WYCO Launching DotteBiz Marks The Beginning Of Unified Government’s Commitment to Support The Growth Of Small Businesses

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WYCO Launching DotteBiz Marks The Beginning Of Unified Government’s Commitment to Support The Growth Of Small Businesses
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On May 12, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas (UG) formally unveiled DotteBiz, a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and company owners. It offers free assistance for starting, establishing, obtaining financing for, running, and expanding your business.

The goal of this recently released government website resource is to remove obstacles for Wyandotte County small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is a crucial part of the Unified Government’s multifaceted initiatives to make the government as linked and integrated as possible. DotteBiz is here to guide you through the process if you wish to launch or expand your business.

According to Ashley Hand, director of strategic communications for the Unified Government, in order to assist entrepreneurs and small company owners in starting and growing their enterprises in Wyandotte County, DotteBiz seeks to reduce barriers for them.

About DotteBiz 

DotteBiz is an online resource to help launch and grow business in Wyandotte Country. It provides step by step guidance for prospective business owners and entrepreneurs as they navigate the many decisions when starting a business. For instance, the administrative duties, such as MBE or WBE certification, and other initiatives to support thriving businesses. It is beneficial to learn how to register as a vendor so that you may sell your products and services to the federal government. You can also look into grants and other resources to expand your business.

Way forward

DotteBiz will offer entrepreneurs and business owners with specialised checklists, an extensive network of nearby resources, as well as personalised assistance when they run into problems. The checklists in particular can be beneficial to new entrepreneurs as there are a lot of things for a new business owner to undertake and having a checklist makes it easier to ensure everything in place before launch of the business.

Checklists are advantageous to the Unified Government as well, according to Sharon Reed, the organization’s procurement manager, as they guarantee accountability and enhance communication, enabling city officials to interact more directly with small company owners.

The Wyandotte Economic Development Council (WYEDC) and the University of Georgia procurement department collaborated to create DotteBiz, according to Reed, who also highlighted the significant contribution of Qwally, a SaaS company specialising in speeding small business growth.

Reed proclaimed that Qwally was the crucial component. “We’ve been discussing what we should do to support the local small businesses, and Qwally just brought everything together in one convenient location.”

Ashley Hand, the Unified Government’s director of strategic communications, claims that while DotteBiz is a significant part of the UG’s extensive efforts to make the government as accessible and integrated as possible, it is only one of several initiatives.

Hand agreed that the 21st-century strategy calls for platforms that are responsive to mobile devices as well as data-driven decision making. She added that the UG intends to regularly check in on and update the DotteBiz website.


Small business owners and community partners were invited to a meeting by the Unified Government to preview the website and start providing feedback. A tool like DotteBiz makes the process of education and simplification much faster. The website will undoubtedly be used by small businesses because it appears to be so simple and well-organized. The DotteBiz website has a feedback form that users are encouraged to fill out so that the Unified Government can include their suggestions for improvement.

Due to the addition of new resources and capabilities, DotteBiz is still in its infancy. However, To assist the company grow, DotteBiz has the ability to transform the major ideas.



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