How To Build Stronger Customer Experience

How To Build A Stronger CX Strategy

First, ensure shoppers have multiple touchpoints

“Consumers are interacting with retailers on multiple touchpoints – via mobile apps, web browsers, social media apps, and in-person. Each of these brand experiences can’t exist in a vacuum. Retailers must invest in omnichannel to keep the experience consistent and seamless no matter where shoppers are. The future of retail depends on a closer merging between physical and digital experience,” said Elissa Quinby, Senior Director of Retail Insights, Quantum Metric.

Second, ensure visibility across owned entities

“Take, for example, a shopper who uses a retailer’s app to place a curbside pick-up order at a local store. The retailer should be able to immediately recognize and alert them that one of the items previously in their cart is now back in-stock at that particular store – prompting them to add it to their pick-up order, or welcoming them in the storefront to pick it up. They can even offer tailored coupons to really entice the customer,” said Quinby.

Third, offer tech-forward options in stores

“Another innovative way retailers are using digital to enhance the physical shopping experience is by offering unique tech-forward experiences in storefronts. Just this week, Walmart announced a new virtual try-on feature that will be available in its stores and through its app. Retailers can launch projects like this to revive their brick-and-mortar experience with digital components, while also making them widely available to their customers that prefer to engage online only,” said Quinby.



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