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BizReport | Social Marketing October 12, 2011

IBM: Marketers suffering data overload

Today's marketers have more consumer data at their disposal than they can cope with, according to a new study by IBM, yet the vast majority of it goes unanalyzed and unused. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing April 26, 2011

New index reveals a brand's Social Standing

For many marketers, the number of Facebook Likes and Twitter Follows illustrates their social standing, but what are those people actually saying about the companies they engage with on social sites? PaidContent's new index aims to bring such information to... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing April 06, 2011

New brand research platform for Facebook launched

Footwear manufacturer Dr. Martens is testing a new Facebook-based research platform that uses high-volume survey response data overlaid with demographic and consumer interest data to give brands in-depth feedback on marketing efforts. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives November 26, 2010

Social media market research - are you listening?

Social media is littered with consumer opinion and content surrounding brands and products, and frequented by Internet users who are keen to share their thoughts. Recent research has shown many consumers have shared reviews online and that social media is... >>