Top 7 Best Supply Chain Management (SCM) Softwares In 2024

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Oracle Netsuite


Best Overall

4.75 stars - votes

Magaya Supply Chain

Magaya Supply Chain

Best Freight Forwarding

4.6 stars - votes


Infor SCM

Best Inventory Management

4.5 stars - votes
Top 7 Best Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software

Supply Chain Management systems (SCM) automate the management of a wide variety of processes that are traditionally needed for the design, control, and execution of product flows in the manufacturing and production sector, thereby improving efficiency.  Many small, medium and large enterprises benefit from the optimization of these features.  SCMS procedures help in the acquisition of raw materials, production processes, and distribution of products to end customers, supply chain management consists of communication and collaboration between multiple parties based on the need or requirement for a material to manufacture. This includes trade partners, suppliers, and distributors. SCMS aims to coordinate product flow efficiently and affordably.  We have conducted an analysis of the field and present a review of our top 7 choices for the best SCM software

7 Best SCM Softwares 2024

What Are Supply Chain Management Softwares?

The Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) provides automation for the planning, control, and execution of product flows, traditionally in manufacturing and production industries. The SCMS process includes the purchase of raw materials, transportation management,  production, distribution, delivery to the end user, and supply chain analytics. Supply chain management involves communication and cooperation with many parties to acquire material to manufacture and produce including trade partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. SCMS helps to control shipments and product flows at a more cost effective rate.

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7 Best SCM Softwares In February 2024

Top 7 Best Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software


A comprehensive and powerful software package, Oracle Netsuite is a one stop shop for your enterprise.  This software does just about anything a company could need from end to end on the supply chain and all in all is the best of the supply chain management solutions.  We award NetSuite as Best Overall.

  • Comprehensive ERP solution
  • Sophisticated inventory management
  • Customizable
  • Learning curve

Powered by Oracle, Netsuite is a package of business services offered by this giant in the field of cloud engineering.  NetSuite is comprehensive and adaptable. Their business related services such as ERP, financials and accounting, CRM, and ecommerce analytics are a nice complement to their logistics functions.  NetSuite’s supply chain management integrates processes from suppliers to manufacturing to delivery.  We are particularly impressed with their Inventory management with sophisticated demand predictions.  Their warehouse and supply chain management software has the most features in the field and is customizable to over a dozen industries. This comprehensive software is not the easiest to learn and use, and it is more expensive than most competitors. So smaller businesses may find that other solutions meet their needs better.

Magaya Supply Chain

Magaya Supply Chain

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Focused on moving inventory from supplier through to courier delivery, Magaya is an excellent supply chain solution.  This service shines in creating a seamless and visible freight process, and thus is our choice for Best Freight Forwarder.

  • Designed with large freight in mind
  • Excellent warehouse management applications
  • Simplified dashboard
  • Not as good at the product level

Magaya is focused on the efficient and visible movement of freight and warehouse management.  On the early legs of the supply chain, Magaya offers excellent management of procurement, and customs documentation. At the warehouse, Magaya makes visible inventory with automated bookings, order pickup, receipts, and invoices all in one dashboard to make management streamlined.  If you want to accelerate the speed of your bulk freight, it is the top choice. Magaya is the top of the class for moving freight, but doesn’t appear to have quite the detailed analytics or full suite of accompanying services when compared to a few of the other competitors.

Infor SCM

Infor SCM

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With top level forecasting and effective logistics management, Infor SCM is a  full service solution that must be considered if you deal in ecommerce, have numerous SKUs, or integrate globally.  We award Infor SCM as the Best Inventory Management.

  • Accurate real time data
  • Effective predictive analytics
  • Adapts to demand spikes
  • Reports and paperwork tracking not user friendly

With fully comprehensive ERP, HR, and workforce management solutions, Infor SCM can handle almost any need of your enterprise.  But this wide array of services doesn’t take anything away from their supply chain logistic solutions. The highlight of their SCM is the way they leverage real time data and analytics to forecast demand, adapting to spikes better than any of the competitors.  Be aware that some users find the invoice and PO tracking tools and the reports to be hard to find or read.



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Including solutions for design, manufacturing processes, to warehouse, to transportation – SAP SCM is efficient, current, and has the Best Customer Centric-Process.

