TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card Review 2022: Features & Alternatives

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TD First Class Travel® Visa Infinite*
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The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card is a travel-focused Visa card that offers many ways to earn rewards while you travel and pay for other expenses. There are plenty of ways to redeem your reward points, such as with luxury car rentals, airplane ticket and hotel bookings, and travel insurance.


  • Full annual fee rebate for the first year
  • Welcome bonus
  • Travel offers and insurance


  • Minimum income requirement
  • Limitations of TD Expedia Website

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card provides you with some great features and benefits. In addition, there are quite a few ways to earn quick points and rewards through shopping, dining out, and travel-related purchases.

TD Bank is a leading financial institution in Canada with over 89,000 employees and more than 26 million clients worldwide. They offer a wide range of products and services, including personal and business banking, wealth management, insurance, and more. The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card is one of their top travel rewards cards.

td first class travel visa infinite card review

The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card is a credit card that offers various ways to earn TD points and redeem them through eligible travel purchases. In addition, you can also earn points through regular grocery and dining expenses. You can use your points to book air tickets, hotels, and even rent luxury cars. 

The card also comes with a good range of welcome bonuses and rewards programs. You can get up to 8 TD points for every dollar spent on the Expedia for TD website. 

The card lets you earn up to 145,000 TD points, including 20,000 bonus points in your first year, if you apply for the card by May 28, 2023. The card bears an annual fee of $139; however, you will get a complete waiver if you spend $5,000 within the first six months. 

You will also get many conventional credit card features with the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card, such as easy-access monthly payment plans, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, access to TD rewards website, and the opportunity to get additional cards.  

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card Advantages

Let’s go over some advantages you will enjoy using the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card.

Welcome Offer

Currently, TD Bank is offering a welcome bonus with the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card, which lets you earn up to 145,000 TD points in a year, equivalent to $1,000 in value if you apply by May 28, 2023. 

Auto Rental Insurance Coverage up to 48 Days

If you travel often and rent cars frequently, the TD Travel Visa Infinite Card has a great perk. You will get up to 48 days of car rental insurance protection for rental car collisions or loss damage.

Great Travel Insurance

You will get various travel insurance benefits that will take away your worries when you travel. The insurance includes medical insurance of up to $2 million, trip delay and cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance, auto rental damage insurance, and lost baggage insurance.  

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card’s Features & Benefits

TD credit card combines the benefits of a regular credit card and a travel-focused credit card. 

TD Rewards Program Benefits

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card lets you enjoy the TD Rewards program benefits. You will earn points in the following ways:

  • Expedia for TD partnership website: Up to 8 TD rewards points for each dollar spent
  • Grocery and dining out: Up to 6 TD rewards points for each dollar spent
  • Bill payments: Up to 4 TD rewards points for each dollar spent
  • Any other expenses: Up to 2 TD rewards points for each dollar spent

In addition, you can receive 10,000 TD rewards points as a birthday bonus on your TD card account.

There are several ways you can use or redeem your accumulated TD reward points. These include:

  • Once you have 200 TD points in your TD credit card account, you can place a redemption request for everyday purchases.
  • You can use the TD Expedia partnership website, or any other travel booking website, to redeem your points.
  • TD bank lets you shop online through their dedicated reward point shopping portal,
  • You can also use your TD point balance to reduce or offset your credit card bill.  

Travel Benefits

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card is one of the best travel-focused credit cards in Canada. TD Bank emphasizes providing some of the best travel benefits to cardholders. Here are the travel benefits you will get with your TD bank travel Visa card: 

  • $100 credit when you make your first purchase of over $500 on the TD Expedia partnership website. 
  • Up to $2 million in travel medical insurance coverage. 
  • Up to $500 for each person when a trip is delayed by more than four hours
  • Trip cancellation insurance protection of up to $1,500 per person and up to $5,000 for all
  • Up to $1,000 insurance coverage for baggage loss
  • 48 days of damage or accident coverage when you rent a vacation car with your TD travel credit card
  • Toll-free hotline for any emergencies during your travel
  • No blackout dates

Visa Infinite Benefits

While the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card provides some exclusive travel benefits, it also gives you all the regular benefits associated with TD’s Visa infinite program. Those include 

  • Complimentary on-request concierge, available 24/7
  • Seven exclusive benefits for booking over 900 luxury hotels globally
  • Access to exclusive gourmet events where you will find award-winning chefs and high-quality wines
  • Exclusive benefits from over 95 wineries across Sonoma Valley, British Columbia, and Canada 
  • Tickets for curated events
  • Exclusive membership benefits at over 95 golf courses

Other Benefits

In addition to the travel and Visa Infinite benefits, the TD Travel Visa card also offers the following: 

  • Up to 50% extra reward points and Stars on your spending in selected Starbucks stores
  • Access to TD payment plans where you can split expenses of over $100 across up to 18 monthly installments 
  • Up to 10% discounts at Avis for car rentals within the US and Canada
  • Compatibility with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Extended warranty protection for purchased items

Interest Rates and Fees

The TD credit card comes with competitive fees and an interesting structure. You can use the card for general everyday purchases and cash advances. The interest rate is 20.99% for purchases and 22.99% for cash advances.

