Best LLC Formation Services In Maine (ME) 2023: Reviewed & Ranked

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Northwest Registered Agent

Best Overall

4.8 stars - votes



Most Affordable

4.7 stars - votes

Tailor Brands Review

Tailor Brands

Best Design Features

4.5 stars - votes
Best LLC Services In Maine (1)

When starting a small business in Maine, owners often need help with business filings and registration.  There are a number of online platforms where entrepreneurs find reasonably priced and effective business formation services.  These platforms offer LLC formation services, registered agent services, and annual compliance paperwork checks.  Each of the companies offers somewhat different areas of strength, so we have completed a detailed review of their service and value. Let’s find out what company is the Best Maine LLC service.

What Is an LLC Business Formation Service?

Business owners can form a limited liability company or LLC.  This business entity separates the personal finances of the business owner from the company and eliminates most personal liability.  LLC service helps business owners take care of formation service. Online LLC services help owners file business documents, perform registered agent service, and help with annual compliance.

What Is an LLC Service in Maine?

LLCs are business entities that protect business owners’ personal assets from liability. You can use a third-party service for your Maine LLC.  LLC service providers create and file business documents, provide registered agent service, and ensure your annual compliance for your LLC in Maine.

What is a Registered Agent Service in Maine?

Your Maine LLC needs to receive official government correspondence. A registered agent acts as your agent to receive government mail and organize the paperwork. Some providers offer free registered agent service with the purchase of a business package. 

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Top 5 Best LLC Services in Maine 2023


Northwest Registered Agent

  • Superior registered agent services
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Long track record


  • Fast LLC formation service
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Affordable packages
Tailor Brands Review
  • Everything for your Maine LLC on one portal
  • Graphic design service
  • Builds a brand
Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer

  • Impressive library of documents
  • Ongoing service
  • Graphic design service


  • Solid LLC formation services
  • Classic and simple web experience
  • Reasonable fees

Top 5 Maine LLC Formation Services January 2023

Best LLC Services In Maine (2)

Northwest Registered Agent

Our Editor’s Choice for the best overall LLC service is Northwest Registered Agent.  Northwest provides business formation documents, superior registered agent service, and a uniquely personal commitment to customer service.  It is our top pick for a Maine LLC

  • Good LLC services
  • Data security
  • Personal customer service
  • Can be slow

As a mid-size company, Northwest successfully combines the resources of a large company with the warm personal feel of a small business for its LLC formation service.  You will never talk to a chatbot or punch numbers on an automated system here.  Instead, agents called “Corporate Guides” answer the phone and help you through all the steps of LLC formation.  Additionally, Northwest specializes in registered agent service, performed securely by their own employees and confidential curriers.  Total fees may end up a little on the higher end, but is a great value when the detail of overall LLC services is considered.


Customers love the easy-to-use interface and low-cost packages offered by ZenBusiness.  The modern and intuitive web portal is the smoothest in the field.  Customers also appreciate the low-cost transparent pricing.  Zenbusiness is the winner for ease of use and the most affordable for your Maine LLC.

  • Easy to start a Maine LLC
  • Intuitive interface
  • Transparent pricing packages
  • Shorter track record compared to Northwest

There is no doubt that Zenbusiness must be considered one of the best services for a Maine LLC.  Over 10,000 recent reviews provide high scores for their Maine LLC service.  Customers appreciate their three tiers of affordable packages for LLC services.  Additionally, the user interface is fast and intuitive, with business formation completed in as little as 10 minutes.

Tailor Brands

When launching a business from scratch, you can find just about anything your need with Tailor Brands.  Standouts are their branding and graphic design services.  Though the focus on branding sometimes causes their Maine LLC services to feel like a secondary aspect.  There is no doubt, this is the best branding service in the field.

  • Can help you brand your company
  • Graphic design Lots of features
  • Lacks focus on business documents

When launching a business from scratch, you can find just about anything your need with TailorBrands.  Standouts are their branding and graphic design services.  Though the focus on branding sometimes causes the business formation service to feel like a secondary aspect.  There is no doubt, this is the best branding service in the field.

Rocket Lawyer

With a massive library of business documents, Rocket Lawyer has an impressive array of services.  They rely on a supportive business model, using a subscription service to encourage ongoing collaboration with the customer.  With so many documents and services, Rocket Lawyer is selected as our Most features award.

  • Large document selection
  • Easy to use
  • Ongoing support
  • Subscription services can become expensive

Rocket Lawyer provides not only business documents for LLC filings but so much more.   You will find additional features such as nondisclosure agreements, real estate documents, wills, and documents to manage your business bank account.  Their business model is a subscription service, attempting to keep an ongoing relationship as businesses grow and need legal assistance.  This can be helpful for many mid-sized LLCs with many filing needs.  Some customers find the subscription fees can become high if you do not really need all the ongoing services.


IncFile has a great record of accomplishment in providing trusted LLC services.  Everything they offer is solid and well done and priced competitively.  Though they may not have one aspect as a particular standout, they are one of the best values in LLC service.  You can’t go wrong here.

  • Solid Maine LLC formation service
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • No one stand-out feature

Customers have left strong reviews over time for all of IncFile’s services.  They provide excellent LLC formation and registered agent service.  Users find the online process easy with IncFile’s classic and clear portal.  Some businesses can be formed in just 10 minutes.  IncFile offers low-priced bundles of service along with a la carte selections – all of which offer tremendous value.

How Much Does Maine LLC Formation Service Cost?

To form an LLC in Maine, costs start at $0 plus state fees with the most basic online providers. Reasonably priced upgrades are also available for Maine LLC formation services.

How To Start An LLC In Maine?

Business owners in Maine can start an LLC with just a few easy steps.  Choose an online provider for LLC formation service.  Then enter some information about your business.  The service will create your operating agreement and other official documents and file them for you.

Final Thoughts

Business owners find many options for Maine LLC services.  Here we have reviewed our top 5 picks. They all offer excellent services, but we find that Northwest Registered Agent takes the prize as the best overall Maine LLC service.   Their registered agent services and personal customer service stand out from the crowd.  But there are excellent features found in all our selections.  So utilize our review to analyze which service matches your exact business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are online business formation services legit?

There are many online LLC formation services that provide trustworthy service.  Look for companies with good expert reviews, a long track record, and positive customer reviews.



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