How to Start an LLC in New Hampshire 2023: Step by Step

If you’re considering starting up a business through New Hampshire, you might be a little confused about the process. Many business owners prefer to form a limited liability company (LLC) (short for Limited Liability Company). If your LLC fits the specified conditions, the majority of New Hampshire provides a variety of business incentives administered by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development.

Starting a New Hampshire limited liability company (LLC) is often the quickest and easiest option for entrepreneurs to launch a business in the state. An LLC is a great business entity for startups and small to medium-sized organizations since fewer laws and restrictions. It also gives you the same benefits and protections as bigger New Hampshire corporations.

You’ll learn about creating an LLC, finding a Registered Agent, the fees you’ll have to pay, state of New Hampshire business taxes, and more in this tutorial. We also go over how to register your New Hampshire LLC, how to file it, and how to communicate with the Secretary of State (SOS).

The benefits of starting a New Hampshire:

  • It’s simple to create, manage, regulate, administrate, and stay in compliance.
  • File your taxes quickly and easily, and learn about potential tax benefits.
  • Protect your personal assets from business debts and liabilities.
  • The filing fee is only $100.

6 Steps to Start an LLC in New Hampshire 2023

To get started, follow our step-by-step How to Create an LLC in New Hampshire guide:

Choose a Name for Your Delivery Service, LLC

To begin, you’ll need to get a name for your LLC that is distinct and memorable but be sure it isn’t already in use by another business or created entity in the state. You’ll also have to adhere to a few naming guidelines, which you can learn more about on the New Hampshire Business Names homepage.

After you’ve decided on a name, check to see if it’s accessible in New Hampshire. Use our business name search tool to see if another corporation or firm in the state does use your selected business name. You can also use the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s website’s company name lookup to conduct a name search.

Choose Your Registered Agent

A Registered Agent gets authorized tax and legal communications and therefore is responsible for presenting reports with the Secretary of State of New Hampshire (SOS). In New Hampshire, each limited liability company (LLC) is also needed to have a Certified Agent.

Anyone, another manager in your company, or specialist in a Registered Agent service can fill this position. If your New Hampshire Registration Agent is a person, they must have a physical location in the state and be available to receive necessary documents on your behalf during office hours. When you file your Certificates of Formation & formally establish your business in New Hampshire, you appoint a Registered Agent.

File Articles of Organization

By submitting a Certificate of Formation of a New Hampshire Limited Liability Company with the New Hampshire Secretary of State, a New Hampshire LLC is formed. The Certificate must have the following information:

  • The name of the LLC
  • The office address, email address, & business phone number for the LC
  • The nature of the LLC’s business (for example, “software development”)—you must be specific.
  • The LLC’s registered agent’s name and address
  • If managers will be in charge of the LLC
  • A list of all management teams and members, as well as the signature of the LLC’s management or a member, if applicable.

Create an LLC Operating Agreement for a Delivery Service

You don’t have to register an operating agreement with the Secretary of State, but it’s virtually as crucial as your Certificate of Formation. Here’s why the Operating Agreement is so vital: it lays out exactly how your LLC will succeed. The Operating Agreement, for example, will outline how revenues are dispersed among LLC members, how member nations can join (or leave), management regulations, each member’s rights and responsibilities, and more.

You should prepare an Operating Agreement even if you’re a single-member LLC (you’re the only one running it). What are the chances? Your company may expand, and an Operating Agreement will ensure that you’re prepared to welcome new members into the fold. Furthermore, many banks need to view your documents.

Obtaining an EIN

Employer Identification Number[1] (EIN) is an acronym for Employer Identification. The Internal Revenue Service[2](IRS) assigns EINs to organizations to assist them in being identified for tax purposes. It’s essentially a business’s version of a Social Security Number. A Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN) is another name for an EIN (FTIN).

Even though your LLC has almost no employees, it must acquire its own IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN), which will have more than one member. If you organize a one-member LLC, you only need to get an EIN if it will have workers or if you choose to tax it as a corporation rather than a sole proprietor (disregarded entity). An EIN can be obtained by filling out an online EIN application on the IRS website. There is no charge for filing.

Annual Reports should be filed

A New Hampshire llc needs you to publish an additional document in addition to your annual business taxes to keep the state informed about your company’s current status. This document is known as the annual report in New Hampshire, and it is simple to file. All you have to do is go to NH QuickStart, fill out the relevant information, and pay the $100 filing cost with a credit card.

Every limited liability company (LLC) in New Hampshire is obliged to file the report by April 1st. If you don’t, you’ll be charged a $50 late fee. But, more crucially, if you don’t file it, you risk losing your company’s good status in the state. It’s a pain to get reinstated after that, so it’s well worth it.

What Should You Do After Starting your LLC in New Hampshire?

You still need to secure an EIN, establish an operating agreement, open a bank account, fund the LLC, and understand state reporting and tax obligations after your LLC in New Hampshire Registration of Creation are confirmed.

