7 Best AI Investing Apps & Software 2024: Ranked & Reviewed

Reviewed by Kristina Knight, Journalist , BA
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Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

Best Overall

4.8 stars - votes



Most Educational

4.7 stars - votes

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

Best for Large Portfolios

4.5 stars - votes
7 Best AI Investing Apps & Software

As technology continues to advance at a rapid-fire pace and the stock market becomes increasingly volatile, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a common tool among high-frequency traders. The technology is being leveraged in various ways to help specialties, long-term investors, and beginners.  

You may be wondering – Is an AI stock trading bot a good idea? There are many reputable apps that do in fact provide excellent value and service. We review the top investment apps that use AI to trade stocks, providing you with an analysis of their pros, cons, and features.

7 Best AI Investing App & Software 2024

Best AI Investing Apps & Software July 2024

7 Best AI Investing Apps & Software

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

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With powerful Ai software and a simple setup – Trade Ideas is an excellent all-around choice for an AI investing application. Their “Holly” AI advising system is our choice as the Best Overall AI trading app.

  • Excellent stock scanning
  • Easy to use
  • Provides comprehensive service for day traders
  • Not mobile optimized

Trade Ideas is a powerful and user-friendly investing app that utilizes artificial intelligence in order to provide users with the best possible investment advice. It’s designed for everyone from beginners to experts, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to be involved in the stock market. The premium version of the app unlocks an artificial intelligence advisor program called Holly, which can help you manage your risk and keep track of your portfolio. With features like charting, stock scanning, real-time alerts, and risk analysis, Trade Ideas is a unique and helpful way to invest in your future, leveraging powerful machine learning to scan and advise.



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Acorns is a financial services company that wants to make investing accessible to all. The name Acorns comes from their product’s ability to take “acorns” of your money and invest it, eventually growing into a large oak tree. This micro-investing platform is popular with younger investors and teaches investing and saving habits well. We find it to be the Most Educational app.

  • Top class micro-investing system
  • Beautiful design  and intuitive user experience
  • Educational content encourages healthy savings habits
  • AI features redesigned for basic functions only
  • Not designed for day traders or large portfolios

Acorns is an attractive app with user-friendly UI and UX. It uses AI to help you save by identifying your expenses, and it includes educational material to teach you about compound interests, financial planning, and much more-all while making it easy for you to invest spare change. Their investment app takes the spare change left over when you’re spending on things like coffee or groceries, adding it up and giving you the option to invest it on your next transaction. Acorns does not have the most powerful AI and isn’t able to help short-term trading or make sophisticated predictions but that is not its aim. It’s perfect for younger investors who want to start saving, investing, and learning.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

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Charles Schwab is one of the most well-known names in the brokerage business. You can take advantage of their intelligent investing services in order to use AI to mitigate risk and automate profit maximizing strategy. With power and experience, Charles Schwab is the Best for Large Portfolios.

  • Long history
  • Robo advising
  • Powerful AI
  • $5,000 minimum for robo-advising is a barrier for many

Schwab Intelligent Advisory is a new service that uses artificial intelligence to help manage your portfolio. The platform consists of robo-advisors for goal planning, tax management, and asset allocation services.   The platform uses computer algorithms to track your assets and make recommendations. For example, the program uses automated tax harvesting to sell at the most opportune times to minimize tax bills. Schwab brings value on the opposite end of the spectrum from the previously mentioned Acorns – Charles Schwab is a top choice if you have a larger and more complex portfolio to manage.



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Read Betterment Review

Perhaps Betterment isn’t the absolute best at any one aspect – but the app works well for just about any investor and is an excellent service. Since Betterment does a bit of everything, we select this app as the Overall Performer Award.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Excellent tax features
  • Versatile
  • Crypto’s volatility
  • Not designed for large portfolios

Betterment is a financial management app designed for easy access to automated investing. It offers a smooth and intuitive user interface, and its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology generates investments based on your user profile. Based on exchange-traded funds and cryptocurrency, the AI features include dividend reinvestment, recurring deposits, portfolio rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, and tax coordination. You can start Betterment with small investments, yet it still works well as your portfolio grows. You can also arrange human advising on an as needed basis. Experienced investors with large portfolios can unlock additional premium services so no one really outgrows the app.



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Read TrendSpider Reviews

If you are looking for a fast powerful day trading solution, Trend Spider is the top choice in the field. This software provides exceptionally fast and powerful scanning and transactions. This competitor is the best Best for High Volume.

  • Top of class scanning
  • Lightning fast AI
  • Superior technical analysis
  • Complex 
  • Effectiveness is limited fo day pattern trading

TrendSpider is a software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze market conditions and gain a competitive edge on your investments. This software can be used by very active and aggressive traders to make precise timing trades. Trendspider works by analyzing historical data to find optimal times to buy and sell. Trendspider’s platform offers excellent visualization, strategy testing, and superior charting. It can also deploy your own stock trading bots with quick speed. This is tailor made for high volume day trading.



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Read VectorVest Reviews

This platform attempts to use a large data set and powerful algorithms to then simplify and automate investing. With a vast amount of stocks and funds analyzed and decades of information analyzed – we award VectorVest the Best Data Award.

  • Large data set
  • Powerful mathematical foundations
  • Able to simplify complex forecasting
  • Customer support is not always responsive

When you need to make investment decisions, there’s no substitute for actual data. The VectorVest app has a top notch scanning system that takes in data from over 18,000 funds and stocks and analyzes it along with stock historic performance, true value, and future forecast. It then presents the information in a format that lets you make decisions. This app lies in the middle ground between passive investing and pattern trading. It’s the best choice for an investor who wants data driven recommendations that allow them to be active investors but not day traders.



