Reports ID Friction Points For Shoppers

Reports ID Friction Points For Shoppers

Supply Chain, Shortages Annoy Shoppers

This should come as little surprise to many merchants, but new data out from Retail Insight indicates that a growing number of consumers are cognizant of the supply chain causing out-of-stock issues. Researchers with the report found that about half (54%) of shoppers believe out of stock issues are higher with physical stores, however, nearly the same amount (6 in 10) said they can typically find a replacement that will fit their needs.

“For the most part, shoppers are understanding of the well-publicized and multifaceted pressures facing retailers in today’s challenging trading environment. But that does not stop poor availability, out-of-stocks and shelf-gaps from becoming more than just a bone of contention in their buying journeys,” said Paul Boyle, CEO, Retail Insight.

About half (48%) of shoppers blame the pandemic, and nearly two-thirds (66%) believe better pay and working conditions would help merchants and fulfillment centers stay on top of supply chain issues because more people would be willing to work at these places.

More data from the report can be found here.

Study Finds CX Key To Patience

Meanwhile, a new Mitto survey finds that shoppers who already have a good opinion – and who have had good interactions – with brands in the past are more likely to be forgiving when it comes to shipping delays. Their new report finds that 55% of shoppers have cancelled a delayed shipment, but that 93% of shoppers say they are “more likely to be patient” with delays when they’ve already had a good experience with the brand.

Most say that that past good experience makes waiting bearable, and nearly two-thirds (76%) say bad customer experiences “are worse than” shipping delays.

More Mitto data can be accessed here.



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