Top 10 Live TV Streaming Services In Canada For 2024

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Live TV Streaming Services In Canada

What Is Canada Live TV Streaming?

Various live TV streaming services and platforms in Canada deliver events as they happen to users across the country. Each live TV streaming service has unique features, experience, and pricing. Most of these services make live streaming available on different packages for users. 

The typical packages are basic, standard, and premium accounts, providing different features and attracting various price packages. It is usually up to the user to decide which package is best for them according to their use case.

Most live TV streaming services have a basic package that offers a few channels or videos and other features. Users can also upgrade to higher packages to access more videos and functionalities. 

How To Get a Free Streaming Service

Generally, there are two types of streaming services – live and on-demand. There are various free live-streaming services that also offer free TV channels; however, a feature that is common with most of them is advertisements. 

To get a free TV streaming service, users may be required to log in to the website or download the application of the respective service. Instructions are usually provided on how to use the service, but most times, it’s straightforward, and users just need to sign up and create an account to start streaming their favorite shows. 

10 Best Live TV Streaming Services In Canada 2024

What Make A Good Live TV Streaming Canada?

Various factors come into play when contemplating the most reliable and enjoyable live TV streaming platforms in Canada. Generally, some of the conditions that must be considered include the pricing plans and advertisements, video streaming quality, and content library. 

The three factors stated above are critical to the user experience. Different streaming platforms have various packages and functionalities; therefore, users must take the time to see which live TV streaming platform suits them.

Live TV Streaming Services In Canada

10 Best Live TV Streaming Services In Canada April 2024

Live TV Streaming Services In Canada

The rest of this article will give you descriptions of our picks for the top 10 live-streaming services in Canada and why we think they are so great. Let’s get started. 

Paramount+ Premium


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Paramount+ has a unique functionality in its user interface that helps the service stand out in comparison to alternative services. The live TV section was designed to look like a cable TV grid where users can browse various channels like ET Live, CBS, etc. 

Furthermore, Paramount+ ensures viewers can watch videos with no commercials as well as a bundle option that pairs a Paramount+ account with Showtime. This live-streaming service is perfect for users who want access to affordable on-demand streaming with regularly updated original content.

  • Availability of over 30,000 hours of content without interruptions
  • The monthly subscription rates are lower compared to the alternatives 
  • Access to live TV options which include a live feed of local CBS
  • Users are unable to customize the available content
  • The platform has limited original shows 
  • The user interface does not deliver a seamless experience

Paramount+ typically offers users two general content – on-demand and live TV content. The platform is run by the parent company of Paramount Pictures, referred to as ViacomCBS. Paramount+ offers users a wide range of content with popular original shows such as Star Trek: Discovery, etc. 

The live-streaming service was rebranded in 2021 to improve its efficiency and experience. The rebranding helped the platform to expand and invest in more original shows with two pricing tiers to ensure the services are available and affordable to various users.



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Netflix offers users a free one-month trial when they create an account. There are three different levels of subscription that allow users to choose the plan that suits their needs. 

Netflix is perfect for users who prefer the best streaming quality with no advert interruptions. The service allows 4K streaming, and users can access the same account on multiple devices.

  • The service does not include advertisements 
  • The user interface is intuitive, with a seamless experience 
  • Includes an offline playback feature 
  • Allows simultaneous streaming
  • Restrictions of some regions for certain content 
  • Unavailability of live channels 
  • New content is not available right away

Netflix is one of Canada’s most popular live TV streaming services. The platform allows users to watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries across various devices, such as computers and phones. Users can stream various content on the internet without commercials. 

Netflix was introduced in 1997 and is generally regarded as the pioneer of the mail delivery system of movies, where customers could receive movies and DVDs by mail. There are three subscription plans available to users.



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DAZN is available in up to seven languages, and the worldwide coverage is very useful as users can access top sports content from various regions across the world. 

DAZN is mainly focused on fighting sports such as boxing, and this service is most suitable for big fans of boxing that want access to many matches at low and affordable rates.

  • Affordable coverage options compared to other alternatives 
  • The service is simple and easy to use 
  • Availability of a huge library 
  • Supports various devices
  • Some video content are unavailable in the country
  • The service offers no free trial to new users 
  • Limited video quality on live streams 

DAZN is an online streaming platform developed in 2015. The service streams both live and on-demand sports content to users with access to major sporting events. DAZN has the domestic broadcasting rights of some of the top professional football leagues. 

The service carries various sports and football leagues, including Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, Japan’s J League, and Germany’s Bundesliga. There is also a partnership with top boxers for the boxing rights to stream the matches.

Discovery Plus


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Discovery Plus has over 70,000 episodes of a wide variety of TV shows. There are two tiers of pricing packages available to users, which are relatively cheaper than other alternatives. 

Discovery Plus is perfect for users who want access to some of the most popular TV shows, both current and old ones. The service also offers various documentaries and lifestyle content.

  • Well-designed user interface
  • Supports multiple devices 
  • The service can run on multiple devices simultaneously 
  • There is a wide catalog of various content
  • Limited parental control tools 
  • Users cannot download videos for offline playbacks
  • There is no free package available

Discovery Plus is a popular streaming platform owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. The service was launched in 2021 to serve as a replacement for Eurosport and Dplay. The service allowed users to access previous seasons of various TV shows. 

With Discovery Plus, viewers can access content from all the media properties under the parent company Discovery. Users can also stream shows from Animal Planet, Food Network, DIY Network, Discovery, Discovery+ Originals, and more.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is an on-demand streaming platform that allows users to rent movies, a feature that is unavailable on most streaming alternatives. 

Amazon Prime Video allows users to stream movies and TV shows in high-quality graphics, like 4K and HDR. This service is best for users who want to stream quality content with a huge catalog of movies and TV shows for rental and streaming.

