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Cost Value


Customer Service


Ease of Use



  • Free expedited filing for Nevada LLCs
  • One formation package at a reasonable price


  • They are only focused on Nevada.
  • Additional features
  • Great pricing
  • Registered agent service
  • Founded 1999
  • Origin, Las Vegas, NV
  • Available across all US states

About The Brand

IncParadise was established in 1999 in Las Vegas, NV

by John Vihara. The company that operates IncParadise is called, Inc [1]. Shortly after its acquisition, the IncParadise started expanding to serve the entire nation. Their first branch was established in Wyoming. 

Besides the geographical expansion, IncParadise has stood the test of time and is beyond doubt an upcoming contender in the business formation industry. Their additional features such as mail forwarding along with mail scanning and lifetime registered agents which are hard to find other services have earned them a lot of traffic of late. Currently, they have helped to launch more than 15,000 businesses. 

This review covers a rundown of everything you may want to hear about IncParadise. This will help you determine whether or not to use this provider. Is IncParadise worth considering? Read this content to the end to find out.  

IncParadise’s Advantages

  • They guarantee the cheapest charges available for Federal Tax ID (EIN). 
  • They offer a lifetime registered agent at affordable pricing; this feature is unique to the company
  • Even though they charge agent services right from the first subscription, their annual renewal fees for this feature are one of the cheapest.
  • IncParadise offers a lot of extras to Nevada-based incorporation including expedited processing speed without charges.
  • Have great reviews out of the few that exist online.

IncParadise’s Disadvantages

  • The company doesn’t include many features in its base package like its competitors, yet most of its competitor’s formation packages are much affordable.
  • Even though they offer their services in all 50 states, their specialty is NV incorporation. Therefore, if you want to form an LLC in other states, you don’t have as many reasons to use IncParadise. 

IncParadise LLC Formation Packages

$89 + State Fees
Name Availability CheckIncluded
Preparation and Filing of Articles of OrganizationIncluded
Name Availability CheckYes
Sample DocumentsIncluded
Hard Copy of Filed Formation documentsYes
Free Expedited Service (Nevada Only)Yes

IncParadise doesn’t provide multiple packages like most of its competitors. However, the company will give you a base package and some a la carte features at affordable pricing.

At an $80 + State fee, you are sure with common formation features including:

  • Name availability checks to determine if your chosen business name is available or it is already being used by another business.
  • Preparation and filing of the articles of organization, where they draft the documents required for business formation on your behalf then file them with your state of formation. 
  • Sample documents including bylaw forms, minutes, and notifications.
  • a hard copy of your filed formation documents
  • Free expedited processing to a Nevada LLC.

IncParadise Overview


4.0 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Customer reviews are excellent
  • Great pricing for LLC formation in Nevada

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Advantages of IncParadise

Since every state may have a unique business requirement, IncParadise offers several la carte features to satisfy your state’s needs. The good news is, the services are charged at affordable prices. Some of these features include:

Acquisition of EIN from the IRS site at only $25: This is one of the cheapest you will find in the market. This feature will help you open bank accounts, pay taxes, staff your business, etc. IncParadise will provide an agent to help you through various processes including opening a bank account. 

Registered agent services at an initial fee of $80 followed by $40 annual renewal charges: Apart from the providers that don’t charge agent services in their formation package, IncParadise subscription charges for this feature are cheaper than that of many companies, including LegalZoom. However, no other company including ZenBusinsess can match their annual charges for this service. 

LLC Kit & Seal at only $98: This is much better than what is offered by top companies in the industry including IncFile which includes this feature only in their top packages.

Custom minutes: They will prepare custom minutes for your corporate meeting at $20 only.

Certificate of good standing: which is charged differently depending on the state act as proof of your business existence and compliance.

Apostille: with prices varying depending on the state as well. With this, you can operate your US-based limited liability company (LLC) using an entity in a different country. 

IncParadise LLC Service Review

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Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Placing an Order
Included Features

Is This Brand Right For You?

Every online LLC or corporation service has its strengths and weaknesses. Besides, not all business owners are looking for the same thing in service. For that reason, we are going to break our review into scenarios where you might be more or less interested. This will help you verify if this service is right for you. 

Cost Value 

IncParadise offers all the necessary business formation services at affordable pricing. However, their add-ons charges are their biggest strength. It is hard to find a provider with annual agent charges that will much theirs. 

A Nevada-based Incorporation will reap the best from the extra features due to additional perks offered without the cost. But in general, IncParadise is not the best option for a business owner looking for great value in a business entity. Other LLC services like IncFile will beat the IncParadise business formation package by far yet include better features in their formation packages.  

