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($39+ State Fees)

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About ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a subscription-based online business formation service. It helps small business owners start an LLC while providing some additional services to support their business. You can create a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation with ZenBusiness.

This business incorporation service offers a simple way to start a new corporation. They provide quick and accurate formation processes while providing support and valuable resources. ZenBusiness also offers registered agent services and marketing tools, among other resources, in its complete package.

A unique aspect of the business is its subscription service. Each of their plans is an ongoing annual service that provides value for your company for several years. The basic plan to form an LLC with the business starts at $49 plus state fees.

About BizFilings 

BizFillings is a large-scale business formation company that has been in operation since 1996. The company has served hundreds of thousands of small business owners. It helps in forming a Limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or partnership. The core function of BizFilings is to help form an LLC by offering a wide range of ongoing services. 

Compared to ZenBusinerss, BizFillings has a more robust ongoing compliance support and guides the proper business entity. It adds partnership and nonprofit corporation support to its packages. The company offers state filing each year.

BizFilings offers registered agent services and an array of ongoing business Services. For example, they send scheduled alerts whenever a state filing or compliance requirement comes up. These are lots that help your business entity in good standing. Other additional services include annual reports amendments and certificates

Basic Formation$138$39
Registered Agent$199$149
Full Formation$237*$249
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ZenBusiness vs BizFilings – Brand comparison details

Best Overall Pricing and Value: ZenBusiness

The prices of ZenBusiness are more affordable than BizFilings or LegalZoom. The comparison is not even close to LegalZoom despite the high rates in the industry. 


Zenbusines Is one of the cheapest service providers in the business formation industry. You can get your online incorporation services for as low as $39 plus the state fee. This price includes corporate by-laws template, registered agent service, and a no-risk accounting assessment. You can get more advanced features with their $149 plan, which is still a solid bargain compared to BizFilings or LegalZoom. In this plan, you’ll get additional services such as a banking resolution template, annual report service a federal tax ID number (EIN), and Compliance monitoring.


The standard package from BizFilings starts at $99 which is significantly higher than that of ZenBbusiness and LegalZoom. However, this price is considered reasonable when considering the services offered. With the basic plan, you get six months of registered agent service. BizFilings have standard and complete plans with variable pricing models. These unique plans make it difficult to analyze their value. Compared to LegalZoom, the price of BizFlings is competitive but not the best deal.

Best Track Record & Experience: [ZenBusiness]

ZenBusiness has more positive reviews despite having less experience in the industry. While BizFilings has more experience, the online customer reviews are not impressive. 


ZenBusiness is still a kid in the industry, having been established in 2015. Therefore, they don’t have many years of experience. Still, the service provider has thousands of reviews online, all of which are incredibly positive. Customer feedback for ZenBusiness is higher than BizFilings and LegalZoom.The company is striving to form one million business entities in the next five years. So far, they have found thousands of corporations and LLCs


Bizfilings has been around for some time with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Hence, they have served an impressive volume of customers and formed over 500,000 businesses. In terms of track record and expertise, BizFilings beats ZenBusiness. However, customer reviews for Bizfilings are not as impressive, with only a few positive reviews.

Best Common Features: BizFilings


ZenBusiness offers a plethora of features to help you set up a limited liability company. Some features include opening a business bank account, CPA assessment, tax preparation, state filing, domain name, and New York publication certificate. You can also get an employer ID number through Zenbusiness as they will file the paperwork and acquire your state EIN at a fee. 


BizFilings provides access to several features. The standard features include annual reports, certificates of good standing, EIN acquisition, and registered agent service. They have an online compliance monitoring tool and franchise tax filing alerts. It also works fast as you can get your formation processed within the state in a matter of weeks. 

Best Customer Support: ZenBusiness

When it comes to customer support, ZenBusiness and BizFilings have an equal score. They both offer practical help with friendly representatives.


ZenBusiness offers quality customer service, as shown with positive customer feedback reviews. Whether you decide to use phone, email, or webchat, the company provides consistently high-quality support. Customers enjoy accurate information via phone with fast response times. 


BizFilings has exceptional customer support too. Their representatives are well-informed and courteous, providing customer service via phone, email, and live chat. They are also readily available when you contact them.

Best Ease of Use: ZenBusiness

When comparing BizFilings vs ZenBusiness’ ease of use, they are similar. The online platforms are intuitive and straightforward enough for most people to navigate on their own. The turnaround times are also identical for both incorporation services. 


ZenBusiness is popular when forming a new business due to its ease of use. They streamline the formation process to help with all relevant information You only need to choose a package and provide the relevant business information.


Like ZenBusiness, BizFilings has a helpful incorporation wizard tool that helps clients decide the proper business structure for their companies. When you fill out their order form, they assign an order number to help you discuss with customer support. They also have a list of upsells and third-party offers to work through.

