Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card Review 2022: Features & Alternatives

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Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card
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The Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite card offers a rewards program, adaptable redemption options, and all-inclusive family travel insurance.


  • Excellent rewards program
  • Visa infinite benefits
  • Travel Insurance


  • No introductory bonus points 
  • Lack of premium perks
  • Travel insurance coverage
  • 24/7 concierge services
  • Rewards program

The Laurentian Bank of Canada is a Schedule I bank primarily operating in Quebec and with offices in Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Ontario. The bank has been in business since 1846 and was previously known as the Montreal City and District Savings Bank. Since it was renamed the Laurentian Bank of Canada in 1987, the name continues to be used till date.

Laurentian bank visa infinite card review

Laurentian Bank of Canada (Banque Laurentienne du Canada) is one of Canada’s top-rated and oldest banks. The bank provides Canadians with access to various financial banking solutions through its network of legal subsidiaries. Laurentian Bank of Canada was founded in Montréal, Québec, in 1846 as the Montréal City and District Savings Bank (Banque d’Épargne de la Cité et du District de Montréal). The bank changed its name to Laurentian Bank of Canada in 1987.

In its 175 years of life, Laurentian Bank of Canada has established a number of subsidiaries (including banking, brokerage, insurance, investment, technology, and trust organizations) to further its objectives and carry them out.

Laurentian Bank of Canada gives users access to a wide range of credit cards that are available on the visa reward zone. They include the visa infinite card, the visa explorer reward card, the visa dollars cash back card, and the visa black Reward Me credit card.

The Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite card offers a rewards program, adaptable redemption options, and all-inclusive family travel insurance. To get a Laurentian bank infinite visa card, you need an excellent credit score of 650 or higher. You must also be at least 18 years of age, be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and have a personal income of at least $60,000.

Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card Advantages

High Earn Rate (Up to 8 Points)

Earn up to 8 points per dollar when you spend on gas, groceries, and restaurants within your first three months. After the first three months, earn 2 points per dollar spent on pre-authorized debit purchases and other eligible purchases like grocery, gas, and transportation. Other eligible purchases let you earn 1 point per dollar spent. You can cash back these points earned by exchanging 10,000 points for 100 dollars. 

24/7 Concierge Services

Laurentian bank provides customer service representatives who can step in to handle your day-to-day demands to handle some tasks on your behalf. The Laurentian bank Concierge team is available 24/7 to assist you free of charge, so you can focus on doing more important things.  Some services they can help you with include restaurant suggestions and reservations, car rentals, hotel bookings, conference rooms, translation service locators, transportation options, information provision, and so much more. You can contact the Laurentian bank concierge service on phone to make inquiries or make use of their services. 

Impressive Travel Insurance Coverage

The Laurentian bank visa card offers comprehensive travel and services insurance coverage. The coverage offered includes trip cancellation, baggage delay, public transportation vehicle accidents, and hospital, medical, and paramedical care. However, some conditions and exclusions may apply to these benefits.

Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card Packages

Excellent Rewards Program

The Visa Infinite Laurentian Bank Rewards Program is open to all Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite cardholders whose accounts are in good standing and have paid the card’s annual fee. There is no need to apply for membership or register. In addition to other benefits, participation in the rewards program provides an additional benefit.

Earn Points: No Limit, Never Expire

Earn DOUBLE the points for every dollar spent on hotel stays, vehicle rental reservations, groceries, and new bills that are registered for pre-authorized debits. Enjoy the rewards program’s advantages without restriction: your purchases genuinely pay off and your points never expire. You can also earn more points more quickly by adding a second cardholder to your account.

Reward Yourself Anytime

Reward yourself to the fullest anytime. You can cash back the points earned by exchanging 10,000 points for 100 dollars. You can also use your points to purchase travel rebates, a number of popular items, different gift cards, and the payment of the annual fee for your Laurentian Bank cards.

Insurance Program

The Laurentian bank insurance program is available for all users, whether you want to protect your family or a business associate, protect your assets, make a donation, safeguard your income, protect your estate, or achieve any other objective. Also, advisors are always available to help you determine your needs and offer insight.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the expenses and risks associated with traveling. It is beneficial for both domestic and international travelers. The travel insurance covers: 

  • Hospital, medical, and paramedical care (Up to a $5 million out-of-province coverage, for you and your family)
  • Trip cancellation
  • Delayed baggage
  • Public transportation vehicle accidents (up to $500,000 per person). 