The travel visa card charges an annual fee of $139 for the primary card and $50 for the first additional or supplementary card. Your third card, and any subsequent cards, are free.

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card Quick Overview

TD First Class Travel® Visa Infinite*
4.3 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Various travel insurance protections
  • Discounts on travel expenses
  • No expiration of reward points 

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TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card Customer Reviews

The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card has received overall positive feedback from most of its customers for having some of the best travel benefits and insurance packages among competitors. Most of the negative reviews are related to sluggish customer support.

I’ve been using the TD Travel Visa Card for a couple of years. My experience with the card has been smooth.

Emma, C

I’m a big fan of the TD Travel card’s insurance packages. The card’s comprehensive range travel insurance is a big time saver for me

Oliver Campbell

I tried to use the travel card for a regular Samsung Pay payment, but the payment failed. The customer support line was unresponsive. TD surely needs to work things out regarding the call center.


I love how the TD travel Visa card has been my all-inclusive travel companion every time I travel in Canada and outside

Harris, L

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card Service Review

td first class travel visa infinite card review

Review of TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Use
Included Features

Now that we’ve discussed the features, benefits, and fees of the TD Visa infinite travel card, let’s find how they perform in delivering the promised features. 

Is This Brand Right For You?

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card is an excellent choice for frequent travelers. Many of the benefits and fee waivers offered through the card are linked with the amount you spend. So to access all the potential benefits, you will always have to fulfill the spending requirements. 

If you take frequent air trips or prefer to rent cars, the TD credit card has plenty of features to manage your travel expenses with ease.  

Cost Value 

The TD travel card offers a full annual fee rebate for the first year based on your total usage. You can also take advantage of discounts on budget car rentals and redeem TD points easily from the TD reward shopping website and any regular purchases. 

Overall, the card offers some good value for frequent travelers and for those who will use it for everyday shopping.  

Customer Service

TD provides customer support through its website and call center. You can also quickly book an appointment to visit a nearby branch. You will also request concierge services online 24/7. 

Ease of Use

You can conveniently apply for the TD travel Visa infinite card online and submit your relevant documents. The card supports local and international online transactions, point-of-sale transactions, and mobile payments. You can redeem your reward points through the call center or TD’s mobile banking app in no time. 

Included Features

Let’s quickly review the most attractive features you will get from the TD travel Visa card: 

  • TD Rewards points: TD Visa card lets you earn more reward points through travel and dining spending. 
  • Welcome bonus: The card’s welcome and birthday bonus are among the best in the market. You can quickly earn up to 145,000 TD rewards points with regular expenses. 
  • Insurance protection: You will get full insurance coverage for all travel risks. 
  • Exclusive benefits: The card provides attractive benefits such as discounts on golf course memberships and access to curated dining events. 
  • Wide compatibility: TD infinite cards are compatible with all in-store and online transactions. 


To sum up the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card review, the card comes with some solid features for frequent users and travelers. You will get excellent benefits when you use the Expedia for TD website for purchases. However, the annual fees and lower reward points for regular purchases may bother you if you are not a frequent traveler. 

2 Top TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card Alternatives

Tangerine Money-Back MastercardAmerican Express Cobalt CardTD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card
RewardsUp to 2% money-back for your chosen category and up to 0.50% money-back for all other categories5x points on food and groceries
3x points on streaming subscriptions
2x points on travel
1x point on every other purchase
Up to 8 TD rewards points for each dollar spending on Expedia for TD website
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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Tangerine Money-Back Mastercard  

Tangerine money-back Mastercard is a zero-fee cash-back credit card that lets you enjoy direct cashback instead of reward points on your monthly spending. The card offers up to 2% cash back for spending in your preferred category. You can also purchase on credit and borrow cash at a 19.95% interest rate.

American Express Cobalt Card  

American Express Cobalt card is a consumer-friendly credit card where you can earn a high volume of reward points by spending on dining, streaming subscriptions, and travel. At the same time, you will also get additional rewards for using Amex travel online portal for selected hotel and qualifying car rentals. 


The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card offers a good range of benefits for frequent travelers. However, if you are not a frequent traveler, and looking for a more generalized option, you may also consider worthy alternatives like Tangerine Money-Back Mastercard or American Express Cobalt Card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card worth it?

The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card focuses extensively on travelers, offering a good range of insurance protections and rental perks. The card is an excellent choice for frequent travelers.

Does TD Visa Infinite cover trip cancellation?

Yes, the TD travel Visa card covers you up to $1,500 for unexpected trip cancellations. If you’re traveling in a group, you will get insurance of up to $5,000 in total.

Is it hard to get a Visa Infinite card?

You will need to have a personal annual income of $60,000 or a household annual income of $100,000 to be eligible for TD travel card.

How will I get TD travel credit?

You will get $100 in TD travel credit when you use your TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite card to make your first purchase of over $500 from the Expedia for TD website each year.



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