Northwest Registered Agent VS. Rocket Lawyer 2023: Which is Right for You?

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About Northwest Registered Agent

The Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best companies in the LLC formation business. It is also among the most trusted too. The company has managed to build a strong reputation online, thanks to its efficiency and customer support. So, you would opt for it expecting all the help you need to form an LLC among other business services you may need. 

Some of the features a person would experience include the following;

  • LLC formation and subsequent maintenance 
  • Getting a full year of registered agent service
  • Business address 
  • Drafting and writing an Operating Agreement 
  • Corporate Guides service etc. 

Visiting the official website of the company will help you see all the services the company provides and how well it would serve you. 

About Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is also known for being impressive in terms of helping you form LLCs and handle other important business services. Other than forming an LLC, the company is known widely for connecting the clients to the right lawyers to get the best legal aid. It is why it has legal services available as a monthly subscription. 

Since the company has served over 20 million clients already, you are sure that it has the experience and expertise you need. Here are the services you get with the company;

  • LLC formation package
  • Preparing and filing of Articles of Organization
  • Business name search
  • Online document storage
  • Legal services
  • Phone and email support etc. 

Each of the companies mentioned above both have its strong points. What you need is a proper comparison between the two to see which one would be ideal. That is what we do in this guide. Continue reading to understand more about the two. 

Northwest Registered AgentRocket Lawyer
ProsMany positive customer reviews
It has a user-friendly website
There are no hidden charges or forceful upsells
It has a professional customer support
It has a long-standing positive history
It has multiple services businesses need
The legal advice you get is highly rated
It has helped millions despite its age
Impressive customer support
ConsIts services are expensive compared to some other brands in the marketThe refund policy is quite unclear
DetailRead Review Read Review

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Northwest Registered Agent vs Rocket Lawyer – Brand Comparison Details

Best Overall Pricing and Value: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

The Northwest registered agent service will cost more for LLC formation. Even though the company will cost you more for the whole process, you should find that its services are worth the extra cost. For its price point for business formation, you end up with a full year of having a registered agent service with the company. 

After the first year, the renewal of the registered agent service is cheaper. So, using its services gets cheaper as you continue using the company over the years. 

Rocket Lawyer

Whenever you need a business formation service, Rocket Lawyer can do it for you at a price. The most basic package would not have much to offer despite being quite expensive too. So, if you need more then consider adding more services to the LLC formation package. 

There will be the opinion of subscribing to a monthly fee too. When you do this, you get to enjoy several free services. Such can include free formation service. This subscription would also help you access the legal services for your business. So, look at what are the services you need from Rocket Lawyer and have them as addons. 

Best Track Record & Experience: Rocket Lawyer

Northwest Registered Agent

Ever since its formation in 1998, Northwest registered agent service has helped over two million customers with the LLC formation process. It also points out on the website that it serves over 200 new LLCs each day. That is quite an impressive number. 

Even though the company receives many clients, there are not just many customer reviews online. Low customer feedback sometimes can make someone uncomfortable. However, whichever customer feedback you get online is mostly 100% positive. As such, this can also win you over if you want different types of business services from the company. 

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is not as old as Northwest, but it has quite some good customer reviews that help you see just how good it is. The company was founded in 2008 and so far it has served over 20 million customers. So, it just shows how good it is at its job plus its several formation packages. 

The track record is still the best when you look at the customer feedback from various sources. Even if there might be some mixed reviews here and there, most of them are largely positive. So, it means the company listens to its clients and improves its services to maintain a positive track record. 

Best Common Features: It is a Tie

Northwest Registered Agent

The Northwest Registered Agent service is among the affordable options in the market. The company is here to save you more money rather than having to hire a lawyer to do similar work for you. Since the LLC business structure is not complicated, you will not need too much involvement from a lawyer. 

The support team will also do a great job of explaining the services to you. In case it is the first time you are experiencing the process, you can contact the support team for help. The fast responses should make the whole process quite interesting. 

Rocket Lawyer

The experience people have had with Rocket Lawyer is quite positive. You will find that most people enjoy their services. This is if any of the customer reviews are to go by. Also, Rocket Lawyer’s efficiency can make more people choose it. That is how it has managed to serve over 20 million users already. 

Having additional services such as legal services improves the portfolio of services you can expect from the company. Even though at times you have to pay more, it is worth using its services. 

Best Customer Support: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

Customer support is always key in any company. The company may not have served over 20 million customers like Rocket Lawyer, but it is still the best at customer support. This is because you end up getting personalized support from the company. The way you are handled makes you feel it was worth investing in the company. 

The positive customer support review is because you feel that the person handling your case is knowledgeable about the products the company is selling. So, even those that might have had problems before when looking for an LLC formation process or a free registered agent service can get more help here and faster too. 

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer customer support will also help you with understanding the services the company provides. Its website is user-friendly and the great customer support can help you from the start of the LLC formation up to the end too. Most people claim to experience fast and accurate responses from the support team. 

If you decide to use Rocket Lawyer’s customer support, you can access them via phone, email, and also chat. Having several methods of contacting the support team should definitely help you achieve what you need. Keep in mind that the company support team will work within a certain time frame only. 