  • Availability of 4K and HDR streaming 
  • Allows offline downloading of content 
  • New content is added every month 
  • Users can add some streaming catalogs to their accounts
  • Watching time for rentals is quite limited 
  • The quality of original TV shows is not as good as some alternatives 
  • Unwanted adverts before the video plays

Amazon Prime Video is popularly known as Prime Video and was launched in 2006. The service launched as Amazon Unbox, but the library has expanded over the years. 

The streaming platform offers a rental service and on-demand over-the-top streaming to its users with various original contents as well as those of various providers in sports, film, and television.



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Shudder is a subscription-based service that carries movies with horror and thriller themes. The pricing of the service is quite affordable when compared to other alternatives. 

Shudder focuses on scary movie content and is perfect for users who love horror-themed movies. The user interface is quite familiar and easy to navigate too.

  • No advertisements 
  • Intuitive and elegant user interface 
  • The service includes exclusive movies and TV shows 
  • Affordable pricing in comparison to other similar alternatives
  • Limited streaming quality 
  • Unavailability of offline downloads on mobile platforms 
  • Limited catalog of horror-themed movies

Shudder is a streaming platform with horror-based themes. The AMC Network-owned service also features supernatural fiction titles, horror, and thriller. It includes various original shows and movies, such as Creepshow. 

Users can access all the content on the service through monthly subscriptions. Shudder is basically an entertainment platform catering exclusively to horror and thriller movies alongside other subgenres.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+

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Apple TV+ allows users to stream movies and TV shows of up to 4K streaming quality with the availability of offline downloads. There are various original shows that are regularly updated by the platform. 

Apple TV+ allows different user profiles so that content can be watched across various devices. This service is perfect for users who want access to high-quality streaming and offline downloads for multiple users.

  • Free trial availability to first-time users 
  • Availability of Ultra-High Definition in 4K
  • Supports simultaneous streaming 
  • iOS device users are able to watch content offline
  • The library does not include a wide range of contents 
  • Users have no access to upgrades or add-ons  
  • Limited licensed content

Apple launched its exclusive streaming service, Apple TV+, in 2019 to deliver movie content and TV shows to users. The service also offers original production films and television series, referred to as Apple Originals.

Users can access this streaming service through the Apple TV application and Apple’s website, with contents available in Dolby Vision profile five and Atmos.



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Hulu has one of the biggest on-demand libraries in comparison to other streaming platforms. There are varieties of original content with the option for subscription packages one can afford. 

With Hulu, users have access to different add-ons and multiple live-streaming channels. This service is best for users who want affordability and bundles where their Hulu account can be paired with other streaming services.

  • Offers various affordable packages 
  • The library of TV shows is updated frequently 
  • High-quality original content 
  • Compatibility with different devices
  • Unavailability of a download option for offline playback 
  • Geo-locking, where some contents are restricted 
  • The basic package has frequent advertisements

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming platforms in Canada. The service was introduced on October 29, 2007, offering a large library of movies and TV series. 

Some of the providers on Hulu are Searchlight Pictures, ABC, A&E Networks, 20th Century Studios, and Freeform. Hulu also includes the provision of more than 85 live channels.



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The user interface of HBO Max is one of the aspects where it stands out. The service is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with all the required features for a seamless experience. 

HBO Max has a lot of original shows and is perfect for users who want access to Warner Bros movies (both their old movies and new ones as they are released). Users have the option to stream simultaneously on different devices.

  • More than 13,000 hours of movies and TV shows 
  • The service offers multiple streams to users
  • Content can be downloaded for offline viewing later 
  • Offers a lot of original TV shows
  • Expensive pricing plans compared to other alternatives 
  • Content may be limited to some regions

HBO Max is a subscription-based, on-demand, over-the-top streaming service. This service was launched in 2020 by Warner Bros. Discovery with libraries that include Adult Swim, HBO, Cartoon Network, etc. 

Users have access to all the previous movies of HBO as well as the current ones. Episodes are released every week with high-quality streaming quality. The service is available on two plans, where the higher package removes all ad content.



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CuriosityStream is different from most other streaming platforms because it is niche-specific. The platform focuses on original content such as documentaries and docuseries. 

CuriosityStream is one of the most affordable streaming services with various package deals and libraries. This service is suitable for students or users who are in school or are interested in studying.

  • Hundreds of hours of exclusive content 
  • Includes parental control access 
  • Users can stream content on multiple devices 
  • Offline video playback
  • Inconsistent video quality
  • The documentaries have short lengths
  • Language options are limited

CuriosityStream was introduced in 2015 as a subscription video streaming service. The streaming platform’s contents are quite different from most competing services. The service boasts over 20 million subscribers worldwide. CuriosityStream has original documentaries in films and TV shows as well as BBC and NHK content.  

Final Thoughts

Live TV streaming services often allow users to stream various events, such as sports, movies, TV shows, and documentaries, as they are happening live. There are several streaming services, and they generally provide the functionality of watching videos as they occur in real-time or movies and other shows. However, different packages make each service unique. 

Some services allow users to enjoy add-ons and special bundles or pair two or more streaming services together, while others may have different pricing plans to ensure different features that suit users’ needs. It all comes down to personal preference and the basic features. Some free streaming TV services may include reality TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I watch events in real-time on live TV?

Yes, you can. There are live streaming services that let users stream events as they are happening

Can I use a streaming service for free?

Yes, you can. Users can stream sports and movies on various streaming services like Pluto TV, that offer free packages.

Can I use two live-streaming services together?

Yes, you can. With some streaming services, users can combine two providers or services in one account.

Can I download videos on all streaming platforms?

No, you can’t. Although most streaming platforms allow downloads for offline access, not all of them do.



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