Best Nevada LLC Formation Services: Top 5 NV LLC Services 2022

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Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

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Starting an LLC can be hard or simple depending on your experience. For those who may have no idea where to begin, there is the option of trying out the various best Nevada LLC formation services from different companies. 

You are likely to come across hundreds of such companies if you ever need to form an LLC. Since they are many, sometimes it gets overwhelming to pick the right company. We have done much of the legwork for you and identified the best in the market. This should make your job easier in identifying the best LLC formation services in Nevada today. 

Check out the list below to get an idea of where you can start when forming an LLC in Nevada.

Top 5 Best Registered Agent Service In Nevada 2022



  • Good customer feedback 
  • A wide range of services 
  • The website is easy to use


  • Great prices for each package
  • Easy to use website 
  • Outstanding customer reviews
Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

  • Application can be done faster
  • Has multiple additional services
  • Get your queries replied to faster


  • Get help faster
  • Multiple LLC formation packages
  • Additional business formation services available
Rocket Lawyer-1

Rocket Lawyer

  • Great experience with LLC formation 
  • Solid customer feedback 
  • Easy to use website

Top 5 Best Nevada LLC Formation Services: Reviewed & Ranked 2022


The biggest reason people may consider Incfile is because it can file the paperwork within one business day. Not many other companies would offer the same guarantee.

  • Fast LLC formation service 
  • Get a free registered agent service the first year
  • Affordable packages
  • Expect to see a few third-party offers

IncFIle is easily a top consideration for many new businesses because of the additional services you get for each package that you buy. A good example is that you enjoy a free registered agent service during the first year. Thereafter, you have to pay a subscription fee to continue using the registered agent services. 

You can always switch to the gold package of LLC formation service that helps with the whole LLC formation process including the filing of legal documents. What other people also enjoy is the wide range of additional features. They will help in setting up your business faster and correctly. 

One thing that would make you consider the brand should be that it claims to file your paperwork including articles of organization within one business day. Not many companies in the same field would offer such an LLC service. So, you can be sure that your paperwork would be processed faster. 

The company still has many other services that it can offer. These services include business license research, foreign qualification, trademark registration, and so much more. So, each time you want to form an LLC, look at the package details, you may have to choose additional services to help complete the formation of the business. 


ZenBusiness is an affordable company for LLC formation while at the same time not compromising on important services. You also get free registered agent service during the first year.

  • Multiple affordable packages 
  • Outstanding reviews from customers 
  • It includes registered agent services in each package
  • Being a fairly new company might not always work for some people

The chances are your friends may have already recommended using ZenBusiness since it is always offering the best LLC formation service. Because of excellent customer support, most of the time it is easy to understand the features the company offers to make it easier for you to start an LLC in Nevada. 

One thing that can work for many people should be the fact that you get a free registered agent in Nevada during the first year. This part of the deal is available on all the different packages that the company offers. Also, once the first year is over, you can now pay for the registered agent service at an affordable rate than what other brands offer. 

Another thing that the company seems to have mastered is the use of technology. The brand has automated most of its business LLC formation service so that it is easy for anyone to use it. You can do all the articles of organization and other legal documents faster too. You can now save time and money with ZenBusiness. 

There are thousands of customer reviews on ZenBusiness and most of them have nice things to say about the company. When you find that this is the case, you also get confident that the company you are picking will do a good job of helping you form an LLC. 


The overall customer support should be good enough to make you consider this company. However, you can expect several upsells that may be annoying sometimes.

  • Great customer support 
  • Has served many clients before
  • Multiple value pack packages available
  • The packages are pricier

One of the biggest selling points of LegalZoom should be its customer support. Compared to the other companies, you are always in luck with this one. You will get help fast regardless of the method you use to contact the company. Even on weekends, the turnaround time is faster than other brands. 

Well, there have been a few complaints though. One of them is the many upsells you get while using its best LLC services. The company often tries to sell additional services that you may or may not need. Nevertheless, it is easy to skip them and continue the process on how to form an LLC. 

Other than having outstanding customer support, LegalZoom claims to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Considering the company gives an impressive 60-day money-back guarantee, it should appeal to most people. In case you want a refund, expect to get one without too many questions being asked. 

The company will help you with the filing of vital documents for business formation including articles of organization, operating agreement, and more. You can also get Nevada-registered agent services. So, if you need your own registered agent service, the company has your back. Also, LegalZoom is among the most experienced LLC formation companies

NorthWest Registered Agent

The company provides top-notch customer support and will make it easy for people new to LLC formation to get through the process faster. Also, it has many good reviews from past clients. 

  • The registered agent service is included in the packages
  • Impressive support for the customer 
  • Ordering process is streamlined better
  • Its packages are pricier

The Northwest Registered Agent will be another top company to use to help form an LLC. The outstanding customer reviews should leave you with a notion that the company is good. Well, you will experience the same when you decide to use the company’s services to start a business. 

