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Zen Business

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5.0 Stars

American Express Simplycash Plus

Northwest Registered Agent

Best industry experience

5.0 Stars



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Small, entrepreneurial companies have been at the centre of economic growth and innovation in the United States[1]. Virginia is one of the few states that have embarked on a mission to encourage entrepreneurs to invent, innovate, launch their startups through different policy initiatives. The state authorities understand that most small business owners need support and an environment where they can start and own their businesses hassle-free.

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When starting a business in Virginia, choosing a dependable registered agent service is one of the key requirements for all entrepreneurs. A good registered agent allows business owners to focus on growing the company rather than being embroiled in endless processes. The best-registered agent guarantees a fast, reliable, and cost-effective business formation process.

Top 10 Virginia Registered Agent Services Reviews 2022

Features Of The Best Virginia Registered Agent Reviews

There are various reasons to hire a registered agent for your business. A few features you need to look at before arriving at the hiring decision include:

  •  Professional service
  •  Level of Convenience
  • Their value to your business
  • Privacy
  • Nationwide appeal


  • Excellent pricing
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Great customer support

Northwest Registered Agent

  • Fast LLC formation services
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free online account option


  • Efficient handling of business documents
  • Intuitive online dashboard
  • Excellent customer service
  • Access to legal services
  • Well established brand
  • Money back guarantee

Harbor Compliance

  • One-year registered agent service
  • Quality customer support
  • Comprehensive LLC formation services

MyCompanyWorks, Inc.

  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Proven track record
  • Great customer support

Inc Authority

  • Positive customer reviews
  • One year free registered agent services
  • Business tax consultation services

  • Industry experience
  • Provides learning resources
  • Coorporate complaince guarantee
Better Legal

Better Legal

  • Affordable registered agent services 
  • Great turnaround time
  • Solid  customer reviews
Rocket Lawyer-1

Rocket Lawyer

  • Additional attorney support
  • Free incorporation service for new subscribers
  • Custom documents and contracts

Top 10 Best Virginia Registered Agent Services Reviews 2022


ZenBusiness is the best registered agent service in Virginia due to the company’s long-standing reliability, great customer support, and the excellent value it provides to small business entity owners.

  • Excellent package pricing
  • Cheapest registered agent service at $99 annually
  • Great customer feedback online
  • Provides excellent value, and highly dependable
  • Costly add-on services

If you’re looking to incorporate your small business in Virginia, you may have discovered that online legal services, like ZenBusiness, make the whole process a bit easier. The company was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs who experienced the barriers to business formations most small business owners face today[2].

The company offers three different subscription levels. You can opt for the $39 annual low-cost starter plan, offering basic LLC filing, operating agreement template, online document access and the 100% accuracy guarantee.

Zen Business pro package starts at $149 plus the relevant Virginia state filing fee. This includes services like employer Identification Number (EIN), which costs $70 extra if purchased separately. Others include;

  • Worry Free Compliance Guarantee that Includes filing an annual report and insurance on document filings to maintain good standing if formation documents are submitted late.
  • Banking Resolution template
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Expedited Filing Speed

The $299-per-year Premium plan offers other services like a business domain name and a website. ZenBusiness will also serve as a registered agent for your Virginia LLC if you pay an annual registration fee of $99.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered agent’s biggest selling point its free account offer to help LLC owners familiarise with LLC formations. It’s also the only service provider that locally scans your legal mail and other legal documents they receive, unlike any resident agent service in Virginia.

  • Full year of registered agent services
  • Fast LLC formations
  • Unlimited cloud storage for personal data
  • Thorough customer support team

Northwest registered company primarily specialises in quick and straightforward online business formation services. The company assigns a dedicated account representative to each client to expedite formation.

Northwest registered agent paid services begin at $225 upfront payment plus state filing fee. This includes monthly financing and a year of registered agent services. The company also provides a physical street address in the state of Virginia, assist in filing your Articles of Organization, accept mail, service of process, and legal documents on behalf of your limited liability company during normal business hours.

Northwest registered agent services also provide you compliance calendar to remind you when to file annual reports. These reports are critical in helping your LLC remain in good standing with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. 


Incfile is known for its lowest LLC formation package that starts at $0 plus state fees. This makes it arguably the cheapest registered agent in Virginia.

