Study: Viewability High For Video

Study: Video Viewability High
Study: Video Viewability High

Viewability At 88%

Integral Ad Science has release their latest Media Quality Report, and among the more interests findings is that video viewability remains quite high. Although viewability decreased by nearly 10% year over year, for 2021 viewability remained high at over 88% (mobile). On Desktop, viewability rates are lower, at about 75%.

A likely reason for digital viewability to be so high? More and more consumers are dropping traditional cable subscriptions and opting in to streaming services. While many will watch streaming services on televisions, they’re also signing in on phones, laptops, and tablets to stay up to date with their favorite series and events.

More Fraud Risk For Digital

As more consumers have tuned in to online channels, so have fraudsters, however. According to the report ad fraud increased to 1.4% for display ads and about 1.3% for video. However, the biggest issues come from brands’ risk with specific areas of content.

Integral’s report found that about one-third of brands appeared near violent content, and nearly 20% nearby adult content. Other areas that could bring issues for brands: illegal download ads and hate speech.

“The 16th Edition of IAS’s Media Quality Report illustrates that digital media quality metrics can differ notably based on vertical or geographic location,” said Tony Marlow, CMO, IAS. “However, key trends such as contextual targeting are consistently top-of-mind for marketers everywhere as they seek to effectively connect with their audiences in privacy-friendly ways.”

More data from Integral’s report can be accessed here.



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