There is the option of getting free registered agent service during the first year. Those people who need such a Nevada registered agent service would have no problem using Northwest Registered Agent to handle their business affairs. Even though you will have to pay for the service after the first year, it is not too expensive compared to other companies who are its competitors. 

How good is the customer support? The good news is that you would get excellent customer service here. Whichever method you use to contact the company, there is always a faster turnaround with the answers. As such, you would understand the services the company provides even better. 

Another reason the company would be good for most people should be the streamlined ordering process. You can file your legal paperwork including the operating agreement and articles of organization with ease while using this company. Most people find that it takes a few minutes to complete the application process, unlike its competitors. 

Rocket Lawyer

Having served over 20 million clients over the years, it is enough reason for some people to feel it is worth trying its services. Also, those who need legal advice and documents are covered here.

  • The company has served millions 
  • It has tons of experience 
  • The customer feedback is encouraging
  • It lacks many advanced features competitors are offering

This is another company with some of the best LLC formation packages. To make it even better, the strong customer reviews make it easily stand out. There are multiple reviews online showing that the company is good at what it does. You would get there are several people that praise the company for its services. 

One thing that makes it different should be that you can also opt for the legal services subscription as part of the LLC formation process. It is possible that you may not know the inner workings of the Nevada laws around LLC formation and operation, so the company will offer you such legal services at a price. 

There is the option also of getting a Nevada registered agent service for your business entity from the company. It is not the cheapest, but it will be a good addition to the LLC formation process. Sometimes you may get discounts if you also subscribe to other packages the company offers. 

Do you need legal documents for your business? That is also an option when seeking the services of the company. Keep in mind that such legal documents are charged separately. Check the detailed review for correct pricing and availability of the service.

What Is A Nevada LLC?

You can take a Nevada limited liability company (LLC) like other LLCs in different states. Here, you would also have to meet specific requirements for the state to allow you to form an LLC. The basic requirements are;

  • Choose a name for the LLC
  • Pick a registered agent
  • File the important LLC formation documents with the state
  • Come up with the operating agreement 
  • Get an EIN

Some of the things mentioned on the checklist above are easy to find while others you may need the help of some of the companies mentioned above. You can approach any other companies we have reviewed and seek their services on forming the LLC faster and correctly. 

Most of these companies would offer services that cover the requirements mentioned above so that you do not have to worry about anything. 

Nevada Business Fast-Facts

The chances are you have seen people going to form LLCs in Nevada and not some other states. Why is this a reason? Here are a few business fast facts about LLCs in Nevada. 

  • There are no corporate, franchise, or state income taxes
  • The operating agreements or the requirements of the annual meeting are not a must
  • There are no taxes on the corporate profits or shares
  • There is the option of staying anonymous with the use of privacy protection 
  • The business registration fees are lower and turnaround times are quicker 
  • You can form single-person corporations 
  • There are several permissive rules on share creation 
  • The judicial system in the state relies on case law for settling disputes 

What Does A Registered Agent Do?

You may have noticed that as part of forming an LLC in Nevada, one of the requirements is choosing a registered agent service in Nevada. So what is this all about?

Well, a registered agent is simply a company or individual that would be receiving official notices or legal documents on behalf of your business. This means that such a company or individual needs to have a physical address in the state of Nevada. 

It is worth noting that not just any company can fit into this role. There are rules on how registered agents should be structured. Luckily, all the companies reviewed above will have a package including a registered agent to make your job of starting an LLC easier. 

Other than the limited liability companies, other businesses that need a registered agent service are corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, etc. 

In Conclusion

As you can see so far, there will be many options to consider if you are seeking the best company for LLC formations. Narrowing it down to only five will make your job easier of identifying the best companies. Whichever company that you may choose above, expect to get good LLC formation packages. Just ensure the brand is within your budget for forming a limited liability company. 

Once your business is already set up, go ahead and enjoy more services that the company of your choice may offer. Some may have so many upsells, so be careful which ones you choose. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you form an LLC in the state of Nevada?

If you are looking to start a business or already have one and looking to expand to Nevada, forming an LLC is highly advised. The LLC will shield the owner from business debts, offer more flexibility, and so much more.

How can you know if the LLC name is available?

It is easy. Simply conduct a name search on the Nevada Secretary of State website for free to see if the proposed name is available or not.

How much will it cost to form an LLC in Nevada?

The price will vary from one company to another. So, compare the packages that each company offers and pick one that offers value for money. This means other than helping you form an LLC, what else would you be getting?

Must you have an operating agreement to operate a business in Nevada?

Nevada has not made it mandatory to have operating agreements. However, it is always advisable to have it like in any other business to help in running it efficiently.

Can a foreign LLC work in Nevada?

Yes. You simply have to register with the Nevada Secretary of State as a foreign LLC. Also, you need to appoint a registered agent service with a physical location in Nevada.



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