MyCompanyWorks vs LegalZoom: Which Is Right For You 2023?

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($79+ State Fees)

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($178+ State Fees)

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About MyCompanyWorks

If you ever need to form an LLC or a business, MyCompanyWorks may just be the company you are looking for. It will help in filing the relevant paperwork to the state and get your business compliant and ready to start its operations. It does all this at a faster turnaround time than some of its close competitors. 

The brand is quite good at the customer support area to boost your confidence in the company. Also, you will get good value for money all the time. So, you can find that forming an LLC is not as hard as you may have thought before. 

The main services the company offers include

  • Registered agent service 
  • Annual reports 
  • Virtual office 
  • Form an LLC
  • Form a corporation etc. 

About LegalZoom

LegalZoom is one of the oldest companies in the sector. It will also aid you to form an LLC among other services. Anyone who trusts in a brand with experience should find LegalZoom as the best choice. Looking at its history, it has helped over 3 million clients already. So, you can imagine how many businesses are out there running due to the help of LegalZoom. 

There are thousands of customer reviews online about the brand. With such options online, it is possible to learn everything you want about the company. Also, find out more if the company is worth using for your LLC formation service. 

Other than helping you form an LLC, here are the other services of the company. 

  • File the important paperwork in the state
  • Form a corporation 
  • Creating a doing business as or DBA
  • Reserving the business name
  • Registered agent service
  • Creating operating agreements etc. 

To further understand more about these two brands, we look at their features in detail below. After reading the comparisons, you can comfortably pick the right company for your business needs.

Basic Formation$79$178
Registered Agent$227$299/yr
Full Formation$307$477
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MyCompanyWorks vs LegalZoom – Brand comparison details

Best Overall Pricing and Value: MyCompanyWorks


Whenever you are looking for a business formation service, you are hoping to get the best LLC formation company to do the job. For this company, it features this type of service at an affordable rate. This is considering the pricing per year from close competitors such as LegalZoom. 

The basic package is not too expensive, but it will not have the registered agent service. To get this type of service for your business, you need to pick a higher-level package. The higher-level packages are often recommended for business owners as they get more value for their money. 


If you have ever looked at the customer reviews on LegalZoom, you can easily say it is the best LLC formation company. Well, this is largely due to the value for money you get for each of the formation packages you may end up picking. 

The company features both LLC services and also incorporation services from its basic formation package. It may not be as affordable as MyCompanyWorks, but it will have more value. As much as LegalZoom offers good value, it does not have the registered agent service to any of their packages. You have to buy it separately as an add-on. 

Best Track Record & Experience: MyCompanyWorks


MyCompanyWorks was first registered as MyNewCompany back in 2001. However, it has now changed to its current name. Based on the numbers, the company has helped form over 600,000 companies to get started. Even the customer reviews all show it is a trustworthy company to use. 

The company claims to offer a satisfaction guarantee. If not, you can always request a refund. Of course, check the refund policy to see if you qualify. The customer feedback about this company is also good with over 2000 reviews online. The majority of such reviews are 4 to 5-star ratings. 


It is hard to beat LegalZoom in this category considering it has served over 3.6 million clients since its founding in 1999. As such, it is expected that it would be good at this type of service. The company majorly focuses on business formation services which it has offered to millions of clients. 

As for the customer reviews, we can say they are a mixed bunch. One thing you will notice is that it is an average company because you can get some one-star ratings while others give it a five-star rating. Nevertheless, the customer feedback is good enough to get someone interested in its services. 

Best Common Features: It is a Tie


MyCompanyWorks will be an affordable company for forming your business. Also, you get good value for money whenever you get a package from the company. As much as you may have to spend more to get additional services, it is still good enough. 

The customer support team from the brand is also good. You will always get fast and detailed responses regardless of the method of communication you opt to use. The team would also help in submitting your application for LLC formation. 


People find LegalZoom good at offering more information about its services. Even if you are new to forming a business, the company will guide you properly on the whole process through its guides published on the website. 

The company website also has several additional features to consider. If you want more services, simply scroll through the website to get all that you need. 

Best Customer Support: MyCompanyWorks


When you choose MyCompanyWorks, you would want to know if you can get the help that you want whenever possible. Well, the company has several ways you can contact the customer support team. They include email and phone. So, you can always consider which one is appropriate for you. 

How fast does the support team respond? Well, those who contact MyCompanyWorks via the phone get the fastest help. Those who send an email will have a response within 24 hours. So, you can always rely on the support team to help you best. 


LegalZoom also has both phone and email communication methods. So, you can be sure to have various options for contacting the company and getting the help that you want. Based on customer reviews, it is better to contact the company via the phone. You will get a better explanation of their services. 

