How To Build A Strong Crypto Strategy

How To Build A Strong Crypto Strategy
How To Build A Strong Crypto Strategy

Crypto Is About Discovery

Solid crypto and NFT strategy are based on value. In 2022, crypto companies, brands, and people who are looking to get into this space must look at what value NFT and crypto will bring to their situation and how NFT and crypto will become valuable in such hard times. There are multiple ways, but it all starts from discovery, market discovery, and community discovery. 

“If crypto can solve a specific community issue or solve a specific problem, value is always automatically generated. We help other companies create, structure, and assess if they’re on the right track through different studies and analytics that we successfully implemented. Also, there is no supply without demand. Sometimes it is easiest to communicate with a community, find its problem, and provide its solution with crypto,” said Valentin Saitarli, CEO, Exclusive PR Solutions. 

Consider Crypto As Payment

Crypto, while more esoterical than NFTs which represent a specific value or virtual good, still holds value. Crypto as a payment method can be a benefit for some businesses. 

““For example, multiple companies such as Payoneer work in Asian markets. While working with Payoneer, we started thinking about creating our currency because payment companies have absolutely complicated, difficult, and sometimes unreasonable ways of operating. They can block your account or they can freeze your payments. We’ve seen huge demands for crypto, NFT, and strategies related to payments and salaries. This segment of the market is very attractive,” said Saitarli. 

Give Crypto A Specific Value

Like NFTs, cryptos need a value so that the recipient knows what it is they are getting. NFTs, for example, can be virtual tickets and other objects that are seen to have value by consumers. For crypto the same can be true, but businesses have to identify what that value is. 

“Crypto should solve a problem. ?rypto could be a replacement for or be used instead of a salary. It can be highly convertible and used instead of a payment solution such as Payoneer,” said Saitarli. “Why do crypto companies use Payoneer? Think of Payoneer’s blocked accounts, down without reasons, without proper assessment, and without proper due diligence. A person may find this a problem, create a crypto and service those communities that PayPal and Payoneer have blocked without reason, and provide means to support their businesses.”



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