  • One-year free registered agent service for all packages
  • Easy to use platform
  • Variety of additional features
  • Automatic forwarding
  • Many upsells

Even with its minimal services, IncFile is still one of the best registered agent services in Virginia. The company will provide basic LLC formation services, accept mail and receive service of process on behalf of your business. They also provide your LLC with a business address in the state of Virginia.

IncFile will provide you with a year of free registered agent service and charge you $119 per year in subsequent years.  This registered agent service can also serve any other business incorporated in any state in the U.S.

In simple terms, IncFile is authorized to conduct business in every state they have a registered office. 


LegalZoom is one of the best Virginia registered agents with premium services. They take pride in being the only commercial registered agent that provides full-service registered agent services that any Virginia business could benefit from

  • Access to legal forms
  • No legal services subscription
  • Highly reputable 
  • Business data protection
  • Expensive

LegalZoom enjoys high client volumes due to their brand power. The company primarily serves as your business entity’s point of contact throughout the LLC formation process. They provide a physical address, receive mail, accept legal documents and service of process during regular business hours.

They also scan your documents for easy online access and provide compliance notifications to let you know when you need to file your business annual reports. Legal Zoom only charges $79 for their cheapest formation package. However, you’ll pay a whopping $299 per year for their commercial registered agent services.

The company will also provide your business in Virginia with up to $1 million in identity theft protection. They also cover all the state fees incurred during registered agent changes only if you switch to their registered agents.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor compliance is a good choice for your Virginia registered agent service. The company has well-versed filing specialists who will place your business applications for fast approvals. Their efficient tracking keeps the application process in check to ensure your business formation goes through as anticipated.

  • Better compliance standard
  • Single-day onboarding process
  • Excellent tracking tool
  • Low annual fee
  • No premium services

Like other Virginia registered agents, Harbor Compliance acts as your business point of contact by accepting mail and service of process on behalf of your LLC during regular business hours. The company also provides a physical office address in Virginia Beach to serve as your business’s registered agent.

Harbor compliance ensures your business is compliant with the Virginia State Corporation Commission by providing compliance alerts to remind you about filing annual reports. They provide fair pricing compared to other companies by charging $99 per year for their full-service offerings. This makes them the cheapest Virginia registered agent service.

MyCompanyWorks, Inc.

MyCompanyWorks is a mid-sized LLC that suits Virginia business owners who want to own multiple business entities. The company’s quick turnaround time ensures you don’t take too long to complete your online incorporation service.

  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Proven track record
  • Ongoing support
  • Same day filling services
  • No registered agent in lower packages

MyCompanyWorks is among the best registered agent service providers with a proven track record of quick turnaround time. The company has a setup wizard in an online dashboard that guides you through their LLC services online and the steps in the LLC formation process.

With MyCompanyWorks, you have three options of LLC formation packages, including the Basic, Entrepreneur, and Complete packages. The basic and Entrepreneur packages start at $79 and $199 per year plus the state fees. These two packages don’t offer registered agent services.

The complete package costs $279 plus state fees and provides one year of registered agent services on top of the services you’ll get from the two lower packages.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority is regarded as one of Virginia’s best registered agent services for any business owner operating on a tight budget. The LLC provides a free LLC filing package for all new members.

  • Free business tax consultation services on its paid plans
  • Positive customer reviews
  • One-year free registered agent services
  • Pricey add-ons

IncAuthority is known for its affordability and low-cost business formation services. The registered agent’s %0 fees on the initial LLC filing service means you can access all the basic filing services like your own registered agent service (free for one year and later pay $99 annual registration fees), name search, and filing for articles of organization without paying a dime.

The company’s premium packages range from $399 to $799 for an online business formation service. However, it only makes sense to consider these packages if you want to enjoy premium services like operating agreement drafting, EIN, next business day filing, and business license search.


Incorporate is a registered agent in Virginia, providing all the services that any registered agent service must. This includes providing your Virginia business with a business address and accepting mail and service of process for your company.

  • Available learning resources
  • Corporate compliance guarantee
  • Long standing industry experience
  • Limited reviews

As one of Virginia’s top registered agent services, InCorporate has you covered on all grounds. They provide a wide range of services related to business formations and compliance like;

  • Registered Agent Services
  • Operating Agreement and Bylaws Drafting
  • EIN Filing
  • Annual Reports filing
  • Business Licenses and Permits Research
  • Certificate of Good Standing Filing

Their package pricing ranges from $99 to $349 per year, depending on the formation services you need for your new business entity.

