KOHO Credit Building Review 2023: Features & Alternatives

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Financial Technology Start-Up


  • Improves Credit Rating
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • No Annual Fee


  • Limited Credit Card Offers

Zero-Fee Cashback, Secure & Easy Payments

KOHO Credit Building Review

KOHO Credit Building Review

KOHO Credit Building Review 2022 is the perfect tool for anyone looking to build or rebuild their credit score. KOHO offers a unique set of features that make it an excellent option for those who need help establishing a good credit history. With no annual fee and a low-interest rate, KOHO makes it easy to get started with your credit journey.

The application process is simple and straightforward, allowing you to start building your credit in no time. Plus, KOHO provides a variety of helpful resources to help you stay on track and monitor your progress. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to KOHO for their credit needs. 

What Is KOHO Credit Building & How Does It Work?

KOHO Credit Building is a financial service designed to help individuals build credit and improve their overall financial health. The service helps users establish a positive credit history by providing them with an installment loan that can be paid back in monthly installments over the course of 6 months. This allows users to make multiple regular payments throughout the month, which helps them build a better payment history; missed payments will affect your credit score.

KOHO also provides educational resources such as videos and articles about how to manage money responsibly, helping its users become more financially savvy. Furthermore, KOHO Credit Building offers various rewards for using their services including cashback on purchases made through their platform, reward points for referring friends, and free credit reports

KOHO Credit Building Advantages

If you opt to use KOHO Credit Building to build a positive credit history, you can benefit from several advantages. Here are some of the benefits that KOHO Credit Building offers:

Always Free Access To Your Credit Score

KOHO Credit Building provides free access to your credit rating and credit report, so you can keep an eye on how your credit history is developing. They do soft credit check to hard credit check to make sure you will be provided with the right information. 

This is especially helpful if you’re trying to build a positive credit history or repair past damage. It can help you make sure that your credit score is improving over time so you can have a positive score after they report it to a major credit bureau like Equifax.

Convenient & Affordable

From $7-$10 per month, KOHO Credit Building is an affordable way to manage your credit score and build a positive credit history. Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home – no trips to the bank required!

Easy To Qualify

 KOHO Credit Building makes it easy to qualify for their service. All you need to do is provide some basic information and a valid ID, and you’ll be approved. This makes it easier for people with bad credit or no credit history at all to access the services they need.

Earn Cash Back

KOHO Credit Building also offers cash back rewards when you use their credit card. You can earn up to 5% cash back on your purchases, which can be a great way to save money while building your credit history.

KOHO Credit Building Features

KOHO Credit Building Review

From low prices to high rewards, KOHO Credit Building is a great way to build your credit and get the most out of your finances, unlike a traditional lender. With no annual fee and competitive interest rates, KOHO provides access to a range of features that make it easier than ever to manage your credit score. 

KOHO Credit Building Cost

There are three different plans available when it comes to KOHO Credit Building: Easy, Essential, and Premium.

  • KOHO Easy: This plan is free and comes with basic features such as basic credit monitoring, budgeting tools, and an online dashboard. It offers a free annual fee and 1% cash back on groceries. It costs $10/month.
  • KOHO Essential: This plan costs $7/month and includes additional features such as credit score tracking, fraud protection, and identity theft insurance. It also offers 2% cash back on all purchases and 1.5% APR on savings accounts for the first 6 months of use. 
  • KOHO Premium: Same with KOHO Essential, it costs $7 per month, 2% cash back on groceries, up to 6% additional cash back on other purchases, and 1.2% interest on your whole available balance. 

KOHO Credit Building Features

  • Eligibility: KOHO Credit Building is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number and Canadian address. 
  • Soft Credit check: KOHO Credit Building will track your credit score and provide you with monthly updates, so you can stay on top of any changes. 
  • Availability: KOHO Credit Building is available for both iOS and Android devices. 
  • Program length:  KOHO Credit Building offers a 6-month program, allowing users to build their credit score over time. 
  • Other Features: Cashback, Savings Account interest, Fraud protection, Identity theft insurance, and Budgeting tools. Credit score tracking and Automatic regular payments and transfers, line of credit.

KOHO Credit Building Quick Overview

KOHO Credit Builder is a Canadian company that offers credit building services. It provides its customers with access to the tools and resources required for successful credit repair and rebuilding. KOHO’s Credit Building tool allows individuals to rebuild their credit score by providing them with easy access to financial products, such as loans and credit building line, at affordable rates.


