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BizReport | Blogs & Content archives September 23, 2014

GoDaddy, Microsoft partner for SMB solution

Having a strong online presence is growing more important by the day for small businesses because more consumers are looking online for local business information first rather than last. However, many small businesses don't have the staff or resources to... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 18, 2012

Microsoft Advertising announces first in global network of agencies

Early December will see Microsoft Advertising's newest offering appear on a street in San Francisco. Called "Solution Studio 415" it is the company's first agency developed to bring together Microsoft teams and brands in one space to create innovative solutions.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 24, 2012

Mobile "user generated ad" launched by Amobee

Windows Phone users could soon get the option to determine which ads they see and when after a new, exclusive ad unit is launched in the second quarter of this year by Amobee.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing December 22, 2010

Microsoft, Responsys partner for interactive email

In the New Year, brands may find deeper engagement with consumers through email. Why? A new partnership between Microsoft and Responsys. The two are partnering for a new email option called Active Views, which gives the ability to click directly... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas archives May 13, 2010

Facebook serves most banner ads in Q1

Another month and another milestone for the social networking behemoth that is Facebook. comScore has just released data showing the website served up more banner ads than any other website on the Internet during the first quarter of 2010. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 10, 2010

Why marketing strategy should measure more than clicks

When it comes to the length of time consumers actually spend on-site, everyone knows the higher the rate the better it is for the brand or marketer. Likewise, most marketers believe the number of clicks an ad receives the more... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives February 02, 2010

Many HR professionals use Internet to pre-screen job applicants

Recruiters are increasingly turning to the Internet to pre-screen job applicants by using social media and networks to get a glimpse in to the background of a potential employee.... >>

BizReport | Research archives September 29, 2009

comScore: Googlers view 10 billion videos in August

When it comes to online video, it seems the consumer audience is insatiable. According to the latest metrics from comScore more than 160 million US consumers watched online video clips during the month of August, with Google sites (including YouTube)... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing August 24, 2009

ForeSee links customer satisfaction with search engine satisfaction

Everyone wants a happy customer but many customers leave websites unhappy for one reason or another. A new study from ForeSee Results links that unhappiness to search engines. According to the report brand loyalty can actually increase or decrease based... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing August 17, 2009

Google users are a loyal bunch

Data from comScore, released Friday, shows that Yahoo and Microsoft have a real battle on their hands if they are to pry Google users away from the brand.... >>

BizReport | Viral Marketing August 10, 2009

Bing, bing, bing goes the Internet buzz

Consider this. Reports say that approximately $100 million was spent by one ad agency promoting Microsoft's new search engine. However, the most talked about element of Bing's campaign is the Bing jingle contest that cost the princely sum of $500... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing July 17, 2009

Search: Bing continues to show growth

When it comes to search marketing, most marketers are used to hearing that giant Google is in the lead. Although the search engine still leads other engines by as much as a 35% share, the news this month is that... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing July 01, 2009

Catalyst: Googlers like Bing but won't remain loyal

When it comes to search, Google has long been the top dog. Enter Bing, the new search offering from Microsoft and buzz is that the engine is actually faring quite well against some stiff competition. However, is the launch buzz... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing June 10, 2009

comScore releases early data on Bing

At last, it seems there is serious competition in the search world, with comScore reporting Bing is off to a good start. But will the novelty wear off or is Bing here to stay?... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 25, 2009

Microsoft's Kumo offers semantic, ecommerce options

Microsoft's new search engine, Kumo, could be the search engine that changes how and when consumers search online. The search engine is still in the works, but according to several reports, the engine will offer a new focus on organic... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 16, 2009

SearchIgnite: Paid search volatile in Q1

Along with the rest of the economy, including the stock market, paid search continues to have it's ups and down. According to the latest SearchIgnite research Q1 2009 was a very volatile quarter, which stabilized a little in March.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing January 08, 2009

Microsoft, Verizon partner for mobile search

Verizon Wireless has struck a deal with Microsoft for mobile search; according to the deal Microsoft will be the default mobile search provider for Verizon phones. The deal will help Microsoft as they battle search giant Google for a bigger... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives December 02, 2008

Xbox could offer branded experience

In-game advertising could become a little bit sweeter for marketers. Microsoft Xbox's new platform would allow consumers to choose the brands in which their avatars dress. The new offering allows users to dress their game avatars in Nike, Puma or... >>

BizReport | Research archives November 06, 2008

Study uncovers Digital Divas

Women outnumber men on the Internet, so it's no surprise that more and more studies are being conducted into the behavior of women in the digital world. A recent study delved deep to discover a demographic that is gadget-heavy, tech-savvy... >>

BizReport | Internet August 26, 2008

Will IE8 disrupt online advertising?

A new version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is soon to be released, and some advertisers fear a new privacy feature has the potential to be an ad blocker. What does the new feature do, and might it affect Internet advertising?... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing June 13, 2008

Yahoo: Goodbye Microsoft, Hello Google

Yahoo has finally given Microsoft the heave-ho and before the phone had a chance to cool has entered into a partnership with arch rival Google. ... >>

BizReport | Internet May 05, 2008

Microsoft, Yahoo deal dead - what next?

The big news over the weekend was that Microsoft has pulled out of its offer to buy Yahoo. After months of wrangling and public negotiations Microsoft has finally determined not to raise their bid.... >>

BizReport | Internet April 10, 2008

Yahoo to test Google AdSense

Yahoo has frustrated Microsoft today by announcing a limited trial of Google’s AdSense for Search. Google ads will appear alongside Yahoo search results, albeit only for U.S. Internet users.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives February 29, 2008

Microsoft boosts ad targeting with YaData deal

Microsoft has agreed to acquire an Israeli behavioral targeting and customer segmentation technology firm to improve its online advertising platform.... >>

BizReport | Internet February 10, 2008

Yahoo tells Microsoft $44.6 billion not enough

Reports are circulating of a letter from Yahoo, to be made public on Monday, rejecting Microsoft’s buy-out bid of $31 a share. Why? It would appear they're hanging out for more money.... >>

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