  • Focus on end user
  • Supports sustainable practices
  • Powerful AI
  • Set up and use can be complex

Excellent AI and machine learning is at the heart of the streamlined procurement and supply planning features and inventory management provided by SAP SCM.  Businesses can use data from customer experiences to funnel ideas back into the supply chain design. The designers have sustainable business processes in mind when creating the software.  They tout ethical and strategic sourcing, waste reduction, and lower emissions. A noticeable amount of users find the software complex and it is not necessarily a good match for smaller businesses.



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With industry best demand sensing along with other comprehensive features, Logility is a strong option for many businesses.  We awarded them the top prize for Best Demand Forecasting.  Logility lands in a medium sized niche – smaller businesses may find set up and launch too slow while large enterprises will want more features and customization.

  • Uses realtime consumer data
  • Dynamic forecasting
  • Industry specific solutions
  • Beginners struggle with setup
  • Limited customization

Logility’s highlight is its outstanding demand forecasting.  They use multiple sources of real-time consumer data and powerful demand sensing to optimize the production and warehousing of products. The software optimized raw materials acquisition, finished good production, warehousing, and procurement.  They do all this with a mind for ethical sourcing – building social and environmental ethics into your business model. Logility gives businesses the option of industry specific solutions in food beverage, packaged goods, manufactured goods, and durable goods – though larger enterprises may want even more customization.  On the downside, users sometimes find setting up and learning the platform to be slow and a little confusing, so understand that it may not be a seamless transition.

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder

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We appreciate Blue Yonder’s backward design processes where the needs of the end consumer are the lens for operations. We give them the nod as our Consumer Product Expert.

  • Comprehensive forecasting tools
  • Omni channel commerce integration
  • Optimized inventory
  • Complicated UX
  • Slow customer support

Blue Yonder’s AI uses data from market reports, news, social media, and IOT to forecast and adapt. The software excels in demand planning and inventory optimization. They also provide good transportation, warehouse, and robotics features. This software is excellent for complex omni channel commerce.  Be aware that some users find starting up with Blue Yonder to be somewhat expensive with a steep learning curve.



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With a focus on container ships, Shippabo fills a particular niche in this market.  We give them the nod as Best for Container Ships.  If your medium sized business deals with international shipping of products across oceans, this may be the best solution for you.

  • Full and partial container solutions
  • Network of shipping providers
  • Understanding of customs and regulations
  • Doesn’t connect to end user

Look no further to expertly move products across the seas. With both full container loads and less than container services, Shippabo gets your freight from start to finish.  One highlight, you will find top level understanding of global customs and duty regulations.  They also leverage shipping truck partnerships in order to get the products out of port to your warehouse.  Shippabo also offers full supply chain management services with visibility and simplicity – especially order management.  This is great for a medium-sized business who needs to optimize shipping.

Benefits of SCM Softwares

What can SCM software do for you? These services can reduce the risk and cost of the business supply chain process. SCM helps organizations plan ahead and recover in times of disruption. SCM maintains a strong business model by investing continuously in supply chain visibility, scalability, and flexibility.

How Much Does Supply Chain Software Cost?

Software for supply chain operations ranges from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per month. The pricing is dependent on the scale of your operation.  Supply management software offers a powerful ROI for medium and large enterprises who handle lots of products.

Final Thoughts

The supply chain is a complicated part of most businesses that sell products. Each of our evaluated software solutions offers analytics and management along the entire supply chain from sourcing materials to manufacturing, shipping, and warehousing, to inventory management.  By automating and optimizing the supply chain processes, businesses can maximize profits through the elimination of waste.  We found that Oracle’s NetSuite offers the most comprehensive service offered.  But our other competitors each feature specific value propositions that can be great matches for some businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SCM?

SCM stands for Supply Chain Management.  This aspect of logistics aims to optimize the supply chain through demand forecasting, manufacturing schedules, warehouse procedures, and shipping optimization.

Are online SCM companies legit?

There are many cloud based applications for supply chain management.  These are used by many leading companies as well as smaller entrepreneurial enterprises.  Use professional reviews and customer ratings to evaluate any solution.



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