Customer Service

IncParadise has great customer service judged from their reliable communication channels and their availability. You can reach out to their support team through phone, email, or fax from 11 am to 7:30 pm during weekdays. Here are their contacts:

  • Toll-free: (888) 284-3821
  • NV phone number: (702) 871-8678
  • Wyoming phone No.: (307) 460-5009
  • Fax: (702) 387-3827
  • [email protected]

For more info, you can visit the company’s Virtual office (address 5348 Vegas Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89108, US). 

The best part, when you contact them, you get a response directly from the Las vegas main office, and that guarantees reliable feedback. Even more, their mail forwarding feature put their customer service to another level. 

However, they don’t have enough online reviews to justify our claim. There are no reviews on the BBB package and very few exist elsewhere. Somehow, the few that we came across on [2] were nearly all positive and had an average 5 stars rating. 

Ease of Use 

IncParadise boasts a straightforward interface that is easy to navigate. The business formation process involves simple steps. Once you google and sign into their website, all you need to do is to select the state where you want to form your business, then choose the additional services you want for your limited liability company. 

They have one base package, so you will not waste time going through the features offered by various packages. With that said, you won’t take long on their website, if your aim was just to file an LLC. 

Even though they do have some upsells on their website, they are not pushy and overwhelming like the ones you will find on some other companies’ websites. 

Included Features

IncParadise gives you nothing much more than what you need to form a limited liability company. Meaning, their base package doesn’t include as many features as top services like LegalZoom. To get an additional feature on top of the formation services, you will have to spend money buying them separately. 

In general, you will not get as many features as you would want. There are no legal services or attorney consultation, no publication, and much more. 

Though they offer a refund policy, their cancelation charges [3] seem expensive. If you request a refund before the name search is done, they will charge $25 cancelation fees. If you request after the name search has been done, they will charge twice the above-mentioned charges. 


IncParadise is a middle table contender and doesn’t match the top industry providers just yet. They lack several features with their flat-rate package and this will force you to purchase most features separately. 

However, we liked their discounted pricing on a la carte features. Besides, the company seems to offer some attractive services that are absent in some of its competitors including mail forwarding and lifetime registered agent service at affordable pricing. 

If you want to get the best part of this service, incorporate your LLC in NV. They provide some unique discounts to NV-based LLCs or corporations. But if you are looking for the best LLC and corporation online companies that will offer you the best services, here are the top alternatives.

2 Top LLC Alternatives

Basic Formation$0$39
Full Formation$149$39
Full Formation + Website$249$249
DetailRead Review Read Review

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Founded in 2015, ZenBusiness is one of the best and most affordable in the industry. Their formation package which includes a 1-year free registered agent service beats the rest when it comes to features offered. Their great features and customer support services are evident in their outstanding online reviews.


With only a state fee to pay in their formation package, this California-based service offers one of the best business formation features including a 1-year free registered agent service for new subscribers all over the country. It is always one of the top choices when it comes to LLC formation at an affordable rate. 


IncParadise charges on add-ons like Federal Identification Tax Number (EIN) and registered agents are top-notch. Their great customer support service and user-friendly interface are some of their biggest strengths. 

However, if you are forming an LLC or a corporation in Nevada, you are sure to reap big from their discounts. For instance, only NV-based LLCs are offered expedited processing. 

If you are forming your business outside NV, you may consider other options, some of which we have discussed in this content. But if you are set on giving it a try, you can call or visit the company virtual office, 5348 Vegas DR for directives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does IncParadise Offer Any Discounts?

IncParadise offers a discount on several la carte features. Besides, a Nevada-based LLC will save even more money as some of the additional perks are offered at no cost.

Does IncParadise Have Good Customer Support?

Even though the IncParadise communication line is only open for around 5 hours during weekdays, their customer service team is very reliable. When you call their customer care, you will get a response directly from someone in their Las Vegas, NV office, not someone at a massive call center halfway around the world.

Is IncParadise the LLC Website You Recommend to Family and Friends?

For a friend or a family member planning to form an LLC in NV, you can’t go wrong with this provider. However, if you are planning to form your business in other states, there is not much reason to pick IncParadise over the top services.

Can I Form an LLC Without Physically Being in the United States?

You can form an LLC in the US no matter the location. Foreign businesses and foreign organizations can form an LLC in the same way you would have formed if you were a US residence.

What are some popular comparisons for IncParadise?

IncParadise closely matched competitors include Entity Keeper software, Diligent entities, Legal Suit and Harbour Compliance.

What are the best states to apply for IncParadise?

Nevada is by far the best state to apply for IncParadise. However, the provider also offers top services in Wyoming and is also popular in Texas, California, and Delaware.



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