4.5 stars

Best Overall Value

  • Improves Credit Score
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • No Annual Fee

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KOHO Credit Building Customer Reviews

It’s not surprising that many people are turning to KOHO Credit Building for their credit repair needs in 2023. With its innovative features and comprehensive suite of services, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing KOHO as their go-to provider.

After years of bad financial dealings along came KOHO… now I am finally rebuilding my credit. Thank you for doing what others can but have not. Giving individuals like myself a second chance.

Seems like a great opportunity to build credit and shop online instantaneously. Very convenient

It is so nice to finally have somebody batting in my corner.

KOHO = Altruistic

KOHO Credit Building Service Review

KOHO Credit Building Review

Review of KOHO Credit Building

Overall Pricing and Value
Cost Value
Customer Support
Ease of Use
Included Features

Is This Brand Right For You?

If you are looking for a way to build or improve your credit score, or have access to a line of credit, then KOHO’s Credit Building Service may be the perfect choice for you. With this service, you can take advantage of their monthly subscription plans, which offer access to credit-building tools and other features that can help you reach your financial goals.

KOHO’s Credit Building subscription provides users with personalized analysis and advice on how they can create a healthy financial future. They have partnered with leading Canadian financial institutions so that users are able to get up-to-date information about their credit scores and learn more about their spending habits. This in turn helps users to build and maintain excellent credit scores.

KOHO’s Credit Building Service also offers access to exclusive deals from leading Canadian retailers, helping you save money on items that you need throughout the year. In addition, KOHO has partnered with several banks so that members can apply for low-interest loans using their service. 

Cost Value 

As mentioned above, there are three pricing tiers:

  • Easy- $10/month 
  • Essential- $7/month 
  • Premium – $7/month

Let’s look at each plan in detail:


This plan is the most expensive but it does not charge you an annual fee. You can get 1% cash back on groceries plus 5% extra when paying and shopping with KOHO-approved merchants. You also get access to KOHO’s budgeting tools, personalized insights, and real-time notifications. Savings interest is at 0.5% on your entire funds.

KOHO Essential

The KOHO Essential Account is an upgrade from the Easy Account, offering users the same perks with higher cash-back rates. It has a monthly CB subscription fee of $4 or an annual fee of $48 and provides 1% cash back on groceries, bills and services, and eating and drinking, 0.25% cash back on all other categories using their prepaid credit card, and up to 5% extra cashback with select merchants.

The Essential Account also offers 1.5% saving interest on the entire balance in your KOHO account and free e-transfers. Additionally, there are no NSF fees, and users have the option to add on credit building or line of credit for an additional $7 per month.

KOHO Premium

The KOHO Premium Account is the most feature-rich option offered by KOHO. It has a monthly fee of $9 or an annual fee of $84 and provides 2% cash back on groceries and other purchases, as well as 0.50% cash back on all other categories.

The Premium Account also offers up to 6% extra cashback with select KOHO merchants and 1.2% interest on your KOHO balance. In addition, there are no foreign transaction fees and users can make one free international ATM withdrawal each month. The Premium Account also includes the option to add on credit building or line of credit for an additional $7 per month. This KOHO account is the most expensive offered by KOHO, but it comes with the most perks

Customer Service

When it comes to support, KOHO has you covered. Their customer service team is available 24/7 and can answer any questions you may have about their Credit Building Service. You can contact them through email, phone, or live chat.

Ease of Use

Applying to KOHO is easy and straightforward. The process starts with a simple online application that requires only basic information such as your full name, address, phone number and email address. You’ll also need to provide some financial details like income sources and monthly expenses. After that, you’ll be asked to select a payment option – either via credit card payments or setting up autopay so you don’t have to worry about late payments or missed payments.

Once you’ve submitted your application, the next step is waiting for approval from KOHO. If approved, you’ll receive an access code that will allow you to activate your account and start building credit right away. KOHO reports to the major credit bureaus.

You can do this from their website or through the KOHO App, a very user-friendly platform that allows you to manage your credit building activities easily.

