Report: Personalization Key As Cookie Deadline Nears

Report: Business Not Ready for Cookie-less Internet
Report: Business Not Ready for Cookie-less Internet

52% of People Say Personalization is Poor

There is a growing divide between businesses and merchants and their customer base where personalization is concerned. That is a key finding from new Twilio data in which researchers found that most (75%) of businesses believe their provide good to excellent personalized experiences, 52% of consumers say they experience bad or poor personalization.

Why does this matter? Because personalization is key to engagement, especially as the countdown to the loss of the cookie is concerned. Businesses who provide excellent personalization are better set up to build customer loyalty and see increasing revenues.

70% Revenue Increase Seen From Good Personalization

Researchers found that, on average, businesses that have invested in customer engagement over the past two years have seen revenue increases of up to 70%. However, most businesses (81%) still aren’t prepared to go personal. Those businesses continue to rely on third-party data – cookies – to engage consumers; more than half (55%) say they are currently not prepared for a cookie-less world.

“The research clearly shows that companies that prioritize digital customer engagement reap the biggest rewards,” said Glenn Weinstein, Chief Customer Officer, Twilio. ”Personalization is actually getting harder to deliver, with high customer expectations, changing technologies, and the diminishing value of third-party cookies. We’ve seen five fundamentals to overcoming these challenges: Embrace digital, Personalize every interaction, Shift to first-party data, close the trust gap, and Avoid engagement fatigue by increasing the quality of your interactions.”

More data from Twilio’s State of Customer Engagement Report can be accessed here.



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