

IAC Launches Ask City

Want local business information, events, maps and movies? IAC wants to provide it through the launch of a new property: Ask City. The new Ask City will draw heavily from other IAC properties like Ticketmaster and CitySearch.... >>