Auto Insurance

Laurentian bank visa infinite credit card offers auto rental collision and loss damage insurance for up to 48 consecutive days of coverage. 

Purchase Insurance and Extended Warranty

You get 90-day insurance against theft and accidental damage on any item you buy with the Laurentian visa infinite credit card. In addition, you can get an extended warranty which can be up to a year plus the manufacturer’s warranty.  

Other Benefits and Features

Here are some other special benefits and features you can enjoy by using this card:

Visa Infinite Benefits

Enjoy visa infinite benefits like Visa Luxury Hotel Collection, Visa Dining Series, Visa Infinite Experiences, and Visa Infinite Concierge Service. To take advantage of these visa infinite benefits, you must be an eligible Laurentian bank visa infinite cardholder. Also, some benefits require enrollment. 

Travel Benefits

Travel benefits offer you a personalized service with the Reward Zone Program agency. You can book a trip, hotel, or flight directly through the Reward Zone travel agency, and get:

  • 25% more points on every transaction made through the agency
  • 24/7 assistance service for any changes to your itinerary

You can also book your own flights and use your points to pay for part or all of your trip. 

Everyday Services

The everyday services offered are as follows:

  • 1-day interest-free payment deferment until the date shown on your statement
  • Visa payWave to quickly settle small purchases
  • 2,99 % interest for 9 months
  • 14 on balances transferred from other credit cards
  • Card accepted in over 200 countries
  • With their advanced fraud detection systems, you don’t need to alert them when you are traveling
  • More than 1 million ABMs connected to the Visa, Interac, and PLUS networks offer cash advances and withdrawals around the clock.
  • Complete your purchases securely with Visa Secure and Click on Pay

Interest Rates and Fees

The Annual fee is $130 while additional cards attract a $50 extra charge. Also, the interest rate on purchases costs 19.99% while the interest rate on balance transfers, cash advances, and Visa cheques costs 21.99%. The processing fees for balance transfers and Visa cheques are 2% of the transferred amount. To be eligible, you should have $60,000 personal or $100,000 household annual income

Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card Quick Overview

Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card
3.6 stars

Best Overall Value

  • The minimum Spending Required is $3500
  • 24/7 concierge services
  • 3 months minimum spending time frame

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Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card Customer Reviews

They are professional and patient when I have questions. When I call or email them they answer quickly. I also don’t pay when I renew my mortgage since I have been a client my whole life.


The customer service was amazing. The Laurentian staff was very helpful to ensure we did everything correctly.


Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card Service Review

Laurentian bank visa infinite card review

Review of Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Use
Included Features

Is This Brand Right For You?

With numerous subsidiaries providing insurance, investment management, banking, trust services, and other services, Laurentian Bank is a diverse financial company. The Laurentian bank visa infinite card offers a simple rewards program for users. It also offers several benefits like travel accident insurance, trip cancellation, baggage delay insurance, car rental insurance, extended warranty, and purchase assurance. However, there are concerns about the card’s lack of premium travel benefits. 

Cost Value 

The Laurentian bank visa MasterCard comes with an Annual fee of $130. Also, additional cards cost $50. The interest rate charged on purchases is 19.99% while the Interest rate on balance transfers, cash advances, and Visa cheques is 21.99%. In addition, there is a 2% processing fee on each balance transfer and Visa cheque. To be eligible for this card, you must have $60,000 personal or $100,000 household annual income. However, you should note that merchants may be charged higher fees for accepting the Visa Infinite card.

Customer Service

You can contact the Laurentian bank’s customer care by phone, mail, or by email. If you want to contact support efficiently for issues related to your personal information, you can open a direct personal or commercial LBCDirect session on the website. You can also make use of the personal or commercial banking services form to send questions related to general products and services. Although the phone services are usually available from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 5 pm on weekends, issues related to a lost or stolen card are attended to 24/7. Finally, you can use the branch locator to contact a customer representative at a specific bank. 

Ease of Use

Laurentian bank’s visa infinite card is user-friendly and easy to use. They also offer a concierge service which is available to users both at home and abroad. The Concierge service staff is available to help at any time, free of charge, regardless of how big or small the need is, allowing customers to concentrate on the things that matter.

