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Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered

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Opening a business is a difficult process with many legal setbacks. Failing to meet all legal requirements or missing specific forms will set you for trouble and even court hearings. You can avoid these issues by hiring registered agent services, which will fill your legal documents. However, these services will come at high costs. What if there was another way to make this process more convenient and more affordable?  In this article, we will present to you the solution to that problem: the best-registered agent services in California. These are online legal entities that will take care of your incorporation papers and will make sure that you stay compliant with the law and meet all tax requirements. 

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Top 10 Registered Agent California 2022


Northwest Registered Agent

  • Instant  Service
  • Greatest Customer Service
  • The free registered agent for 1  year


  • Free Business Name Generator 
  • They offer free registered agent services for 1 year
  • Simple Interface


  • Offer Assistance with Annual Report Filing 
  • Great Interface and & Service
  • Free Operating Agreement
  • Same-day electronic delivery 
  • Automatic process
  • Specialized Services
Rocket Lawyer-1

Rocket Lawyer

  • Service Subscription
  • Most Popular Service
  • Strong Customer Support


  • Best Money Back Policy
  • Same Day filing
  • Business Credit Assistance
Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings

  • Affordable Prices
  • Installment plan
  • Ongoing Assistance
Better Legal


  • Fixed Price For All Services
  • Accounting services 
  • Assistance with other related businesses operations


  • Protection Of Intellectual Rights 
  • Top Notch Assistance with Business Operations 
  • Attorney Services

Inc Authority

  • Most Affordable Option 
  • Free Registered Agent
  • Strong Name in the industry

10 Best Registered Agent California 2022

Northwest Registered Agent

They have been in business since 1998. Northwest offers free legal documents for small businesses such as LLC forms, corporation forms, and forms related to the operating of nonprofit businesses. They offer business data protection. 

  • High data protection policy and standards
  • FastEach filing comes with a one-year free registered agent service.
  • Theft has great customer service and is very centered toward its customers.
  • Their service offers a free 1-year registered agent service for your business
  • You can get more done for the same prices for some other registered agents.

They don’t provide any free operating paperwork, so in comparison to other sellers, they lack on this part. Overall they do have an affordable service.   Overall they are in good standing, it is just that they don’t have many reviews with the better business bureau. They have positive reviews, even though they do not have many reviews in total. If you want to open a California business, they are among the best options out there. They even offer a free compliance calendar for the first year.

They offer an office address for all your paperwork, so you can rest assured that you do not deal with any unnecessary paperwork that arrives in the mail. Part of their service is also mail forwarding, so you do not have to scroll through mail and paperwork.  Through their online portal, you can access all their services.


Overall they are good. The reviews are mostly positive and strong. The customers seem to be pleased with their service.

  • Great to register a business entity.
  • They will assign a dedicated account representative and will offer you worry-free compliance. 
  • Zenbusiness can help with quarterly tax filing.
  • They are aggressive at upselling and offering services after services. You might get lost in what is being offered and what is needed.

Their price is very affordable. They charge very low filing fees.  They are among the best-registered agent service providers. Zenbusiness offers a variety of help such as business advice,  help with annual reports, and legal advice and they have expertise with all kinds of business entities. They will take care of important documents such as EIN. They also offer business website building and they have the option of same-day delivery. Their service is strong and of high quality.

They have been partnering with to help move people out of the poverty line with various tools and finance-related assistance. There are all kinds of offers and you might get lost with what you truly need vs what you are offered. However, all the prices of their services are fairly priced and very affordable. They are great to register your California business and overall they are a very reliable registered agent. Small business owners with get all their important business documents taken care of and they will have their own agent to work with their business.


They are among the top California registered agents. IncFile offers help with all aspects of business formation.

  • They are the way to go if you can do some of the work on your own.
  • There is the chance that you get a free filing and get the incorporation papers for free if you can do the rest of the work on your own.
  • The Silver plan costs 0$, making them the most affordable registered agent in California and you get a registered agent for 1 year for your LLC and all that you pay are state fees of $50.
  • Slow Processing times and costly

Overall they are among the best-registered agents in California. Their registered agent services are of top quality and they offer affordable services. They offer help for any business entity. Their refund policies are difficult and their customer reviews are a bit over the place. They have a lot of reviews with mixed consensus.

Incfile has over  27000 reviews.  They offer a  physical address for your business mail so that you can rest sure of any legal issues or receiving any paperwork as IncFile will take care of anything.  