Included Features

KOHO Credit Building Review

Now let’s talk about KOHO’s features. There are a variety of features that come with the Credit Building Service, such as: 

  • Free credit score monitoring and alerts: KOHO will monitor your credit score for free so you can stay up to date on changes. They also offer email alerts when there’s an important change in your score. 
  • Automatic payments: Make sure you have enough money in your account so you can set up automatic, on time payments or direct deposit so you never have missed payments, late payments, and improve your credit score over time by reporting to the credit bureau.
  • Detailed reports on spending & budgeting habits: With KOHO, you get detailed reports about your spending and budgeting habits that can help you make better financial decisions in the future. 
  • Credit counseling: KOHO also offers free credit counseling to help you understand how to improve your current credit score. 
  • Savings interest: KOHO also offers a savings interest rate of up to 1.2% APY, which is higher than many other services.
  • Grocery cash backs: KOHO also offers cash backs on groceries, up to 6% depending on your plan. 
  • Free international ATM withdrawals: KOHO also offers free international ATM withdrawals with no additional fees.
  • Zero transaction fees: With KOHO, you don’t have to worry about any transaction fees, with their Premium plan, you can transfer money with no fees.


In Canada, an outstanding credit score is essential for accessing financial products, such as loans and credit cards. With the KOHO Credit Building program, you can easily and quickly build your credit score in a secure and reputable way. It’s so much easier to get access to loans, credit cards, and other financial products. With regular reports to the credit bureau, in only six months, you can transform your credit score in no time.

2 Top KOHO Credit Building Alternatives

There are several credit building products available in the market today, but KOHO stands out as one of the top choices for people looking to improve their credit score. However, if you want to compare it to other credit building options, here are two of the top KOHO Credit Building Alternatives:

MogoAccountTransUnion Credit MonitoringKOHO Credit Building
Monthly Fee$0$29.95/monthFrom $7/month
Credit Score Accesscheckiconcheckiconcheckicon
DetailRead Review Read Review Read Review

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MogoAccount is a financial technology platform that offers Canadians an easy and convenient way to manage their finances. It provides users with access to free credit score monitoring, budgeting tools, and a digital banking joint account which lets you deposit money into your MogoAccount. You can also use the Mogo Prepaid Mastercard to make purchases online or in-person and pay bills through the app.

TransUnion Credit Monitoring

Another great alternative to KOHO is TransUnion Credit Monitoring. This credit monitoring service allows you to track your credit score, view your credit report, and get personalized advice on how to improve your score. It also provides a prepaid mastercard, fraud alerts, and identity theft protection services that help protect you from becoming a victim of financial crime.

Read more: Best Business Credit Builder Card 2023


In short, the program is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their credit score. It offers a range of features and alternatives, from credit bureau reports to cash back, that can help users build up their credit, including low monthly payments, no foreign transaction fees, and the ability to track spending in real time.

Additionally, KOHO’s customer support team provides unparalleled assistance with any questions or issues one may have. All things considered, KOHO is an ideal option for those seeking to boost their creditworthiness and have a positive score with major credit bureaus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does KOHO report to the credit bureaus?

Yes, they report to the Equifax credit bureau and the TransUnion credit bureau. 

What are the benefits of using KOHO for credit building?

This program is designed to help you establish and build your credit history by providing a secured credit card with no annual fees and competitive interest rate, cash back rewards when shopping, access to the Credit Building Tool  Which monitors your payment history and updates it on your report regularly, as well as exclusive discounts from their partners.

Are there any alternatives to KOHO for building credit?

Alternatives for building your credit score include using an unsecured credit card or prepaid credit cards if you have a bad or limited credit history or opening a bank account with a credit limit. Both of these options will help you build your credit history, although they may not have the same rewards and benefits as KOHO’s Credit Building Program.

Is there a cost associated with using KOHO for credit building?

There is no cost associated with using KOHO for credit building – however, there are some fees that may apply to certain services such as cash transfers or international payments. Please refer to their Terms & Conditions for more information on these fees.

Does KOHO offer cash back rewards for purchases?

Yes, KOHO offers cash back rewards when you pay bills, make payments online or in restaurants and stores with their secured credit card use rewards towards future purchases or transferred into your bank account at any time.

Does my payment history with KOHO appear on my credit report?

Yes, your payment history with KOHO will appear on your credit report and can help to improve or maintain a good credit rating.

Can I use a prepaid card from KOHO to build my credit score? 

Yes, you can use a prepaid card from KOHO to build up your credit score as long as you make sure that the payments are made on time and in full each month. This method is not recommended for those with bad or limited credit history, however, as it may not have the same benefits as using their secured credit card option instead.

How quickly can I establish and build up good credit history with the help of KOHO Credit Building Program? 

With the help of the credit building subscription, it is possible to establish and build up good credit in a relatively short amount of time. The exact timeline will depend on how well you manage your credit limit, any missed payments, and other payment history, but typically it is possible to see an improvement within 6 to 12 months.



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