Included Features

  • Travel accident insurance
  • Trip cancellation
  • Baggage delay insurance
  • Car rental insurance
  • Extended warranty
  • Purchase assurance
  • Earn three points for each dollar you spend on recurring payments (e.g. telephone, cable TV, Internet, newspaper, among others.)
  • Earn two points for every dollar spent on purchases of groceries, gas, transportation, and other goods.
  • Earn two points for foreign currency purchases
  • For every $1 spent on other eligible purchases, earn one point.


The Visa Infinite program is designed for frugal users who expect more from their credit card issuer in terms of customer service. These cards may make any trip more convenient and enjoyable because they have features designed to help frequent travelers.

The Visa Infinite program is only accessible with annual fee-based credit cards. As with any good or service, each person must decide whether the benefits outweigh the expenses.

2 Top Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card Alternatives

KOHO Premium Prepaid CardAmerican Express Cobalt® CardLaurentian Bank Visa Infinite Card
Fee$84/year (or $9/month)$12.99/month$130/year
AwardBest CashbackBest RewardsHighest Rewards Points
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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KOHO Premium Prepaid Card 

The KOHO Premium Reloadable Prepaid Mastercard is a prepaid debit and credit card that gives rewards for regular purchases in the form of cashback. It is a reloadable card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Some of its benefits include high cash-back incentives, no foreign transaction fees, and matching prices.

American Express Cobalt® Card 

The American Express Cobalt Card is a versatile reward credit card with attractive perks like a large welcome bonus, a travel insurance package, and points for additional eligible purchases. It is one of the credit cards in Canada that offers the best rewards, some of which include a generous welcome bonus, high reward points, and solid benefits from travel insurance.


The Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite card offers a simple and significant rewards program, adaptable redemption options, and all-inclusive family travel insurance. There are no spending restrictions on rewards, no time limits on how many points you can collect, and no expiration dates for reward points.

Clients aged 66 to 75 are protected for up to 15 days, which is far longer than the industry standard. Impressive travel insurance coverage also covers up to $5 million in out-of-province coverage. However, this card lacks premium travel benefits like airport lounge access and annual travel credits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get approved for the Laurentian bank visa infinite card?

To start with, you have to be of legal age in your province of residence and a permanent resident of Canada. Also, you need to have a minimum yearly income of $60,000, $100k annual household income, and a 760+ credit score.

What benefits do visa infinite cards offer?

They offer rewards like purchase protection, return protection, travel insurance, trip delay reimbursement, and trip cancellation coverage, among others.

How do I request an increase in credit limit for my Laurentian bank credit card?

To request a credit card limit increase, contact Laurentian bank client services on phone. It is usually open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET and on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET.

Does the Laurentian bank visa infinite card come with annual fees?

 Yes, the primary card’s annual fee is $130, while the fee for each additional card is $50. This annual fee is not reimbursable. In addition, this card has an annual interest rate of 21.99% for cash advances and 19.99% for purchases.

How can I get a cash advance from my Laurentian bank credit card?

You can use LBCDirect to transfer money from your credit card account to your bank account in order to acquire a cash advance, or you can withdraw money from an ATM. However, note that unless you have a positive balance, cash advance fees and interest will be charged starting on the day you make the cash advance and continuing until the full interest-bearing amount is returned.

What should I do if my Laurentian bank credit card is lost or stolen?

It is recommended that you contact Laurentian bank’s  Visa security service as soon as possible at (514) 284-7570 or toll-free at 1-800-263-8980, available anytime. You can also cancel your Laurentian Bank credit card in person at any of their branches.

What credit cards does Laurentian Bank offer?

Laurentian Bank of Canada gives users access to a wide range of credit cards that are available on the visa reward zone. They include the visa infinite card, the visa explorer reward card, the visa dollars cash back card, and the visa black Reward Me credit card.

How do I get a Laurentian bank credit card?

You can get a Laurentian bank credit card by contacting their advisors via phone from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekdays and 8:00 am to 5: 00 pm on weekends. In addition, you can book an appointment by filling out the form on the Laurentian bank website or going to a physical branch near you.



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