Top 3 Tips To Implement Conversational AI Into CX

Top Three Tips To Implement Conversational AI in CX

First, understand consumer need both proactive and predictive

“We are seeing a shift towards customer service that is more proactive and predictive – rather than taking a reactive approach by waiting until a customer reaches out with a query or request, they will be alerted to issues even before they even exist (such as: You’re about to run out of ink, would you like to purchase some now?) This is the future of conversational customer service – service that is preemptive, proactive and highly personalized, and is provided in real-time, at the exact moment of need,” said Puneet Mehta, Founder & CEO, Netomi. 

Second, make connection a key component

“To win over customers, it is essential for companies to connect with customers on the platforms where they are, be that chat, email, voice and SMS. As we have seen, inquiries received over social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have also jumped,” said Mehta. “To win customers over, we also have to enhance the chat experience – a siloed chat experience is no longer an option, and the solution lies in offering a seamless omnichannel customer experience, one that enables a customer to interchange devices and move fluidly between channels, carrying context forward with every interaction.”

Third, remember to offer a human touch

“While chatbots are beneficial in many situations, not every issue is suitable for automation, such as those that are more sensitive and require more human input (a possible account takeover, for instance, would require IT expertise). Additionally, customers should always have the option to choose to speak with a human agent, so having the right escalation paths will ensure the optimal end user experience,” said Mehta.



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