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  • Cost Value
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Included Features

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PeopleFinders is one of the oldest background check companies online; it was founded in 1999 and offers public records search, and excellent customer service, but it is not a consumer reporting agency.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Easy to Navigate


  • No Social Media Features
  • Limited Search Report Data
  • No Annual Discount

In a safe and responsible manner, PeopleFinders conducts background checks including property records, phone lookups, court records, personnel and employment records, and other search reports for those with an account.

The business will review public records to help you find family members, can perform a reverse phone search, and offer search reports in just a few minutes.

peoplefinders review

PeopleFinders is a background check service with many 5 stars reviews available. It is an easy-to-use website that allows you to find out more about a person by entering some very basic information. The search engine will review that information and use it to search public records and public databases to create search reports. The information searched maybe property records, or reverse phone lookups. PeopleFinders subscription options include one-off report creation and ongoing monthly subscriptions. This type of service may help you learn more about neighbors, find lost family members, perform searches for employment or tenant screening, and find good contact information for people. However, the company is not part of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency so the information found cannot be used in any legal capacity. Still, searching for this information can give peace of mind.

PeopleFinders Advantages

There are several advantages to PeopleFinders premium membership with only basic information. They will create a single search report based on a name, phone number, or address, or you can create a more in-depth full report, including a background check, that includes things like criminal, court, and property records. The monthly subscription allows you to create unlimited records reports. 

Mobile Apps For IOS & Android

The company offers a robust mobile version that can be used across devices. The mobile site offers the same payment and subscription tiers as the desktop version. They search more than 43 billion public records and 6,000 databases.

Single Reports Available

The monthly subscription gives way to unlimited reporting features, however, you can purchase a single report. The basic single search is $9.95. 

3-Day Trial Period

PeopleFinders does have a limited trial period of three days; the cost for the trial is $0.95. You will have to pay with a credit card. 

Professional Customer Service Representative

PeopleFinders 5 stars reviews are positive, with the main drawback found in lower-star reviews being the lack of social media reporting. However,  both phone and email support are available between 7 am and 6 pm Pacific Time (Monday through Friday) and from 7 am to 3:30 pm Pacific Time (Saturday and Sunday). The site also offers a knowledge base to help answer questions if a live person is not immediately available. 

PeopleFinders Review: Key Features & Cost

PeopleFinders reviews say the customer service, comprehensive reports, and ease of use are the best things about this company. The company has many 4 and 5 stars reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB. 


Reports are available as only a single report or through a monthly subscription which gives unlimited access to reports. Once subscribed, you’ll have a month-to-month PeopleFinders payment. If you don’t need a lot of reports, the best PeopleFinders deals may be the single report feature which is available for under $10. 

3-Day Trial Period$0.95$3.95

People Search & Background Check

More 5 stars reviews say that the comprehensive nature of PeopleFinders offers a comprehensive background check that includes criminal and court records as well as property. The site uses standard SSL encryption to protect users’ accounts and to ensure that all searches are performed securely.

Reverse Address Lookup

Using Reverse address, PeopleFinders offers to find the name associated with it. 

Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup searches are one of the most-used searches. This allows you to find the identity of unknown callers. 

Criminal Records

Records for criminal and court activity are a separate fee from standard background or location-based searches. PeopleFinders conducts these searches to find any current or past criminal activity – such as parking tickets or even fraud or other criminal charges. 

More Add-Ons

For the basic fee, you’ll get simple data about a person or place, and can search either using the mobile app or desktop website. However, PeopleFinders does not include email addresses as part of the basic search, these are an add-on price, and they will not search social media for handles or any other information. 

PeopleFinders Quick Overview


4.6 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Easy to Navigate

PeopleFinders Customer Reviews

peoplefinders review

5 stars reviews are common with PeopleFinders, which also has an A+ rating with the BBB.

I use this for my b2b lead generation to ensure I get the right contact info. Compared to [other companies] PeopleFinders is only $30 a month. Just be sure to download the browser extension so it’s easy to search while working.


I’ve found a wealth of data on this site. Just read the product descriptions before you order – they have options to buy a single report for $1.95 or start a monthly membership and get the report for $0.95. It’s all clearly marked.