Better Legal

Better Legal

10% Off

All Service

Visit Website

Better Legal is the best registered agent in Virginia, offering fast turnaround times, upfront pricing, and an easy and intuitive user experience on its website. Its easy-to-use online filing system takes approximately ten minutes to process documents and complete the entire application process.

  • Solid customer reviews
  • Affordable registered agent services
  • Great turnaround time
  • Limited customer support

The ease of the business formation process is among the key factors that motivate and challenge entrepreneurs when starting up their small businesses[3]. This is a common challenge, whether starting a business in Virginia or other states.

Better Legal distinguishes itself as one of the go-to registered agents if you wish to start a small business venture in Virginia. Besides providing a single LLC formation and incorporation service package, the company features an information center with multiple articles about business formations on its website.

You’ll undoubtedly find useful information on navigating the LLC formation processes. The company also has a flat-rate fee on all state filing and LLC formation services.

Rocket Lawyer

You’re bound to make legal mistakes when starting a business[4] if you lack the right partner to cater to your legal needs. Rocket Lawyer is your ideal registered agent in Virginia if you want to minimize any of these mistakes and stay ahead of the game.

  • Attorney support
  • Seven-day free trail
  • Custom documents and contracts
  • Expensive

The company prides itself as one of the few registered agent services offering a subscription-based model for ongoing legal support. Their registered agent online service will accept service of process and all legal correspondence on behalf of your business.

Rocket Lawyer’s licensed attorneys are also ready to offer legal advice and resolve your legal needs. The premium subscription fee costs $39 per month with services like attorney consultations, access to legal documents, and more.

They also provide a new business bundle to new customers with included services like a free Incorporation Service and one-year Registered Agent Service. Rocket Lawyer is a perfect registered agent service to establish a real estate business in Virginia if you want to navigate through difficult applications.

What Is A Virginia Registered Agent?

The role of entrepreneurship in the US job market[5] has never been more important than today. Many states, including Virginia, are currently creating conducive environments where local and foreign entrepreneurs do business with little to no hurdles. The state also requires all entrepreneurs to provide a registered agent’s name before forming their LLCs. This also applies to those wishing to start a registered limited liability partnership.

A registered agent is a person who acts as the business’s main point of contact with the state by accepting and sending legal formation documents. While you can serve as your own registered agent, there are several benefits of hiring a registered agent service:

A registered agent in Virginia will ensure that your business assets are protected and that your personal information, including personal addresses, is off the public record. The agents also  ensure that your company meets all of its legal obligations.

Benefits of Using A Virginia Registered Agent Service


A Virginia registered agent ensures your business remains compliant by meeting all your company’s legal obligations. They receive legal documentation and remind you to file annual compliance reports.


Whether a commercial or statutory agent, a Virginia registered agent service will transact business on your behalf to keep personal details private. They ensure your details don’t end up at the Virginia secretary of state website for scammers to see.


A registered agent will receive sensitive information like service of process for lawsuits and keep them away from other employees. The agents will keep all this information in their office and discreetly deliver them to you online.


A registered agent will handle all important matters and leave you to focus your time, energy, and attention on growing your business.

Online Storage

A registered agent service will scan all the received business documents and store all the digital copies on a convenient dashboard.

National Coverage

A Virginia registered agent offers national coverage if you plan to expand your business into other states or hire an out-of-state employee.

How Much Does A Registered Agent Cost?

The cost of hiring a registered agent service in Virginia varies between $50 to $300 per year, depending on your formation service of choice. This is pretty affordable, considering the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change a registered agent?

Yes. Submit an online requests form for a statement of change of a registered agent to the Virginia state corporation commission.

What’s better between hiring a registered agent and serving as own registered agent?

Hiring a registered agent is better, considering it allows you peace of mind, efficient time management and privacy.

Can I operate without a registered agent for a while?

No. The authorities require all business owners to have a registered agent.

Can anyone serve as a registered agent in Virginia?

Anyone is eligible as long as they are 18 years and above and have a street address in Virginia.



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