Using email support is not advised since it may take even a week to get a response. The majority of the time, it will be generic responses that do not help much with the queries. 

Best Ease of Use: MyCompanyWorks


The LLC business formation service from MyCompanyWorks is among the easiest to use. This is because you simply select a package and choose several add-ons that your business might need. Then from there, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the application process. 

Those who always have their information ready will find that it will not take more than 15 minutes to complete the process. If you get stuck with the application process, you can find several guides on the website to check out. You should still expect a few upsells throughout the application process. 


The LegalZoom business formation service has a different approach to submitting your LLC formation application. It does not have a package where you just select, but you first enter your personal details, then now go through various upsells before choosing a package. 

This is something someone looking to start a business would not be willing to do. The majority would want a straightforward process that also saves on time too. 

Best LLC Formation: It is a Tie


When you pick the business formation package from MyCompanyWorks, it will include LLC formation. This type of service will help in forming a limited liability company in the state where you may be located. This is done by the company as it will file these documents on your behalf and ensure the business compliance is done right. 

The company will need a few things from you including the type of LLC management, LLC business purpose, the company name, contact and shipping information, business address, and a registered agent name.


There are three different types of LLC formation services for you to pick from LegalZoom. Whichever that you pick, you have to ensure that it has all the services you need to form an LLC and have it running right. 

The company will help in completing the LLC paperwork, drafting the Articles of Organization, and so much more. Simply select the business formation package and see what each one offers. 

Best Registered Agent Services: MyCompanyWorks


Depending on the choice of package, you can get the registered agent service as part of the package already. This is mostly for the complete package. However, the basic package does not have this service. 

Even if you have to buy it as an add-on, it will be cheaper than buying from LegalZoom. The price will be per year and you can renew the service if you still need it. 


LegalZoom offers the registered agent service separately. It is not part of any of its business formation packages. This means you will only pay for it if that is something you have been looking for. Also, it is worth noting that this LegalZoom service is not cheap. Be ready to spend more to get a registered agent service. 

Best Speed of Formation:  MyCompanyWorks


Good business formation services also need the best turnaround times. Many people would be willing to choose MyCompanyWorks since it will help in processing your paperwork within two business days. Sometimes it can be the same day. 

The paperwork is processed the same day if you submit it before 3 pm ET. It will be processed the next day if the order is submitted after 3 pm ET. 

There is also the option of expedited processing of your paperwork with the state once your paperwork is filed. The estimates of how long this takes will be listed on the order form. 


Unlike the business formation services by MyCompanyWorks, LegalZoom will offer their turnaround times based on the package you choose. If you opt for the most expensive packages, it should take around 10 business days. The cheaper packages will take even 30 business days. 

If you decide to use LegalZoom, ensure you pick the higher-level package to get the order processed faster. 

Which Should You Choose?

These two companies offer similar services although at different prices. Also, the packages are a bit different so you can only get the best service after keenly looking at what each one of them offers. If you were to choose either of the companies, you will find each having different times when it is the best. 

Choose MyCompanyWorks if:

You desire faster turnaround times for LLC formation. You would also get faster customer support, few upsells, and better reviews on the company’s business formation services. 

Choose LegalZoom if:

You are seeking brand power and experience. If these seem like important factors to you, then choose LegalZoom to help with the process of forming an LLC. 

Final thought

Looking at the review above on LegalZoom vs. MyCompanyWorks, you will notice that these two companies can be good for LLC formation among other business formation services. As a result, you can experience the best process in setting up your LLC or business. 

Both brands have good packages, with some being necessary to get the business running. Whatever you do, ensure that you get yourself the right business formation package that contains all the vital services of either company. 

Overall, MyCompanyWorks will be the best value for money with its services. So, take your time to go through its packages and choose the one that satisfies your needs. You could also contact the support team for more help where necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is MyCompanyWorks Legitimate?

Yes. The company was formed in 2001 and has helped form many businesses over the years. It also has physical locations where you can visit and confirm its services.

Do both companies offer discounts?

Sometimes you can get discounts from either company. You could also opt for coupon codes to help in saving further on the business formation services.

Can you get refunds from either company?

Yes. Each company would have a refund period mentioned and if there are any fees accompanying the refund process. Take note that most refunds only apply before the documents are shipped to the state.

Can you reserve a business name before forming an LLC?

All states except Florida would allow you to reserve a business name before you can form an LLC. This would be for a specific time before the name is available for someone else to use.

Do the companies have upsells?

Both companies will have upsells, however, LegalZoom has the most. They seem to be at every stage of submitting your LLC formation paperwork. 



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