Best Ease of Use: It is a Tie

Northwest Registered Agent

Anyone new LLC formation would be hoping to get a smooth sailing. The good news is that the Northwest Registered Agent makes things easy for you. This is because the company has generally streamlined the whole business formation process with simple steps for you to follow. 

You will simply have to give the company only the basic business formation to help with the LLC formation. Once you submit your payment, the company will start working on your order and give you timely updates. There are no upsells or third-party partnerships that would be pushed your way during the setup period. 

Rocket Lawyer

It is quite easy also to get started and go with Rocket Lawyer. The Rocket Lawyer’s process is simple and there is a customer support team ready to step in whenever you have a problem. That is how the company has managed to stay ahead of the curve for many years. 

There will be several additional features that you can add to the order. So, you will have an easy time adding more business services if you ever need them. They might have upsells, but it does not feel too pushy. So, you can always choose to ignore or pick them if you want. 

Best LLC Formation: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

You will come across different packages when you need the LLC formation service. What is important is that you can get a lot with the basic formation package. This includes preparing the Articles of Organization, filing the documents to specific states, and more.

With the basic package, you will get up to 12 months of a registered agent service. So, if you ever need one, you should go ahead and pick this company. 

Rocket Lawyer

Looking at the pricing for LLC formation, Rocket Lawyer would be the cheaper option. The package might be basic, but it will be good enough for most people. Some of the additional services you get with the package are a business name check and writing and filing the Articles of organization. 

New clients can enjoy free LLC formation when they opt for the monthly legal services plan. You can always seek the help of the support team to explain their packages further so that you only get the ones that you need. 

Best Registered Agent Services: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

The registered agent service is definitely one of the most important services people want when they have to form an LLC. It is why you often find yourself getting the service from this company. It is quite more affordable than most of the competitors and should be a good thing to help people set up their companies. 

The customer support team guides you better in picking the package that serves you better. One instance of such a case is where the price drops, even more, when you have to use the service in five or more states. The price drop should be quite helpful for those new to the whole process. Also, you get more free tools with the service such as the reminder for you to file the annual reports. 

Rocket Lawyer

You will also have the option of choosing Rocket Lawyer to help form an LLC and provide the registered agent service. Comparing the two companies, this one would cost you more. Also, people find that its service is more basic compared to Northwest which would have some add-ons you can enjoy. 

We would also point out that a person can get a discount if he or she opts for the legal services plan. This would then make it a great choice for those who may want to use legal services when they have their LLC up and running. 

Best Speed of Formation:  Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

Whenever you pick an LLC formation service from the company, you will also receive an estimated timeframe it will take to finish the whole process. Based on customer reviews, it often takes less time compared to most of its competitors. 

Also, the LLC formation package will have both standard and expedited processing. If you ever need your order to be processed faster, you can always opt for expedited processing. This level of transparency often makes more people want to pick the company as they know it will do a good job of giving them a fast turnaround time

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer would definitely give you the turnaround times you should expect for the whole process to be over. The customer support would explain to you that its service is based on how much time it takes for each individual state to process the applications. That is why the turnaround time varies from a couple of days to sometimes a few weeks. 

You would get a page on the company website that is mostly dedicated to the processing times you can expect from different states. So, it will be a good way of having an estimated timeframe in mind when looking to see which is the best company to use.

Which Should You Choose?

Rocket Lawyer and Northwest Registered Agent are both great companies. They will largely help with forming your business so that you can have a great time starting your business. Each time you are in the market for LLC formation packages, these two can help a lot. However, when should you choose each?

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if:

A person should choose Northwest Registered Agent if they need faster LLC formation, get premium customer support, and affordable prices. The turnaround times for LLC formations are also impressive as per customer reviews. 

Choose Rocket Lawyer if:

If you place so much emphasis on customer feedback, then you should probably choose Rocket Lawyer. Considering it has served over 20 million people, you can expect it to know its craft quite well. Also, you can get legal services on top of LLC formation. 

Final thought

Both Rocket Lawyer and Northwest Registered Agent companies will be good at helping you form an LLC. You simply have to opt for one that would be affordable and comprehensive in making sure your LLC is up and running smoothly. 

There is enough customer feedback on both companies. Such feedback can help in deciding which is better for you. With good feedback, you are sure the company that you pick will do a good job of handling your needs. 

Both companies have exceptional customer support. As such, you can get help whenever you want. That is more reason to consider either of the companies. From the comparison above, it is easier to settle for one you feel offers value for money. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there value for money when using Northwest Registered Agent?

Yes. You will largely feel that its LLC formation package does have everything you need to get the business off the ground. Once the business is operational, you can now go ahead to have more services added to your account.

Between the two, which has fewer upsells?

The Northwest Registered Agent does not have upsells on the entire website. It is hard for the Rocket Lawyer, which has a few upsells, to beat it in this category.

Will the two companies share my information with third parties?

Based on customer reviews, we find that the two companies mostly stick to selling their services and products most of them. In case your information has to be shared, you will be asked first.

Which website is faster for LLC formation?

Both companies have relatively the same turnaround time. However, most find that Northwest Registered Agent is faster and would have regular updates for you to know the progress.

Can either company offer a refund?

Yes. Each company has a refund policy with the Rocket Lawyer brand refunding you within 30 days of purchase of the service. Northwest can refund upon request, but there will be a $25 processing fee.



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