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Read Wealthbase Reviews

If you like fantasy sports, you’ll love Wealthbase. It’s a lot like competing in an online sports league, except the sport is investing in stocks. This can be very fun and is quite a unique idea. We give them our nod as the Most Creative app. However, this is not an option at all for actual investing.

  • Intriguing idea
  • Gamification
  • Community building
  • Not really investing
  • Some clients drop off the app once the novelty wears off

The Wealth Base app is a fantasy stock trading game that allows users to create a player avatar, make trades on a virtual stock exchange, and earn points based on their performance. Users are ranked against each other in order to see how well they are doing in comparison to other players and can win prizes. It’s just like a fantasy sports league. The app also includes many features which allow players to interact with each other through groups and posts, adding an extra social element that keeps players engaged. We think this is creative and intriguing – but it’s more of a side activity rather than an investing app.

What Is A Stock Market AI Investing App?

Artificial Intelligence is a tool that helps investors make better portfolio selections by applying artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms are programs that learn using big data sets, which are analyzed to predict future performance in stocks. AI-driven trading apps can help investors forecast the market, make data-driven decisions, and mitigate risk. They often have lower trading fees since it’s automated.

How do AI Investing Apps & Ai Stock Trading Software Work?

AI investing apps and AI stock trading software are next-generation technologies that make use of advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to gather and analyze massive amounts of financial data and updated market information to provide investment guidance and real-time market analysis. 

These tools can be used by investors of all levels, from newbies to experts, and offer a wide array of advantages, such as automated portfolio management, personalized investment recommendations, and real-time market analysis. Some examples of AI investment software and apps include robo-advisors, trading bots, stock screeners, and portfolio optimization tools.

AI stock trading software is designed to provide accurate information on how the market performs over time so that its users can make investment decisions accordingly. The software collects and analyzes data related to the user’s investment situation and sets conditions, as well as the market as a whole. The software is mainly designed to make investment decisions for the user. 

What To Be Concerned With When Using AI Investing Apps?

When using AI investing apps, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re making informed decisions. Here are a few things to be aware of:

Financial risk: Even with AI, trading stocks always involves financial risk. Investors should be aware of the potential risks and do their research before investing in any trading software.

Cost: AI software and services can be expensive, especially for individual investors or small firms. Investors should consider their budget and whether the cost of AI investing is worth it for them.

Lack of human touch: AI investing apps and software are designed to provide automated portfolio management, personalized investment recommendations, and real-time market analysis. However, they lack the human touch that comes with working with a financial advisor. Investors should decide whether they would prefer to work with a human advisor or use an AI investing app.

Potential for errors: AI algorithms are only as good as the data they are trained on, and they can make mistakes. Investors should use multiple sources of information to make investment decisions and be aware of the potential for errors when using AI investing apps.

Lack of transparency: Some AI investing apps and software may not provide full transparency into how their algorithms work. Investors should do their research to ensure that they are comfortable with the level of transparency provided by the app or software they are using.

Reason Use AI For Trading In Stock Market

Artificial Intelligence has redefined investing by simplifying the process of wealth creation. AI is able to make decisions made from lightning-fast mathematical calculations, predefined algorithms, and learning from large data sets – all out of reach for humans. Additionally, AI can analyze real-time changes in the market and make lightning-fast trades. AI uses only data to make decisions and is not prone to human error based on emotion, fatigue, wishful thinking, or fear. Although AI can be helpful, keep in mind that trading stocks always involves financial risk.

Who Needs AI Stock Trading Software?

Many applications provide AI trading applications for existing or prospective clients. These apps are general retail investment platforms designed to leverage high powered machine learning for ordinary investors. The various software options serve different clientele. Whereas apps such as Acorn specialize in micro saving and investing for newcomers and young people, others like Trend Spider are for day traders, and yet others are for everything in between.

Can AI Guarantee Future Investment Success?

AI can help investors make better investment decisions, but it’s not a magic bullet.

AI can be a powerful tool for investors, but it can’t predict the future. The market is constantly changing, and AI tools can’t always keep up. Additionally, AI is only as good as the data it’s trained on. If the data is inaccurate or incomplete, then the AI’s predictions will be inaccurate.

That’s why investors shouldn’t rely solely on AI to make investment decisions. Instead, they should use AI as a tool to supplement their own research and analysis. By doing so, investors can increase their chances of success in the market.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence can help many retail stock investors. This includes college students trying to get started with investing, experienced day pattern traders, and long term investors. In many ways, AI now rules the market. Through our research, we have clearly determined that the key to success with AI investing is to find the product that matches your personal needs and financial goals. Thus, use the information in this review to find the service that will help you take your next investing steps. For today, we find that Trade Ideas, Acorns, and Charles Schwab are the best choices – but all the options provide good value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does AI do for stocks?

Artificial intelligence is a form of machine learning where computer systems are trained with large data sets. Programs aimed at the stock market use this AI to analyze and forecast stock prices and to balance client portfolios.

Is AI trading profitable?

AI is capable of performing more and faster calculations than people and it avoids emotion, fatigue, and other human drawbacks. However, AI is only as good as the programming and datasets used, so it is never flawless. AI also cannot always predict future events, so no trading stocks is guaranteed to succeed.

What is QAI?

Quantalytics investment advisors.



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