Open a bank account for your LLC

Your limited liability company (LLC) in new Hampshire will require its bank account. Why? Because an LLC is a separate legal entity from its shareholders, it has limited responsibility. As a result, liability protection may be lost if personal and business finances are mixed.

Separates your personal belongings from the assets of your firm, which is required for personal asset protection. It simplifies bookkeeping and tax reporting.

Obtaining a company credit card 

It assists you in distinguishing between personal and commercial spending. Builds your company’s credit history, which might help you raise funds in the future (for example, small business loans).

Getting a business accountant 

It prevents your company from paying too much in taxes while also avoiding penalties, charges, as well as other costly tax mistakes.

Allows you to focus more time on your expanding business by simplifying bookkeeping and payroll. Improves the management of your company’s funds by identifying areas of unanticipated loss or profit.

Insurance for businesses

Business insurance allows you to focus on building your LLC while managing risks. The following are the most popular types of company insurance:

  • General Liability Insurance: Insurance that protects your company from lawsuits. General liability insurance is purchased by the majority of small enterprises.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Covers claims of malpractice and other business errors for professional service providers (consultants, accountants, and so on).
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: This is a sort of insurance that covers employees for illnesses, injuries, or deaths that occur on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law in New Hampshire for enterprises with one or more employees, including LLC members and corporate executives.

Design a Website for Your Company

Putting up a website is an important step in establishing your company’s legitimacy. A website is required for any company. Even if you believe your company is too small or operates in an offline industry, if you don’t have a website, you are missing out on a significant portion of prospective consumers and money.

Because they don’t have any website-building experience, some people may believe that constructing a business website is beyond them. While this was a valid concern in 2015, web technology has advanced significantly in recent years, making the lives of small business owners much easier.

Launch a Press Release

Press releases are one of the simplest and most effective ways to advertise your company. They’re also one of the most cost-effective solutions because they do the following:

  • First, it generates publicity. Second, create an online presence for your company.
  • Third, improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) to attract more visitors.
  • Are a one-time effort and financial investment
  • Have long-term advantages

The Top 2 LLC Services

AwardBest LLC formation packagesBest LLC formation packages
DetailRead Review Read Review

Visit Website

Visit Website


Zen Business has a lower $99 fee than Northwest, and it places a greater emphasis on creating the process less unpleasant and providing an easier-to-use website. You’ll get their excellent customer service as well as access to useful software for tracking and filing your company’s annual reports.

In summary, here are a few of our favorite aspects of Zen Business:

  • You will receive more individualized attention from a smaller company than you would from a larger corporation.
  • For $39 plus state taxes, you can get registered agent service for the first year when you form your firm with Zen Business (this yearly bundle usually costs $119).
  • At $99 a year, it has one of the cheapest à-la-carte registered agent prices.

For the first year, you’ll pay $39 + $100 in New Hampshire fees if you utilize Zen Business to form your company. Following that, your annual fee will be $119. If you only want the registered agent service, it’ll cost you $99 each year.


Northwest Registered Agent services charge $125 per year, the only significant national registered agent service that scans all documents received as your agent locally. They also provide personalized customer service by assigning each client to a dedicated account representative.

Here are a few more great reasons to visit the Northwest:

  • If you utilize them for more than ten states or as the company registered for even more than ten businesses, you will receive a $100 discount per year for each business.
  • Promises to never sell your personal information and uphold their Privacy by Default policy.
  • Provides one year of discounted registered agent service if you are using their $39 LLC formation service ($125 per year will begin on the first anniversary of your LLC establishment).

If you choose to use Northwest’s business formation package, you’ll spend $139 for the first year, which includes their service fee and the $100 New Hampshire filing fee.

Final Thoughts

Setting up an a new hampshire LLC can be intimidating, but if you follow proper pre-and post-formation procedures, your company will be successful. We hope that this advice has alleviated some of the anxiety associated with starting a business.

These are the processes for founding an LLC on your own. Of course, it’s perfectly legal to do everything yourself and save you a great deal of money. But you’re not alone if you’d prefer to hire some support to get your company up and to go.

Hiring an LLC creation service (such as Zen Business) allows you to skip the monotony of filling out paperwork on your own, allowing you to focus on your passion or business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I start a limited liability company in New Hampshire?

If you’re just getting started in business or have been working as a sole proprietor for a while, you might think about incorporating an LLC.

How can I find out if the name I want for my LLC is available?

It’s critical that the name of your LLC stands out from the names of other firms registered with the New Hampshire Secretary of State. To make sure your preferred name is available, you can run a free name search on their website.

Is it necessary for my New Hampshire LLC to have an operating agreement?

Operating agreements are not required in New Hampshire for LLCs, but they are strongly recommended.

Is a business license required in New Hampshire?

Your LLC may require additional local and state business permits depending on its type of operation and location.

When I’m done, how can I dissolve my LLC?

If you’ve concluded that it’s time to shut down your company and stop all operations, you’ll need to dissolve your LLC correctly to protect yourself from litigation and government fees.



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