Most People Are Online, On Social

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Most People Are On Social Media

Hootsuite’s snapshot of the internet world shows that most, about 4.65 billion, people who are online are also active on social media. But, how they use social media continues to be for different reasons. Facebook’s users, for example, are most likely to log on to the social network to catch up with friends and family. Instagram and SnapChat users, meanwhile, are most interested in sharing their own content with the world. Most TikTok users (77%) log on to the video-based site to be entertained. 

“For marketers who are looking to develop a more robust social strategy, it’s important to recognize that users across different social media platforms have their own use cases for each channel,” added Lower. “Brands don’t need to be active and curate content for every single social media channel to be successful. Rather, successful marketing teams should identify the top platforms that attract an audience that resonates with their brand and lean into engaging with them.”

Hootsuite: 200 Million More People Online

Comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, social media aggregator Hootsuite has found a 200 million increase in the consumer base. That brings the online space to a whopping 5 billion in citizenry, and means nearly two-thirds (63%) of the world’s population is now online. 

“As global internet adoption grows, we’re seeing increased access to information, social media and technology,” said Maggie Lower, CMO, Hootsuite. “This growth is powerful, and I’m excited to continue following the steady increase in internet adoption and its impact on how people connect through its various mediums—including social.”

Hootsuite’s full Q2 Digital Trends report can be accessed here.



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