Best LLC Formation Package: ZenBusiness


The LLC formation service starts at $39 plus the state filing fees. Under this package, you get several features such as registered agent service, sample operating agreement, and business name availability. You also enjoy the preparation and filing of your articles of organization. It is the best pick for LLC services due to the low price.


LLC formation packages for BizFilings start at $99 for the basic package. It includes a business name availability check, six months of registered agent service, operating agreement, and the filing of your articles of organization. Their LLC formation service provides everything you need to get your company running. 

Best Registered Agent Services: BizFilings

You must designate a registered agent to receive your essential document deliveries from the state. The registered agent informs you of the receipt and forwards the documents.


Their registered agent is by far the most affordable compared to other firms such as LegalZoom. You get your first year for free if you purchase LLC formation services. It includes a full year of registered agent service with all the LLC formation packages. The service costs $99 per year if ordered separately. 


BizFilings provide six months of free registered agent services with every formation package. After that, they charge $164 per year, which is higher than ZenBusiness and LegalZoom. However, their rate is roughly average for other services. Their registered agent is a bit frustrating because of the high price.

Best Speed of Formation: ZenBusiness

BizFilings vs LegalZoom has different formation speeds. If you want a company that bases its formation speed on each state’s ability to process business formations, then ZenBusiness is the right choice.


Most companies such as LegalZoom base the turnaround times on the actual processing speeds. ZenBusiness structures your formation speed based on the package and rush filing. They also use your state’s ability to process business formations to determine the rates. When compared to BizFilings, these are faster formation services. 


Contrary to ZenBusiness, BizFilings has a turnaround time based on how much money you spend on their services. They don’t base it on state processing times. For example, the affordable packages will take up to six weeks, while their most expensive package takes ten business days. Hence, you must pay their in-house upcharge of $60 and state expediting fee to get quick services.

Which Should You Choose?

When considering ZenBusiness vs BizFlings for your LLC service, consider the specific needs of your company. This is because both can efficiently and effectively register an LLC. Despite ZenBusiness being a popular online LLC incorporation service, it might not be ideal for everyone. If you can’t access ZenBusiness because of location or lack of some features, You can consider working with BizFilings. 

Most people pick their business at the best LLC service overall. However, some companies can find BizFiling a much better choice. Look at the pros and cons of each company to get a clear picture.

Choose ZenBusiness if:

Choose ZenBusiness if you desire the lowest price points for LLC formation in the industry. The company is cheaper than LegalZoom while offering high-quality services Monday through Friday. Positive customer reviews online show the quality of the services. For example, ZenBusiness has an excellent reputation among customers and industry specialists. The quality of their customer support is second to none. ZenBusiness has a much better overall company value and customer experience.

Choose BizFilings if:

Choose BizFilings if you want a free registered agent service. BizFilings provides its clients’ free registered agent service compared to other formational companies like LegalZoom in this price category. The company appeals to entrepreneurs who require robust ongoing business compliance support. BizFilings has an abundance of industrial experience in this area. You can tailor their LLC services to suit your company’s requirements. The pricing and features of Bizfilings are acceptable but not overly impressive.

Final thought

Both BizFillings and ZenBusiness are highly popular and trustworthy business formation services with their advantages and disadvantages. We’ve provided all the relevant information about the two companies to help determine which one is the better option. In this discussion on BizFillings vs ZenBusiness, we consider ZenBusiness as the best LLC service formations or incorporations.

It’s important to know that not all LLC formation services are one-size-fits-all. You must find a reputable service provider that works well with your company. This ZenBusiness vs BizFilings comparison takes a step-by-step approach to give you clarity and find a better fit for your LLC kit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do ZenBusiness and BizFillings have a refund policy?

If you contact the company before submitting your LLC formation documents for filing with the state, ZenBusiness and BizFilings have a refund policy where they refund the charge. 

Can you cancel your EIN?

Formation companies allow an option to cancel your EIN if you no longer need your federal Tax ID number. You send a letter to the IRS asking them to close your business account.

How much does a registered agent cost?

Both Zenbusiness and BizFilings offer free year’s legal services when registering for the first time. You need to provide your business address for registration, then pay $119 per year to access the services.

What is the registered agent service for an LLC

The registered agent is an individual authorized to receive legal documents and communication from the state. Their primary role is to act as delegated authority between a business and the state.

Should you use a formation service?

If you own a business,  it’s better to use a business formation service to help you. These service providers can help make the formation process much easier and more accurate since they worked directly with state agencies.

What are state fees?

This is the fee charged by a state when filing your LLC or articles of incorporation. Each state fee is different, as they charge based on whether you are filing an LLC, S Corp, or C Corp.



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