Service rep was very pleasant, professional and understanding of the situation.


PeopleFinders Service Review

Review of PeopleFinders

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Use
Included Features

PeopleFinders has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They allow simple searches like reverse phone lookup or search by name or more detailed reporting that will include records like criminal, property, or court. 

Is PeopleFinders Right For You?

 If you are on a budget, but still want a good report with excellent data, PeopleFinders is the right solution for you. 

Cost Value 

Pricing options include a single report or ongoing monthly subscriptions and require basic financial information. A basic, single report costs $0.95 with a trial monthly subscription, but more detailed reports can cost $9.95 or more. Their monthly premium membership costs $24.95 and offers unlimited reporting features. 

Customer Service

Many 5 stars reviewers rave about the great customer service offered by the entity; live chat, phone, and email hours use Pacific Time and begin at 7 am. Live customer service reps are available seven days per week, and the organization also offers an online knowledge base that can help with simple queries. 

Ease of Use

Both their website and mobile apps are easy to use. You simply input the name, phone number, or address that needs to be searched and let the system do its work. 

Included Features

Basic information is included in all people’s searches, whether done via desktop or cell phone. This includes a person’s name, current address, and phone number, but some more advanced information such as email address or social media handle is not available through this service. 


We give People Finder a 4.5 rating for ease of use with simple people searches, phone lookups or even assisted searches. They offer accessible desktop and mobile apps with simple search features and more advanced offerings. Information presented is in chronological order making them easy to understand, and the amount of information and other services offered make People Finders a good choice. 

2 Top PeopleFinders Alternatives

Price$27.78/month$0.95 (6-day Trial)
AwardMost AccurateLeast ExpensiveBest Navigation
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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Truthfinder has been in operation since 2015 and provides background report features such as address and phone, education and employment history, and social media networks. They have an A+ rating with the BBB, have a customer support team, and offer unlimited reports in the subscription period. For the best information, users must pay for TruthFinder reports; subscription fees range between $26 and $30 per month.


Intelius has been in operation since 2003, offering a variety of background checks. Users can do searches for information, however, reports are only available to paid-tier members. The Premier subscription includes unlimited searches for basic information. Pricing plans range from $0.95 (6-day trial period) to $24.86 (monthly fee). 


PeopleFinders has been in operation for more than 20 years and uses more than 45 billion public records to create background checks and other reports. They also have access to more than 6,000 databases which means the accuracy of their reports is above par. For basic search information, this is a good business with good customer service. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are background check companies?

These companies provide access to public information. They can check the identity of a person, any past involvement with the law, previous addresses, educational institutions, and employment, and can even help you find phone numbers for a family member or old friends. They may conduct a local or national search for identity verification. With monthly subscriptions, you have ongoing access to this type of information, but read the fine print to understand all terms of service and any additional fees.

What does PeopleFinders Membership achieve?

A membership with People Finders will give you access to unlimited reports which can be a big money saver. Their customer service representatives are available every day, so if you called today you could have an answer to your issue the same day. More reviews of the site are generally favorable with customer service getting the most five stars review, however, most say the ease of use and quality of information from PeopleFinders are two more great features.

Can I do just a single search?

Yes, you can conduct one search or multiple services because they have several different pricing options.

Why use this kind of service?

There are many reasons to conduct PeopleFinders searches. Some may want to look up other homeowners before choosing to buy a home in a new neighborhood, some companies conduct pre-employment screenings, and some will want to screen out sketchy people from the online date pool. Identity check services offer nationwide search results that are more in-depth than a simple Google search.

Can’t I use other search engines?

General search engines, like Google, Bing, or LinkedIn searches offer very limited information. This may include phone numbers and addresses, but only if you know the name of the person or entity being searched; for some results, you’ll also need a middle name. When a person doesn’t know even the entry-level search option, the search process is much more difficult. This makes an account with an entity like PeopleFinders a good option.

How do I pay for the account?

Payments for subscriptions are made monthly for those with subscription plans or on a per-report basis. You’ll use a credit card to pay the bill.



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