Harbor Compliance

They are specialized in business compliance.

  • They have one software to track everything. Harbor Compliance has great tools for corporate lifecycle management. Such as 
  • The highest prices for services

Their service is focused on compliance. They have a one-time fee that covers all the process for one year and they do not put a lot of charges on their services. Harbor Compliance even offers an operating agreement template.

They are the top California registered agents for services related to non-profits. Harbor Compliance offers great service and maintains an A+ rating with the better business bureau. They do not offer a free registered agent and they charge $99/year. Their service is delivered in 2 days. They offer a compliance calendar and this is super easy to keep track of via the software that they sell.

Rocket Lawyer

They are among the best-registered agent services. They offer a variety of legal assistance for various issues related to registering a small business in California to other issues related to business matters.

  • Their customer support is amazing and runs for 12 hours per day. 
  • High prices. Their subscription model adds up at the end of the year as it costs $39.99/ month.

They have a majority of 5-star reviews. Their refund policies are easy and customers seem to be happy with their work and their services. Customers agree that there is business advice done right. Their service of process is strong and people agree that Rocket Lawyer is a good entity to start a business.

They offer legal advice on many topics. Rocket Lawyer is the best-registered agent for issues regarding business proprietary. They offer help regarding legal notices. Their expertise covers various issues that small businesses face.  Their specialization in other services such as business propriety makes them stand out from competitors. Conducting business with Rocket lawyer is easy and the customer service is strong. They offer registered agents service and with them staying in business is easy and hassle-free.


The company is a strong statutory agent. They offer among the best legal advice in the market and theory even have a special plan that business owners can purchase that covers attorney help.

  • Various legal assistance with intellectual property such as trademark registration. Trademark search and copyright registration, patent application, utility patent, and design patents.
  • Not the best customer service

The reviews point out expensive prices and the need for improvement in customer service.  The reviews point out a very straightforward interface with sometimes complaints about customer reviews.

Legal Zoom is a bit expensive as their most basic plan starts at $79 + state fees. They have a simple webpage interface and they offer a variety of registered agent services. They offer 60 days satisfaction guarantee and their reviews are overall positive.


They are a very reliable registered agent service. MyCompanyWorks will help with filing and with offering legal advice for various business issues.

  • They offer same-day filing. Their money-back policy covers 100% of the whole cost and they are very reliable on their policy and their business credit assistance, Startup Wizard app makes it convenient to build the credibility of your business
  • Very Pricey

Their reviews point to quick customer assistance. They have tools to help businesses build great credit. They offer 3 packages and the medium tier package has the option to include a designated registered agent.

Swyft Filings

Their basic plan starts at  $49 plus any state fees. The standard plan is $149 plus state fees and the premium plan is $299 + fees. To register a business entity has never been so easy with Swyft Filings.

  • They offer great assistance with business operations. They offer an installment plan to split your payments and they offer affordable prices.
  • Weak customer service

Their reviews point out weak customer service and aggressive upselling tactics. The reviewers are not happy as some of the services offered by Swift Filings are taken care of by third parties.


They do not complicate the process of incorporation. They charge $299+ state fees to create an LLC or a corporation.

  • One price fits all models. Hep in various aspects of running a business, including, taxes, accounting, and even online presence.
  • Limited means to reach customer support. They can be only reached via chat

BetterLegal provides various assistance, such as legal guidance, accounting assistance, and even website creation assistance. They give help with tax analysis and will even provide insurance analysis. BetterLegal offers a simple interface and this makes it very simple to make any arrangements for your company’s creation or to change any legal aspects of it.

It is hard to reach them as they have support only via chat. The reviews point this out and they are not happy about this detail.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority offers a variety of services in many areas of business operations.

  • They offer free filing and a free registered agent for 1 year.
  • They have a strong presence in the industry and are often used as a comparison or benchmark.

Inc Authority has over 6000 reviews and they are positive. The only negative reviews that they got are related to the pricing of $399+ state fees for their premium packages.

They offer tax planning help, a designated agent, a business account with various benefits, and a business name check. This makes them one of the strongest registered agents in California and working with them, might be pricey, but definitely worth it.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Registered Agent Services

The time that it takes to file, the cost of filing, the services offered by each package, and if they help with other business matters such as accounting, legal issues, and banking. 

Benefits of Using a California Registered Agent Service

Reliability, fast, and convenience. 

Can a company change its registered agent?

Yes, this can be done as many times as needed. 



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